01/02/2016 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | January 2, 2016
Dayton, Ohio

The show began with the man who was officially announced the full time President of Full Force Pro, Duncan Wright.

Duncan thanked everyone in Dayton for coming to the final episode of Sadistic Saturday Night. Wright promised everyone a memorable night.

The scens cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with Matt Kraven. He asked Kraven about his intentions with the FFP:Japan World Champion Joey DeMarco tonight.

Matt said that at the end of the night he was going to go to the ring, invite Joey out there, and destroy him. Matt said that Joey made it personal, and tonight Matt was going to finish it.

EJ “Money” Carter vs Valentin Gutierrez
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A very fast paced opening match for the very last episode of Sadistic Saturday Night. Valentin hit an awesome swanton bomb and double stomp off the top. EJ Carter flipped the momentum with an awesome spinebuster.

Gutierrez looked to be finished. EJ took him up top for a superplex, but Valentin rocked Carter with a hard kick to the skull. Carter fell to the mat, and Gutierrez capitalized. Hitting a beautiful Phoenix Splash. Valentin hooked the leg and got the pin. He had won his debut singled match against a former Cruiserweight Champion!


The scene cut backstage where Raquel St. Claire was standing by with FFP newcomer Lara Chambers. She asked Lara about her confrontation with Lizzy Kraven at the New Year’s Eve Show. Lara said that she felt as if Lizzy was just intimidated by Lara, who had had a successful career on the independent circuit.

Of course Lizzy Kraven interrupted the interview, telling Lara that she may have been a lot of things, but intimidated wasn’t one of them.

The two traded words before finally the argument came to blows. The altercation ended with Lara pinning Lizzy up against the wall going for an arm submission before FFP security intervened, pulling the two women apart.

Prince Tau vs Jackson Pearce
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A violent match that saw a lot of fists fly. Prince Tau hit Jackson with a devastating and dangerous Spear through the ring ropes.

The two men got back into the ring, barely beating the 20 count. Pearce took control hitting a neckbreaker on his former partner. However Tau battled back. Eventually Jackson took control with a rake to the eyes followed by a sidewalk slam. Jackson then went to the outside to retrieve a steel chair.

As Pearce brought the chair up, Prince Tau flattened him with another Spear. Tau made the cover and got the pinfall victory.

After the match Prince Tau began to celebrate. That is until Hunter Brown rushed to the ring and hit Tau with the chair that Pearce had brought into the ring.

Jackson and Hunter pummeled Prince Tau, trading off on kicking and stomping him. Jackson then took possession of the chair and cracked Tau three times in the head. Finally blood began spewing feom Tau’s forehead.

Hunter Brown and Jackson Pearce stood in the middle of the ring looking proud of their work. Apparently the two had found some kind of common bond.

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The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with Joey DeMarco’s girlfriend Penelope Blair. He asked Penelope how Joey was taking Matt Kraven’s challenge.

Penelope said that Joey is backstage getting ready and will not only leave the arena unharmed, but will show Matt Kraven and the entire world just what he is capable of.

Firefly vs Kemina
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
From one violent mstch between two former partners to another. Firefly went after Kemina hard, wanting to teach her former partner a lesson.

The two had held the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles and had become one of the most fan favorite tag teams in FFP, but those days were over.

Firefly hit a fury of suplexes before hitting a flying headbutt and a frog splash. Kemina turned the tables however with a spin wheel kick. After a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a running powerbomb into the corner, Kemina hit a facebuster for a two count.

Firefly fought back after hitting a codebreaker on Kemina. She then locked Kemina into a dragon sleeper. However, Kemina showed an incredible sense of awareness as well as her strength by getting Firefly up onto her shoulders and hitting the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina then made the pin and got the win.

After the match Kemina blew her former partner a kiss and left the ring.


FFP Television Title | Missy Hyatt Banned from Ringside
(c) Aiden Conrad vs Adam Black

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Adam Black had won his first FFP title, the TV Title, just a few short days ago at FFP Throwback. However Conrad won the belt back four days later at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show.

With Missy Hyatt banned from ringside Adam seemed a lot more confident.

Black unloaded on Conrad, really beating him down. But Conrad fought back, hitting a superkick that knocked the challenger a little groggy. Conrad rolled Adam up for a pin but Black was able to kick out.

Adam Black fought back hitting one hell of a powerbomb on Conrad. The cocky Television Champion fought back, but was cut off when he missed a shoulder block in the corner, cracking his shoulder on the ring post. Adam then began to target the shoulder, working the champion down.

As Adam seemed to have the champion where he wanted him, Aiden’s girlfriend Nina Fox came down to the ring. Of course this was a distraction to everyone at ringside. But when she climbed into the ring the crowd wasn’t sure what would happen next. The referee tried to get Nina out of the ring while Aiden pulled a trick we were used to seeing him pull. He grabbed the TV Title from the time keeper at ringside. Conrad then brought the title into the ring, but was hit with a knee to the jaw. Black then grabbed a hold of Nina Fox by her long black hair.

Was he going to hit the former Women’s Champion?

As he mouthed off to Nina, Aiden snuck up and rolled Adam up, this time pulling on Adam’s jeans for added leverage. The referee didn’t see Conrad cheating
and counted the three count. Aiden Conrad retained his title.

After the match Aiden wrapped Nina in a hug and hoisted the Television Title in the air.

Adam got back up and retaliated by hitting Conrad with a clothesline. He turned around and was hit with a kick to the groin by Nina. As Black lie on the mat in pain, Aiden and Nina left the ring, getting the last laugh.

The scene cut backstage where Aiden Conrad and Nina Fox were quickly getting into a car. As they got in, Adam Black was shown right behind them. Obviously chasing the couple.

As Adam got to their car, Aiden quickly sped away, leaving Black screaming watching the car disappear.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Connelly Twins vs 2Hott

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A night full of disdain for your opponents, Britain Jade and Katrina Connelly had been going back and forth for days on Twitter. The two ripped into each other, grabbing the others’ hair and trading solid punches to the face.

Britain and Katrina spilled to the outside where they took turns ramming each others faces into the ring apron and nearby commentator’s table. Eventually it was Katrina hoisting Britain up and hitting an F5 with Britain’s body awkwardly hitting the edge of the table.

Now Katrina and Kylie targeted Farrah. Farrah faired well, hitting a double clothesline on the twins before dumping Katrina out of the ring and hitting a superkick on Kylie for a close two count. Eventually the two-on-one advantage turned out bad for Clements, who was planted by a Kylie facebuster before being slammed with Katrina’s F5. Katrina made the pin, but Britain Jade came out of nowhere breaking up the pin.

Britain became the target of a Kylie BAB, but Britain caught her and hit a belly to belly, kicking her out of the ring. Farrah and Britain then turned their attention to Katrina.

2Hott laid into Katrina, hitting a double suplex, pummeling her with kicks, then spiking her with a double DDT. Farrah hit the Famekisser on Katrina before Britain set her up and hit the Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Britain pinned Katrina. However, as the referee got to his two count, Kylie slid into the ring. Armed with one of the Women’s Tag Team Title belts she surely would blast one of the two members of 2Hott.

Instead, Kylie blasted the referee in the back of the head,
stopping the count dead in it’s tracks. Farrah and Britain immediately pummeled Kylie, beating her down on the mat. Farrah grabbed the Women’s Tag Title and waited for Kylie to get back up. Once she was at her feet, she wad knocked right back down with a shot to the head with the title.

Farrah now turned her attention to Katrina. She went at Katrina with the belt, but Katrina ducked and scooped Farrah up for the F5. Farrah showed great awareness, quickly flipping the title to Britain who cracked Katrina over the head with it. Katrina crumbled to the mat. Britain tossed the belt and turned to Farrah to check on her.

As the duo turned to try to help the referee up, they were both blindsided by a double BAB courtesy of Kylie Connelly. The momentum sent Britain rolling to the outside. Meanwhile Kylie grabbed her sister’s arm and drapes it over Farrah’s chest.

Kylie then shook the referee. Very groggy and slow, the referee made the count. 1……2……3.

Kylie and Katrina Connelly had absolutely stolen the match and retained the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

On January 10, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s 50th event, fittingly titled OWF 50! This will also be the very first time that an OWF event takes place outside of Cincinnati. That’s right, OWF invades Chicago! Be sure to check it all out on the FFP Network. And Tweet about the event using hashtags #OWF50 as well as #OWFChicago!

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Matt Kraven was making his entrance. He grabbed the microphone and called Joey DeMarco out to the ring.

After minutes of waiting, Penelope Blair finally came out onto the stage. Kraven asked where DeMarco was and accused him of chickening out.

Penelope then instructed Matt Kraven to watch the screen.

The screen lit up with video of Joey DeMarco backstage. However, he was not backstage at SSN. He was backstage at OWF 47 in Cincinnati.

DeMarco said that Kraven had no idea who he was messing with and said that right now he would show him.

Joey then walked out onto the entrance stage as Amy Kraven was cutting a promo, all by herself. Joey proceeded to climb into the ring. After Amy said a few words to Joey, he planted her with a STO.

Kraven shouted at the screen. Feeling absolutely helpless, watching his sister get beaten down by the FFP:Japan World Champion.

Next DeMarco hit Amy with a t-bone suplex. Then he locked her in the Sharpshooter. He kept the move locked on for several grueling minutes. Matt was now on his knees, weeping in the center of the ring. By now Penelope Blair had disappeared from the entrance stage.

When Joey finally broke the hold, he stood over Amy’s body, placing his foot on her head and raising his arms in the air.

Matt’s facial expression went from weeping, to anger. He slid out of the ring and ran up the entrance ramp. He disappeared behind the curtain. Cincinnati was a little over an hour from Dayton, but it seemed as if Matt was going to take that drive right now.


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