Breaking News from the Desk of President Duncan Wright

Earlier today on Twitter, the President of Full Force Pro, Duncan Wright, tweeted about him contemplating on a major announcement.

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We now have the major announcement straight from the desk of President Wright.

It seems that Duncan had been contemplating on the new FFP World Heavyweight Title, how the FFP World Title got retired, and the lineage that was lost when the title was indeed retired.

“I believe it was an absolute shame the way that Matt Kraven’s FFP World Title reign ended,” Duncan states. “The way he won the title from Logan Christopher is another story, but the fact that Joey DeMarco paid doctors off to tell Matt that he had suffered from a major concussion, needed to retire and needed to hand over his belts is despicable.”

Matt Kraven won the FFP World Championship from Logan Christopher at FFP Rebirth by cashing in his Triple A Case after Logan won the World Title from Patrick McCoy. However days later Kraven was diagnosed with a major concussion. Doctors told him that he should hang up his boots, and hand over both his World Title, and also his HONOR Wrestling World Title (which he had won in Japan against Hiroki Ito).

Of course news broke that the doctors were paid off, Matt didn’t suffer a major concussion, and Joey DeMarco was the one who paid the money to the doctors. DeMarco paid the doctors in hopes that he would capture the vacated HONOR Wrestling World Title. And that’s exactly what he did.


“The FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament was a great tournament with several great matches, and to completely void that out would not be right. Logan Christopher won the tournament fair and square, and earned the right to be the FFP World Heavyweight Champion,” the new President of FFP said earlier on Tuesday. “However, it is not right that Matt Kraven was forced to hand over the FFP World Title when the injury that he supposedly had, was fabrication. So, to keep the very prestigious and very impressive lineage of the FFP World Championship intact, I have made a decision. A decision that is both difficult and exciting at the same time. As of today I am reinstating the FFP World Championship, retroactive to the date that Matt Kraven had to hand the title over. I am also recognizing Logan Christopher as the first and only FFP World Heavyweight Champion. However, at FFP’s first ever Sunday is for Chaos event this Sunday, Matt and Logan will go one-on-one with the winner becoming the FFP World Champion. The winner of this match will continue the lineage of the FFP World Championship, with the very young World Heavyweight Championship being retired immediately.”

christopherDuncan’s announcement is definitely a shock to many. We caught up with both Matt Kraven and Logan Christopher as well as Brandi Moore and Daniel Matthews to get their thoughts.

“I’m stunned,” Matt Kraven said. “This isn’t something that I hoped for, it’s not something that I asked for. But I respect and appreciate Duncan’s decision. To think that I kind of get to click the ‘undo’ button on forfeiting the title after Joey DeMarco paid the doctors, is an amazing thought.”

“It’s bittersweet I guess. I mean, I fought my way through that tournament to become the FFP World Heavyweight Champion,” Logan Christopher responded. “But, Matt Kraven never lost the title. And no matter how he beat me for the World Title, I respect that he never lost the belt, and should get a chance to keep it. At the first ever FFP Sunday is for Chaos, Matt and I are going to tear the house down.”

kraven“I mean, on the one hand my boyfriend won the World Heavyweight Title,” Brandi Moore said Tuesday night. “I saw him bust his ass to get through that tournament and earn the right to hold the belt. But then again, I’ve been close friends with Matt Kraven forever. And it broke my heart to see him have to give the title up because of the shenanigans pulled by Joey DeMarco. I can’t side with either man, but I can say this, when they have this match Sunday night, it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to watch it.”

“Wow,” Daniel Matthews said. “Just, wow. I hated to see Matt have to hand the titles over the way he did. I was even more upset because it looked like his career was over. It was great news to find out that his career wasn’t being cut short, but then came the fact that he was screwed out of the title. Then in Logan’s case, he was screwed out of the title when Matt cashed that Triple A Case on him. So fast forward to now, and Logan won the World Heavyweight Title. Now he may lose it again, and it may be to Matt again. This thing could get very interesting. I can’t wait.”

This Sunday will be FFP’s first ever Sunday is for Chaos event. In an interesting note, it will also go head-to-head with the Ohio Wrestling Federation’s very special OWF 50 Event.

Matt Kraven and Logan Christopher will both get the opportunity to continue the lineage of the FFP World Championship, and live from Memphis, Tennesse we are sure they will rock the house. Don’t miss it.

* In other news, Matt Kraven will still face off against Joey DeMarco at FFP Frost Bite on January 24th. That match was slated to be for DeMarco’s HONOR Wrestling World Title. If Matt Kraven wins this Sunday, there is a chance that his match with DeMarco will be a non-title match all across the board.


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