01/14/2016 FFP Thursday Night Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | January 14, 2016
Louisville, Kentucky

Jason Copeland vs Kashimanaki
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Kashimanaki used his notorious stiff kicks to soften the tattooed superstar down. Copeland fought back hitting a swinging neckbreaker which took the Japanese superstar down. Kashimanaki however fought back, setting Copeland up for Cattle Mutilation.

Suddenly a mysterious person came down to the ring dressed in all black, including a mask. It was obviously a woman, but her identity was hidden. She got on the apron distracting Kashimanaki and the referee.

Copeland hit Kashimanaki with a running knee to the lower back. Then he scooped Kashimanaki up and planted him with the Emerald Flowsion for the three count.

The mysterious woman quickly left the ring and Jason celebrated.

The scene cut to Raquel St. Claire who was standing by with Matt Kraven. She asked Matt about his match with Joey DeMarco at Frost Bite and how he’d keep his emotions in check after what DeMarco did to Matt’s little sister Amy Kraven. Matt said that it would be hard, but that he would most definitely get revenge on Joey for what he did.

Raquel then asked Matt about Farrah and her tag partner Britain taking on The Queendom tonight. Matt said that it would be a great match and he couldn’t wait to watch it.

Non-Title Match
Connelly Twins vs Seduction Inc

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Both teams went at the other very hard. A lot of brawling moves. Brandi hit both of the Women’s Tag Champions with a sweet suicide dive through the ring ropes.

Taylor Clawson planted Kylie with the Flatliner, but Katrina broke the pin up. Brandi got tagged in but ate the mat courtesy of a Katrina F5. However Taylor broke the pin up.

The match ended up spilling to the outside of the ring. The brawl continued up the entrance and on the stage. The referee continued his count as the Connellys gained thr advantage on Seduction Inc. As Seduction Inc fought back, Katrina grabbed a Women’s Tag Title and began using it as a weapon.

As the Connellys pummeled Seduction Inc, 2Hott quickly came out and fought the champions off.


Hunter Brown vs Prince Tau
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A very physical matchup. Halfway through Jackson Pearce came out to the commentator’s table. Hunter gained the upperhand off of the distraction that Pearce caused, but still fell victim to Prince Tau’s Spear for the three count.

After the match Jackson entered the ring and began to attack his former tag partner. However, Tau dodged a clothesline and flattened Pearce with the Spear. He stood victorious over the two men that had continuously made his life miserable the past couple weeks.

Lizzy Kraven vs Lara Chambers
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This was another ongoing feud which saw both women come out with the intention of hurting the other. Lizzy attempted a Kraven Lariat but Chambers reversed it into a painful armbar.

Eventually Lizzy countered the armbar into a pinning combination. As the referee made the count Lizzy grabbed Lara’s tights and pulled them for more leverage. The ref made the count and Lizzy won.

The crowd booed as Lizzy was announced the winner. Lara tried telling the referee what had happened as Lizzy celebrated. The two almost went at it again, but FFP security quickly intervened.

Don’t miss the first FFP pay-per-view of 2016, Frost Bite! Live on January 24th, 2016 in Madison Square Garden we will see Joey DeMarco defend the HONOR Wrestling Title against Matt Kraven, the Connelly Twins defend the Women’s Tag Team Titles against 2Hott and much more!

The scene quickly cut backstage where Lizzy Kraven and Lara Chambers were tearing into each other. As they beat the hell out of each other, security quickly stepped in.

Matt Evanston vs “The Russian Lion” Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt
One-Fall | 20-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Coming off of their last match where Matt Evanston was beaten down by Hunt Enterprises, Evanston was looking for revenge here.

Matt folded Mikhail in half with a German suplex. Followed it up with a shining wizard and a flying headbutt for a two count. Vakhrov battled back with his power, hitting a belly to belly suplex then crushing Evanston with a bear hug.

Mikhail attemped With Love From Russia, but Matt escaped, scooped the Russian up and hit the Go to Sleep. As Matt was making the cover which surely would have won him the match, Anarchy stormed the ring again, destroying Evanston with hard kicks.

Soon both of the big men took Matt to the outside and double powerbombed him through the commentator’s table. Evanston may have won by disqualification, but he was down for the count.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined with Adam Black. Tyrece asked Adam about his Television Title match at Frost Bite. Adam said that he was going to take the TV Title away from Aiden and finally shut the door on their feud.

The Queendom vs 2Hott
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Another battle inside the squared circle. People wondered about ring rust with The Queendom being out for so long, but they gelled well as a team. Jenna Kaufman worked Britain Jade over until Jade hit an awesome springboard dropkick.

Monika Andrews tagged in and worked Britain over, who tagged in Farrah. Farrah took the advantage over Monika until she was nearly turned inside out with a clothesline. Monika attempted the Curb Stomp but Farrah escaped and hit a beautiful superkick. She went for the pin but Jenna Kaufman broke it up.

Britain now sent Jenna over the top rope with a clothesline. Britain and Farrah then planted Monika with a double DDT. As 2Hott was about to win the match the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Kylie and Katrina Connelly stormed the ring, attacking Britain and Farrah with the belts.

Eventually The Queendom assisted the Connellys in the beat down. That is until Seduction Inc rushed the ring to even things up. Fists flew as 2Hott and Seduction Inc clear the ring, standing tell as the Louisville crowd cheered them on.


President Wright’s Office
The scene cut to Duncan Wright’s office. Duncan announced that this Sunday at Sunday is for Chaos 2Hott and Seduction Inc would team up to face the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions the Connelly Twins and The Queendom in an elimination eight-woman tag match!

He also announced that this Sunday we would also witness Matt Evanston taking on Anarchy with the rest of Hunt Enterprises banned from ringside.

Six-Man Tag
Logan Christopher and Assault & Battery vs Christopher Morgan, Aiden Conrad & Caligula

One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A back and forth battle if there ever was one. This match had many close calls, including Christopher Morgan hitting the FFP World Champion with the Tiger Driver for a two count, Aiden Conrad hitting Gregory Hart with the Beauty Maker for a two count, and Caligula hitting Kevin Lewan with the Absolute Terror for a two count.

The Adrenaline Champion’s team cut the ring in half, really working on Logan. But after Assault & Battery planted Aiden with a spike piledriver, and tossed Caligula to the outside, Logan hit Christopher Morgan with the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

Logan celebrated with Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan in the center of the ring. That is until Austin Briggs came out feom the crowd armed with a steal chair. Austin laid into the World and Tag Team Champions, repeatedly slamming the chair into their backs. He then pulled Logan up and planted him with the Brainbuster. Austin then got on the microphone and said one simple line.

“Do I have your attention now?”


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