Brandi Moore’s Frost Bite Predictions

brandiFriday we were given predictions from our news correspondent Keri Faye. Today, only about 18 hours away from Frost Bite, we get predictions from FFP Hall of Famer, record breaking FFP Diamond and Diamond Tag Team Champion, and one half of arguably the greatest team in FFP history (Seduction Inc), Brandi Moore.

Brandi has been in Full Force Pro since it’s beginning in 2008, starting out as a manager (interestingly enough to Logan Christopher) and working her way to becoming arguably the greatest women wrestler in FFP history.

Today, she weighs in on Sunday’s Frost Bite pay-per-view and gives her honest predictions.

Are you ready? You better be! Here’s FFP Hall of Famer, Brandi Moore!

FFP World Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Austin Briggs
I’m a little biased in this one. I have to go with my boyfriend Logan. Not only because he’s my boyfriend, but because I’ve seen him climb the ladder all the way up to the top of FFP, and Austin Briggs’ sneak attacks won’t make him the best wrestler in the world.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Lacey Abernathy vs Fiona Burke
I honestly didn’t think Lacey was ready to be the Women’s Champion. But she put a stop to Nina Fox’s title reign. Now she has to do something that will most likely be more difficult. Retain, retain, retain. Can she retain against Fiona Burke? I don’t believe so. Burke will be the new champion.

HONOR Wrestling World Title
(c) Joey DeMarco vs Matt Kraven
Again, I’m biased here. Matt is one of my best friends. And Joey and his girlfriend are terrible. I believe Matt will go in with a lot of motivation and emotion after what Joey did to Amy a few weeks ago. Matt may make a couple mistakes with that on his mind, but I think he’ll defeat Joey and regain the HONOR World Title.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Assault & Battery vs Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen
Lyons and Kamen defeated Assault & Batter for the HONOR Tag Team Titles. I think they got lucky there. They aren’t going to get lucky again. Gregory and Kevin will take care of business and retain.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Connelly Twins vs 2Hott
I don’t hide my dislike for Kylie and Katrina Connelly. Farrah and Britain are going to win. Hands down.

FFP Television Title
(c) Aiden Conrad vs Adam Black
Adam Black! I’ve become a fan of his the last couple months, and I think he will get it done, beating Aiden Conrad and winning the TV Title again.

Matt Evanston & ??? vs Hunt Enterprises
I always love this kind of stuff because there’s mystery there. It’s hard to give an opinion when you don’t know who Matt is going to pick. I originally thought it would be Daniel Matthews, but he’s in Japan. Anyway, trying not to make all these picks with my heart, so I’ll go with Hunt Enterprises. They are the 2015 Stable of the Year, they’re big powerful men, and they are tough as they come. I hope Matt picks a good partner.

Quinn Delaney vs Nina Fox
Quinn hasn’t been able to pick up a victory over Nina. Nina is tough. She’s a pain in the ass, but she’s tough. I’ve had many run ins with Nina, and although I wouldn’t say she’s better than me, she’s a future Hall of Famer for sure. I have to go with Nina here. Sorry Quinn.

Travis Banks vs Teddy Wagner
Former partners colliding. Tay and I have been there before. It’s not fun. But it may be fun to watch. These two are both up and coming superstars. They both could very well have bright futures here in FFP. I think they both are going to come into this one as a must-win. Teddy has really given his former partner a lot of motivation to come out and give him a giant ass whooping. I’m picking Travis Banks.

I believe the match of the night will be the main event, Logan vs Austin. And if I had to pick a snooze match, I hate to say this, but I’ll go with Quinn vs Nina, only because I think there won’t be much competition.

This event has shaped up to be quite a show. I remember thinking that the build wasn’t that great and wondering if it would be a stinker of a pay-per-view, but it seems the first pay-per-view of 2016 is going to be a very good show, and set the tone for pay-per-views this year. Make sure to watch the show, and enjoy yourselves.


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