Meet the FFP Television Champion, Odell Porter

Who is Odell Porter?

If you answered the FFP Television Champion, you’d be correct.

If you answered Darius Porter’s nephew, you’d also be correct.

Odell Porter made his surprise debut for Full Force Pro just six days ago on an episode of FFP Thursday Night Madness. On that episode, he defeated Adam Black for the FFP Television Title.

Hunter Brown may have gotten involved in the match, which opened up an opportunity for Odell to hit his finisher, the Regal Plex, to gain the pinfall victory. But the fact remains that Odell Porter began his career here in FFP with a championship title victory.

odell_porter_championOdell’s uncle Darius is a wrestler as well. Spending much of his career in the AWF (the Awesome Wrestling Federation – you can tell it was a 90’s fed huh?). The same fed where Matt and Chris Kraven (then spelled Craven) made their debuts, won the AWF Tag Team Titles, and made a name for themselves (more so Matt than Chris, but we won’t go there).

Darius saw some success in the AWF, but never really reached the main event status that any professional wrestling would hope to find.

Odell however, got a jump start, because winning the Television Title in your first match here isn’t something to take lightly. The youngest possesses all kinds of natural athleticism as well as charisma, and his best years are still very much ahead of him.

Growing up near the business, he already had a foot in the door when he began his training.

“I remember seeing the kid wrestle out in the ring before AWF shows,” Matt Kraven recollected. “I remember Chris and I always commending him on his dropkicks. His dropkicks looked great, and he was like 10 years old!”

Although Odell has already had his rematch with Adam Black, successfully defending the title – again, with a little bit of interference by Hunter Brown, Odell still has a lot to prove here in Full Force Pro.

He began his career here on a very impressive and very high note, but they always say that defending your championship is a lot more difficult than winning it.

We look forward to seeing the progress that Odell makes in his career here in Full Force Pro. If it goes anything close to how his debut went, we are surely in for one heck of a ride.


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