Veronica Clyne’s Desperate Measures Predictions

Prince Tau vs Jason Copeland
“Tau is all about strength and power. We introduced him as part of The Kingdom way back when. I see him flattening Copeland here.”

Last Man Standing Match
Travis Banks vs Teddy Wagner

“Tag teams breaking up the way these two did are the most personal. I see bloodshed written all over this match. Banks was the one wronged, and has been sneak attacked many times. I predict he finally gets vengeance tonight.”

Adam Black vs Hunter Brown
“Adam Black is one of myself and Matt Kraven’s last students. Black has seen a little success here but it seems to always get snatched away from him. Tonight he takes frustration out on Hunter Brown and comes away with the win.”

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) 2Hott vs Amanda Kelly & Marilyn Mondo

“The reigning Women’s Tag Team Champs are in for a fight. But they aren’t the champs for no reason. And Farrah Clements is a former HONOR Women’s Champion and will hold the FFP Women’s Title by the end of the year. 2Hott comes out still champions.”

HONOR Tag Team Titles
(c) Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen vs American Bulldogs

“I’m sure that DeMarco’s boys have something up their sleeves. And as much as I absolutely HATE to go against the Bulldogs, I see Lyons & Kamen stealing a victory tonight.”

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Veronica Clyne

“Two words. New Champion.”

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Lacey Abernathy vs Quinn Delaney

“We saw Lacey bend the rules a little when she faced off against Fiona Burke. Just like Lyons & Kamen, I think Lacey steals one tonight. But Quinn will go on to win that title someday soon.”

FFP World Title | Cage Match
(c) Logan Christopher vs Austin Briggs

“As much as Austin Briggs has been beating down and beating down Logan Christopher, and bringing in his brother as a mind game, I see Logan using it all as motivation. Logan retains after a Shooting Star Press and a climb out of the cage.”

HONOR World Title | If Kraven Loses, His FFP Career is Over
(c) Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair vs Matt Kraven

“This could possibly be one of the biggest feuds that FFP has seen in years. And if DeMarco sends Kraven to the unemployment line, it may be the biggest. I can’t imagine DeMarco winning. I’ve seen people try to end Matt’s career before. And even if they were successful for a short time, Matt always came out on top in the end. I see Matt hitting Joey with about seven piledrivers to make a point. Then a three count will only be a formality.”


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