Is Christopher Morgan the Best in the World?

christopher_morgan_001Christopher Morgan has been a mainstay in Full Force Pro since 2008. Debuting as Caleb Newstead’s stablemate in the stable Simply the Best, Morgan took any opportunity he could, and became the second FFP World Champion in company history, ending Daniel Matthews’ 28-day reign as the first ever World Champion.

Fast forward seven years later, and Christopher Morgan not only would become the FFP Adrenaline Champion, holding the title for nearly one full year (and counting), but he would also be inducted into the very first class of the FFP Hall of Fame.

Morgan has had an unbelievable career in FFP, holding almost every major title that a superstar would ever dream of, but we aren’t going to get into every achievement he has ever accomplished or we’d be here for a while.

On March 22, 2015 Christopher defeated Eddie Siebenthaler to win the FFP Adrenaline Championship for the very first time. Morgan set out to prove that he was a fighting champion, who would take on all comers. And boy has he!


Christopher Morgan has successfully defended the Adrenaline Title 31 times. And unlike some professional wrestling streaks that are built up by said superstar defeating enhancement talent, Christopher has defended the title time and time again against some of the best competition in Full Force Pro.

Most recently, Christopher defeated fellow Hall of Famer Veronica Clyne at Desperate Measures. Speaking of Hall of Famers, Veronica isn’t the only Hall of Famer Christopher has successfully defended the title against. He has also defended the Adrenaline Title against the likes of Daniel Matthews. But that’s not it. Although some of the other title defenses didn’t come against Hall of Famers, it most definitely was against future Hall of Famers.

christopher_morgan_002Christopher has defended the Adrenaline Title against Austin Briggs, Matt Evanston and Adam Hyatt on three different occasions. He has also defeated the likes of former HONOR World Champion Hiroki Ito, former HONOR Tag Team Champion Hideki Kobayashi and currently HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven. Not to mention men such as Prince Tau, Eddie Siebenthaler, Deshaun Reed, Desmond York and more.

Morgan, usually accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend, model and super pro wrestling fan Lux, uses the Tiger Driver on most occasions to defeat his opponents. Morgan has successfully defended his title against most of the active superstars on the Full Force Pro roster. And if there is someone out there that he hasn’t defended against, they either don’t deserve a shot at his title according to him, or they will soon become victim to the Tiger Driver, or any other of the several maneuvers that Morgan uses to dish out punishment to his opponents.

christopher_morgan_003As of this writing Christopher’s title reign is at 340 days. He is 25 days shy of tying Nina Fox’s all-time title reign at 365 days. Morgan doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, and will continue to defend the title against anyone he feels is worthy of the opportunity.

“I am very proud of my title reign,” Morgan says. “I never would have expected it to still be going this long after I beat Eddie Siebenthaler for the title at Aggravated Assault in Tokyo. To think that we are going back to Tokyo here in just a few weeks is unbelievable. I can’t wait to continue this reign, and eventually hold the longest title reign in FFP history.”

Many would call Christopher cocky, however he can usually back up what he says.

“He’s the man,” former stablemate Caleb Newstead said about the champion. “I brought him in as my tag team partner and stablemate. We won the FFP Tag Team Titles, and I feel we were one of the best groups in FFP history. Seeing him blossom into the star he has become has been pretty fulfilling for me. And hell, he even beat me in my retirement match, successfully defending that title!”

FFP Aggravated Assault is where Christopher Morgan won his title last year. On March 20th FFP will present that pay-per-view yet again which will put him at 364 days (this year is a leap year). As long as Morgan can keep his reign alive, we are all sure he will be extremely proud and excited to defend the championship at FFP’s March pay-per-view live from Tokyo, the same place he won it just one year earlier.

We would like to wish Christopher the best in his title reign. Especially in this day in age, you don’t see a whole lot of title reigns that are as impressive, and that have this kind of longevity.

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