03/06/2016 FFP Sunday is for Chaos


FFP Sunday is for Chaos | March 6, 2016
Biloxi, Mississippi

The show began with the Soul Assassins in the ring. Daniel Matthews issued a challenge to Eddie Siebenthaler for Aggravated Assault. Then, Patrick McCoy and Veronica Clyne issued a challenge to the HONOR Tag Team Champions, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen. But not for a title match. Just for a match at Aggravated Assault. However, Veronica noted that if she were in the finals of the Tokyo Cup Tournament, which she planned on, that she would not be able to compete in the tag match and Patrick would have to find a replacement.

Daniel said that enough was enough with HONOR Wrestling invading Full Force Pro, and that if they wanted a war, that they had a war.

Austin Briggs vs Deshaun Reed
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
In a match that may felt would be a squash, the competition was extremely high. Deshaun Reed rocked Austin Briggs quite a few times. Briggs fought back in typical Austin Briggs style. A spinning clothesline followed by a shining wizard and a flying elbow drop seemed to seal the deal for Briggs, but Deshaun Reed kicked out. Reed gained the momentum and went for the Crash Landing, but Briggs escaped. And just as Austin seemed to be going in for the kill with the Brainbuster, Reed reversed into a modified small package for the three count. Deshaun Reed pulled the upset!

After the match Austin Briggs threw a fit, wrecking the commentary table and storming off through the crowd.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St. Claire was standing by with Fiona Burke. Raquel asked Fiona about the number one contender match at FFP Thursday Night Madness and about Fiona coming up short. Fiona said that she may have come up short, but that she will never give up on achieving her dream of becoming the FFP Women’s Champion. Fiona said that she will go through anyone to achieve her dream.

As Fiona walked away, an unknown blonde rushed up behind her. Before Fiona could turn to defend herself, the blonde laid Fiona out. She stomped her a couple of times before Fiona began to fight back to her feet. However, the blonde hooked Fiona’s head and planted her on the concrete floor with a DDT.

Raquel quickly approach the woman and asked her who exactly she was and why she attacked Fiona. The blonde introduced herself as Keana. She said that she is in Full Force Pro to kick some ass, whip her hair and climb the ladder like a bad bitch.

Be sure to join us March 17-20 for our third annual Tour of Japan. March 17-19 we will present special events from the Land of the Rising Sun. And on March 20th for the second straight year we will present FFP Aggravated Assault live from Tokyo!

At this epic tour we will witness two tournaments (one male, one female) to crown the first ever Tokyo Cup Winners! It will be a history making event!

Britain Jade vs Monika Andrews
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Another competitive match for the people of Biloxi, Mississippi. Britain came out on fire, but Monika Andrews got the best of the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion with a thumb to the eye, followed by a spear, which was Monika’s partner Jenna Kaufman’s finisher. Monika went for the pin and only got a two count, but she continued working Britain down. Eventually Andrews went for her finisher, the Curb Stomp. However, somehow Britain was able to reverse the move into an awesome sit down powerbomb. Britain waited as Monika got back to her feet, and hit the Corkscrew Neckbreaker for the three count.

After the match, Nina Fox came out onto the stage. She said that last week Britain got lucky against her, and that if they had a rematch that Nina would come out the winner. Britain smiled and told Nina whenever she’d want to face off again, that Britain would be game. Nina said Thursday at Madness, and Britain accepted.

The scene cut backstage, although it wasn’t exactly clear where. The Realm of Darkness were in a dark room. The group issued a warning to SUCCUMB, telling them that if they wanted a fight between the two group, that that is exactly what they would get, but that the outcome of this fight would not be anything that they expected.

FFP Television Title
(c) Odell Porter w/ Darius Porter vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Hunter Brown was engaged in a feud with Adam Black which ended up costing Black the FFP Television Title to Odell Porter. Hunter and Adam’s feud revolved mostly around who was the better Television Champion. In this match, Hunter had the opportunity to take the TV Title from Odell Porter, and possibly be able to rub it in Adam’s face.

However, that’s not what Odell had in mind. After both men enjoying flashes of taking the advantage, Odell hit a missile dropkick. He followed it up with the Regal Plex for the three count.

After the match Adam Black came out with a microphone and trash talked Hunter not being able to win the belt. Of course this infuriated Hunter.

The scene cut backstage where Austin Briggs was still throwing a fit following his loss. Unfortunately, he ran into Logan Christopher’s brother Alexander. Alexander didn’t even see it coming. Briggs blindsided him. He continued his assault until FFP security, and Logan himself rushed to the scene. Duncan Wright then had Briggs escorted from the building.

Quinn Delaney vs Katrina Cabrera
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
The women of FFP always put on a good match, and this was no different. Neither were strangers to the other. This match had flashes of scientific wrestling, but also some brawling to it. After hitting an STO Quinn called for the Quinn Cutter. However, before she could get her finisher off on Katrina, Lara Chambers rushed down the entrance ramp and slid into the ring.

The crowd wasn’t sure exactly she was going to do. Would she attack Quinn, or Katrina? Or was she not going to attack either?

We all got our answer when she hit Quinn with a kick to the gut and then planted her with a DDT. Chambers continued the assault, pummeling Quinn down while screaming at her. She stood over her down foe as the crowd booed her.


The scene cut backstage where President Duncan Wright announced that both of the Soul Assassins’ challenges had been accepted by HONOR Wrestling. So at Aggravated Assault we would see Daniel Matthews taking on Eddie Siebenthaler, and also Patrick McCoy and Veronica Clyne facing off against Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen.

Daniel Matthews vs Teddy Wagner
One-Fall | 20-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Teddy Wagner really brought the fight to Daniel Matthews. Obviously a victory over the FFP Hall of Famer and Soul Assassins leader would be quite the accomplishment. But Daniel wasn’t going down easy.

The match was hard hitting all the way through. The men traded clotheslines, chops, European uppercuts and more. Daniel seemed to want to pull out all the stops, after knocking Teddy out of the ring, delivering an awesome suicide dive.

The match found it’s way back into the ring where Wagner teased the piledriver on Daniel. However the former FFP World Champion escaped out of Teddy’s grip and blasted him with the Roaring Elbow for the three count.

On March 20 for the second straight year we will present Aggravated Assault LIVE from Tokyo, Japan. Don’t miss this epic pay-per-view which will feature the finals of the Tokyo Cup Tournaments as well as the last event of our third annual Tour of Japan!

FFP World Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Kashimanaki

One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
These two had been tag team partners, in fact Tag Team Champions with each other. They had also faced off on many different occasions. Kashimanaki had never been able to win the FFP World Championship. Something he looked to change on this night.

After 20 minutes of fantastic wrestling, it still looked as if the match could belong to either man. Hard shots, loud chops and submission moves that were absolutely grueling. Kashimanaki gained the upperhand with a hard kick to Logan’s skull. He then went up top and hit a devastating double stomp. He pinned the World Champion but Logan kicked out at two.

Logan battled back, eventually hitting a double underhook backbreaker. Logan then went up top, most likely for his Shooting Star Press. But Kashimanaki put the breaks on. Stopping Logan in his tracks before hitting an impressive superbomb! Kashimanaki went for the pin, but Logan kicked out just before the three count.

As the match raged on a couple of the HONOR Wrestling roster members came down to ringside (Hiroki Ito and Makoto Tanaka). The Biloxi crowd, as well as the competitors in the ring were surprised to see the visitors. As they took seats near the commentator’s table, Kashimanaki continued working down Logan Christopher.

Kashimanaki went for the Cattle Mutilation, hooked the hold on in the center of the ring. After several grueling moments, Logan was able to move both of the men’s bodies to the side of the ring, stretch his leg out and get the bottom rope. Kashimanaki tried to stay on the champion, but found himself victim to a knee to the jaw that knocked him silly. Logan then hit a swinging neckbreaker. The World Champion next went up top. But as he went in for the kill, Hiroki Ito climbed on the apron of the ring distracting the referee. Meanwhile, Makoto Tanaka shook the top rope, causing Logan to fall, straddling the top turnbuckle. Tanaka then climbed up top with Logan, scooped him onto his shoulders and planted him with a Death Valley Driver from the top. Logan was out.

Tanaka signaled for Kashimanaki to cover the champion. He would easily get the three count and become the new FFP World Champion. But Kashimanaki didn’t want to win the title that way.

Not sure if this was a ploy to try to get Kashimanaki to win the title and come to HONOR Wrestling, or the two just legitimately trying to help, Kashimanaki didn’t care. Him and Makoto argued. Finally Kashimanaki shoved the HONOR Wrestling wrestler, demanding he leave the ring. But he didn’t. Instead, Hiroki Ito shoved the referee down and he and Makoto attacked Kashimanaki. The two pummeled him down to the mat, taking turns stomping him on his head. Tanaka then brought Kashimanaki up to the top rope, and like Logan, hit him with a Death Valley Driver from the top.

The referee threw the match out due to the outside interference. The main event had been ruined. And Kashimanaki lost another shot at the World Championship.


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