03/17/2016 FFP Tour of Japan: Day One

FFP Tour of Japan: Day One
March 17, 2016 | Osaka, Japan

The show began with the President of Full Force Pro, Duncan Wright in the middle of the ring alongside the President of HONOR Wrestling, Landry McNamara. They welcomed everyone to Day One of FFP’s Tour of Japan. They hyped up an amazing night of wrestling as all 16 matches of both the male and female Tokyo Cup Tournaments would take place!

The two executives were interrupted by Joey DeMarco and his group. The Shibuya Mafia. DeMarco got on the microphone and hyped his match against Matt Kraven at Aggravated Assault. DeMarco promised that he would end Matt Kraven. Of course this brought out Matt Kraven. The former President of FFP told Joey that he needed to worry about his tournament match tonight, and that in a few days he would gladly make Joey suffer. As both Presidents tried to separate the two from coming to blows, Eddie Siebenthaler took it upon himself to attack Kraven from behind. Him and the HONOR Tag Team Champions Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen put a beating on Kraven, throwing him to the outside of the ring and continuing to pummel him, all the while Joey DeMarco talked trash on the microphone.

Finally the Soul Assassins rushed the ring. The group went after Eddie and the HONOR Tag Champs, but they retreated through the crowd. Joey DeMarco and Penelope did the same. But the damage had been done. Daniel, Patrick and Veronica helped Matt Kraven up and helped him to the back.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Odell Porter w/ Darius Porter vs Deshaun Reed

A fast paced match all the way through. Just like many superstars in this tournament who are facing champions, Deshaun Reed wanted to make a big statement by defeating the FFP Television Champion, possibly earning himself a shot at the title. An interesting note, as Deshaun Reed started to take the advantage over the champion, Darius kept continuing to encourage Odell to cheat, even swiping at Deshaun’s foot once. Odell refused the help, and wound up winning the match with the Regal Plex.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Taylor Clawson vs Monika Andrews

Monika Andrews put a beating on Taylor Clawson early, but the Seduction Inc member kept at it, planting Monika with the Flatliner for the three count, and the win.

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Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Austin Briggs vs Adam Black

Adam Black came out on fire, using his fists to do most of the talking. However it was Austin Briggs planting him with a spinebuster followed by his finisher the Brainbuster for the pin.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Mona Skye vs Britain Jade

This was the first appearance of an HONOR Wrestling superstar in the tournament. The crowd was solidly behind Mona as they were loyal to HONOR. Mona had grown quite a bit since her time in Full Force Pro, hitting a couple of moves that seemed to really rock Britain Jade. However, Britain fought back and hit the Corkscrew Neckbreaker for the pin.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Farrah vs Katrina Cabrera

These two ladies had quite a history in Full Force Pro. They lit into each other, hitting the other with everything they could. Katrina took an early advantage, hitting a spinebuster that seemed to knock the air out of Farrah. The HONOR Women’s Champion fought back, hitting an STO and going up top to deliver a beautiful moonsault. Farrah went back up top again and went for a cross body block, but Katrina caught her. Cabrera then hit Farrah with her finisher, the F5. But Farrah somehow kicked out just before the three count. I’m talking 2.99999. Katrina pulled Farrah up for another F5, but Farrah escaped out and hit the Shades of Kraven for a three count.

After the match as Farrah celebrated, Katrina got back up and spun the blonde around. Katrina then extended her hand to Farrah. The two shook hands and Katrina patted her on the back, leaving the ring for her opponent to celebrate.


The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was talking to Hunter Brown. Brown talked about how he’d beat Daniel Matthews tonight and go on to win the Tokyo Cup. Hunter then mentioned how Adam Black lost his match, because he is a loser.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Travis Banks vs Patrick McCoy

Travis Banks came into this match with a lot of heart, but heart wasn’t enough to beat the former FFP World Champion. Patrick McCoy, the reigning HONOR Intercontinental Champion planted Banks with the Kryptonite Krunch for the pinfall.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Nina Fox vs Alexis Reed

Alexis Reed was the second HONOR Wrestling superstar featured. The crowd was behind her, but after a Nina Fox Superkick and Emerald Fusion, the former FFP Women’s Champion pinned Alexis advancing in the tournament.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Aiden Conrad vs Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair

Surprisingly Joey DeMarco was favored by the Osaka fans. Another HONOR Wrestling superstar featured, and finally gaining a victory over a FFP superstar. Conrad put up a fight, but DeMarco planted him with a piledriver in the center of the ring for a three count.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Samantha West vs Veronica Clyne

Samantha West was a former student of Veronica Clyne, who along with Matt Kraven trained both Samantha and Nina Fox. Samantha looked to go from being the student to the teacher. And after hitting an early shining wizard to Veronica Clyne, it looked as if it may happen. Veronica was stunned from the shot to the head. Samantha then added to it with a swinging DDT. However Veronica kicked out. Samantha went up top but Veronica stopped her on the top turnbuckle. Clyne then hit her with a superplex followed by a hellacious lariat for a two count. Veronica, the former FFP World Champion, next planted Samantha with the Vertabreaker for the three count.

After the match Veronica helped Samantha up. She took a microphone and said that with this tournament being her last few matches in pro wrestling, that she was proud to have been able to face off against one of her students. The two embraced.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Daniel Matthews vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey

Daniel Matthews began the match on fire, but a thumb to the eye followed by a hard spear gave Hunter Brown the advantage. After a springboard clothesline and the Deal Breaker, it looked as if Hunter would defeat Daniel Matthews and advance to the quarterfinals. But, Daniel kicked out. Hunter gave more of a fight to Daniel Matthews, however the FFP Hall of Famer rocked Hunter with a couple of hard shots, and dropped him with the Death Valley Driver for the pinfall victory.

After the match Adam Black came out onto the entrance stage. He was clapping for the downed Hunter Brown. Obviously this was in response to Hunter making fun of Adam losing his opening round match as well.

On March 20 for the second straight year we will present Aggravated Assault LIVE from Tokyo, Japan. Don’t miss this epic pay-per-view which will feature the finals of the Tokyo Cup Tournaments as well as the last event of our third annual Tour of Japan!

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Yuriko Fuji vs Fiona Burke

Another match where the person that would typically get booed, got cheered. Former HONOR Wrestling Women’s Champion Yuriko Fuji took on the up and coming Fiona Burke. Burke, who has strong aspirations of becoming the FFP Women’s Champion, definitely had a lot to prove facing off against such a legendary wrestler. Fuji really stretched Fiona, locking her in many painful moves. But Fiona escaped out and hit a few of her own impressive moves. After the FAB Drop, Burke pinned Fuji and won the match.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Hiroki Ito vs Kashimanaki

This was a match that many wrestling fans had been dreaming of seeing. The two superstars traded hard kicks, stiff chops and high impact moves. Kashimanaki hit the Kashimanaki Driver on Hiroki but only got a two count. He continued his assault, slapping on Cattle Mutilation. Hiroki teased tapping out, obviously in a lot of pain. Struggling and fight to get out of the move, he finally forced Kashimanaki to release his grip. Ito then gained the momentum, hitting Kashimanaki with a springboard kick to the nose, nearly breaking the FFP superstar’s nose. As blood gushed out of Kashimanaki’s nose, Hiroki hoisted him up and hit the Go to Sleep for the three count.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Quinn Delaney vs Lizzy Kraven

Another hard hitting match. Quinn Delaney was looking to gain a big victory to get some momentum going in her career. Meanwhile, Lizzy Kraven was looking to gain a big victory to get her career rolling again. The former FFP World Champion definitely showed Quinn a thing or two in the ring. Delaney worked over Lizzy’s leg, hooking her into a leg lock and then later an STF. Lizzy was definitely in some pain in her match with Quinn, but after hitting the Kraven Lariat followed by a spinning powerbomb, Lizzy Kraven walked away the winner.


Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Logan Christopher

The FFP World Champion Logan Christopher definitely had his work cut out for him. Mikhail Vakhrov was not someone to look past. And Mikhail had added motivation here, not only wanting to advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament, but wanting to defeat the FFP World Champion and proving he should get a title shot. Vakhrov really tossed Logan around the ring. With a definite strength and size advantage, he really put a beating down on Logan. But as the match went longer, the more it favored Logan. After 15 minutes, Logan hit a missile dropkick sending the big Russian crashing to the mat. The World Champion then went up top and hit the Shooting Star Press for a three count.

The scene cut backstage where Quinn Delaney was in the locker room. Lara Chambers came up. Just as it looked like the two would go to blows, Lara simply told Quinn, “better luck next time”. It left Quinn looking confused.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Brandi Moore vs Lacey Abernathy

The FFP Women’s Champion Lacey Abernathy had definitely changed her attitude the past few weeks. Acting very cocky and very conceited as she would take down Brandi, hold her down and slap her across the face. Brandi Moore, a FFP Hall of Famer, wasn’t having any of it. And after a couple more cocky slaps Brandi leveled her with a slap across the face. But she didn’t stop there. She whipped the champion around by her red hair. Moore planted Lacey with the Fisherman Brainbuster, but that wasn’t enough. She backed up into the corner and blasted the champion with the End Game, pinning Abernathy for the victory. Could Brandi Moore now be in line for a Women’s Title shot?

Tokyo Cup Tournament Opening Round Match
Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Anarchy w/ Bianca Hunt

The main event of the night pitting two of FFP’s most experienced superstars against each other. The Osaka crowd was split on who they were rooting for. Mostly wanting a good match. And that’s what they got. Christopher Morgan worked on Anarchy’s leg, while Anarchy busted Morgan open early and continued working on his opened up for head.

Anarchy locked in an STF with Morgan’s blood dripping all over his hands and the mat below. Morgan eventually muscled his way to the ropes, although it seemed like he may have exerted too much energy. Anarchy continued on the reigning Adrenaline Champion, hitting a backbreaker and an unbelievable knee drop off the middle rope. Anarchy went for a pin but Morgan kicked out at two. So Anarchy went up to the middle rope again. However, he decided to go up one more and get on the top rope.

Christopher Morgan eventually got back up to his feet and stopped the big man from making the jump. Instead Morgan hit Anarchy with a couple of solid shots to the chest, and a couple of loud knife edge chops. Christopher then went up top and somehow delivered an awesome Tiger Driver off the top rope. Morgan draped his arm over Anarchy’s chest and got the three count. Christopher Morgan would advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament!

After the match Lux joined Christopher in the ring and kissed him. They celebrated as the show went off the air.


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