03/19/2016 FFP Tour of Japan: Day Three

FFP Tour of Japan: Day Three
March 19, 2016 | Tokyo, Japan

The show opened up with backstage interviews of all the semifinals participants of tonight’s Tokyo Cup Tournament. Christopher Morgan, Joey DeMarco, Hiroki Ito, Logan Christopher, Nina Fox, Brandi Moore, Farrah and Veronica Clyne all talked about how they were going to do their best to go on to Aggravated Assault and win the Tokyo Cup.

OWF vs HONOR Match
Amy Kraven vs Mona Skye

A fun opening match with the crowd behind both women, but more behind Mona as she belonged to HONOR. Amy Kraven gained ghe advantage and hit a big splash in the corner, followed by a bulldog from the middle rope shades of Rick Steiner. Amy tried to keep her momentum but had it stopped with a rising clothesline from Mona. Skye put a beating on Amy, working on her lower back. Mona went up top for a flying double axehandle but Amy somehow hit a very impressive Diamond Cutter in midair. Amy then pulled Mona up and planted her with the Kraven Klash for the three count.


Tokyo Cup Tournament Semifinals Match
Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair

Both men showed off a tremendous amount of ability, of strength, of heart and determination. Christopher hit DeMarco with a clothesline that was so brutal it knocked the wind out of Joey. DeMarco fought back after a thumb to the eye and a running knee to the same eye which swelled up.

Joey went for a running clothesline but Morgan reversed into a belly to belly suplex. He followed it up with a running big boot, then a devastating neckbreaker for a two count. Morgan went to the middle rope and attempted a knee drop to DeMarco’s head, but the former HONOR World Champion dodged and hit a shining wizard for a two count.

The ware raged in where Morgan got the upperhand and hooked Joey’s arms up behind his back. It was Tiger Driver time! But DeMarco escaped out and rolled Morgan up, pulling his tights. The referee didn’t see and counted the three count.

After the match Morgan began to argue with the ref but DeMarco hit him with another running knee to the already busted eye. Christopher fell to the outside of the ring. Then, Lux climbed in. She began to have words with Joey DeMarco, which brought in Penelope Blair. Penelope and Lux got physical until Joey grabbed Lux from behind by her blonde hair. Then, he set her up for a piledriver!

Penelope encouraged Joey to piledrive the blonde model turned wrestling manager on the top of her head. But before it could happen members of the FFP roster stormed the ring. Matt Kraven, Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy were the first out, which brought out Eddie Siebenthaler, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen. Veronica Clyne also came to the ring as Lux was able to escape the ring. A huge brawl broke out as soon as Lux got safely to the arena floor.

As fists were thrown all over, Veronica Clyne grabbed a hold of Penelope and hit her with a German suplex. Penelope rolled out of the ring and lie on the protective mats in the floor. Meanwhile, Matt Kraven and the Soul Assassins were involved in a huge back and forth fight with the Shibuya Mafia.

As the fight went back and forth different members of the FFP and HONOR Wrestling locker rooms rushed the ring. Hiroki Ito came out from HONOR. The new Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki came out from FFP. The Tokyo Pitbulls came out next, which brought out the American Bulldogs. Makoto Tanaka, Masanori Ishida and Shinji Miyamoto came out next. But FFP evened it up with Assault & Battery and Austin Briggs.

Security rushed the ring but it was no use. There was way too much bad blood for them to stop these guys.

Then, HONOR women like Cassie Carlisle, Akira Kaneko and Yuriko Fuji came out which brought out 2Hott and Lizzy Kraven. The fight was on on the outside of the ring too!

Eventually security was able to pull wrestlers apart and everything cooled down. Of course there were several moments of trash talking as the groups separated.

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Tokyo Cup Tournament Semifinals Match
Nina Fox vs Brandi Moore

These two had met many times before, most notably with Nina Fox beating Brandi Moore in February of 2014 for her first reign as Diamond Champion.

A very competitive and exciting match that really had the Tokyo crowd keyed in. A Brandi Moore powerbomb got her a two count. Nina fought back, clotheslining Brandi over the top, then hitting a suicide dive. Next she hit a Russian leg sweep against the commentator’s table. The match ended up back in the ring where Brandi went for the Fameasser but Nina reversed it into a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Brandi fought back, taking the upperhand with a couple of European uppercuts. Brandi then hit the Fisherman Brainbuster for the three count.

Tokyo Cup Tournament Semifinals Match
Hiroki Ito vs Logan Christopher

Another back and forth match did the Tokyo crowd. Hiroki gained the upperhand in the beginning of the match, but the reigning FFP World Champion gained the advantage after a superkick. Logan hit a butterfly suplex and a springboard dropkick. Then he went up top for the Shooting Star Press. But Hiroki moved out of the way and crashed to the mat below. Hiroki then picked Logan up and hit the Go to Sleep. He hooked Logan’s leg, but somehow the champion kicked out at two.

Hiroki pulled Logan up and went for another Go to Sleep, but Logan reversed it by catching Hiroki’s leg, scooping him up and hitting a Cradle Shock Driver for the three count. He would advance to the Tokyo Cup finals to battle Joey DeMarco at Aggravated Assault!

On March 20 for the second straight year we will present Aggravated Assault LIVE from Tokyo, Japan. Don’t miss this epic pay-per-view which will feature the finals of the Tokyo Cup Tournaments as well as the last event of our third annual Tour of Japan!

HONOR Tag Team Titles
(c) Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen vs Matt Kraven & Daniel Matthews

All four wrestlers were capable of putting on a very scientific wrestling match, but after the huge brawl in the early part of the show, tensions were high. This match was very hard hitting. Punches sounded painful, chops echoed through the arena. And Chad Lyons suplexed Matt Kraven from the apron to the arena floor which sounded like his skull smacked the concrete.

The first close call was Daniel Matthews hitting a Tombstone piledriver on Brian Kamen for a two count. Matt Kraven got tagged in and hit the Superkick, but Chad Lyons broke the pin up.

Eventually Eddie Siebenthaler came down which brought down Patrick McCoy. Eddie and Patrick went at it near the ring as Kraven locked Kamen in the Kraven on Elm Street. As Kamen screamed in pain, Joey DeMarco rushed to the ring. He slid in and dropped an elbow in Kraven’s head. The referee called for the bell due to the outside interference.

Then, the FFP and HONOR lockerrooms cleared again! Another huge brawl broke out with several members of each roster in the ring trading blows. Eventually it was broken up like earlier and things seemed to calm down.


Tokyo Cup Tournament Semifinals Match
Farrah vs Veronica Clyne

Veronica was on a mission to get to the Tokyo Cup before her retirement. And she had gone through a former trainee and a former rival to get this far. Each match participated in was a respectful one, and this was the same.

Farrah seemed respectful of Veronica’s neck and head, as she had suffered from concussions and a neck injury during her stories FFP career. However did hit a scary clothesline over the top, that actually sent both women crashing to the floor. The match raged on on the outside, where both girls traded shots.

They wound up back in the ring where Farrah set Veronica up for the Shades of Kraven. Veronica ducked it, scooped Farrah up and hit the Go to Sleep. It looked as if Veronica was going to the finals! But Farrah kicked out at two!

Veronica couldn’t believe it. She pulled Farrah up, but the reigning Women’s Tag Champ hooked Veronica in a tight small package. Was Farrah going to the finals?!

Kick out at two!

Farrah backed up and waited. As Veronica got back up Farrah leveled her with the Shades of Kraven! That had to be it!

1…2… and Veronica kicked out! What?!

Farrah looked at the referee, down at Veronica and then out to the crowd. She couldn’t believe it. Next she took a hold of Veronica’s legs. A sharpshooter maybe? A figure four? Or maybe a Texas cloverleaf?

As Farrah went to apply the submission move, Veronica reached up and hooked Farrah around her head, into a tight modified small package. Hooking her legs around Farrah’s to make sure she couldn’t kick out. The referee made another count.

1…2…3! Veronica Clyne had done it! She defeated Farrah and would go on to face her long time rival and now friend Brandi Moore in the Tokyo Cup Finals at Aggravated Assault!

After the bell rang, Veronica helped Farrah up. They shook hands and Veronica wrapped Farrah in a huge whispering something in her ear. Tears falling from both women’s eyes as they shared kind words in front of a Tokyo crowd who gave them a standing ovation. This is how the show came to an end.

RIP Aunt Nancy
Thanks for everything
I love you


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