FFP Hall of Fame News

Last July Full Force Pro presented the FFP Hall of Fame. The first class, featuring Veronica Clyne, April Hunter, Daniel Matthews, Christopher Morgan and Seduction Inc was voted in by the owner and President (at the time) of FFP Matt Kraven as well as other unknown staff members.

This year, there will be a change of pace. Matt Kraven, President Duncan Wright and Vice-President Beatrice Keenan along with all existing FFP Hall of Famers will choose who they feel should be featured on the ballot. Then, after their voting is finished for who will be on the ballot, the same group of people will vote for who should have the honor of being inducted into the 2016 Class of the Hall of Fame.

Currently we are not sure what kind of percentage of the votes the HOF hopefuls will need to receive to make it in. However, we look forward to seeing how exactly this will work this time around!


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