03/20/2016 FFP Aggravated Assault (PPV)


FFP Aggravated Assault
March 20, 2016 | Tokyo, Japan

The show began with a video package showing everything that had happened leading up to this point. Including the OWF Winter Class Trainee Tournaments, the Tokyo Cup Tournaments, and all the FFP vs HONOR Wrestling brawling and fighting.

OWF Winter Class Trainee Tournament Final
Cosmic Cupcake vs Carrie Kilgore
A very exciting and back and forth contest between two of the most promising females in the OWF’s Winter Training Class. Both had fought through an eight-woman tournament to get here to the finals in Tokyo. Cosmic Cupcake showed off her skills that simply made her an “all-arounder” while Carrie resorted more to brute power and physicality. Carrie also midway through the match rolled Cupcake up with a handful of tights and nearly stole a victory. At around 11 minutes, Cosmic Cupcake hit Carrie with the Sliced Bread #2 to win the match. Cosmic Cupcake was the Winter Class Female Champion.

OWF Winter Class Trainee Tournament Final
Hayden Flowers vs Blaine Edwards
A very respectful match pitting the final two men in a match to determine the Winter Class Male Champion. Obviously both men wanted the distinct honor of not only being the Winter Class Male Champion, but being the very first man to win a training class tournament. Hayden Flowers came out on fire, hitting a couple of suplexes and a flying headbutt. He attempted to hook Blaine in the LaBelle Lock, but Blaine avoided the move.

Blaine took the upperhand and hit a brainbuster that looked to be the end of the match, but Hayden kicked out. Blaine then went up top and hit an Eddie Guerrero style frog splash. Again, only a two count.

Hayden fought back up and eventually hit a jumping spinning DDT on Blaine. Unfortunately as both men spun around, one of their boots clipped the referee in the head and he went down like a ton of bricks.

As Blaine checked on the referee, OWF Winter Class Graduate Jacob Dayne made his way down to the ring. Dayne was seen on Monday attacking Hayden Flowers after his match with Kanoa Tamatoa. Jacob got into the ring and destroyed Hayden with a lariat. He picked him up and planted him with a hellacious powerbomb. Then he picked him up and put him in the corner. Dayne took a couple steps back and crushed Hayden in the corner. Jacob then left the ring as Blaine finally got the referee up.

Obviously Blaine had no idea about the attack on Hayden. Flowers stumbled out of the corner, and was a victim of a Roaring Elbow. Hayden crashed to the mat below and Blaine made the cover. The referee made the count and Blaine Edwards had won the match, and was crowned the Winter Class Male Champion.

Blaine helped Hayden up and respectfully helped him to the back. Of course Blaine had no idea that Jacob Dayne had made such an attack.


American Bulldogs vs Tokyo Pitbulls
The first match of many pitting FFP vs HONOR. This match could have most definitely had the potential to be a match of the year candidate. But, these guys simply wanted to beat the other team up. And that’s what happened. Fists flew, clothesline were throw, and trash was talked. Matt Evanston hit a hurricanrana off the top rope, followed by a missile dropkick for a two count. Rudi Delgado really helped out his team, working down both members of the American Bulldogs. After 20 solid minutes of action Nathan Caine planted Abram Vetrov with the Double Underhook Driver for the three count.

The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was backstage with Britain Jade. Raquel asked Britain about Nina Fox interfering in her match. Britain said that she wasn’t sure what Nina’s problem was, but that if Nina wanted to face off against her that she knew exactly where to find her. Britain said that her door was always open and if Nina wants a piece, come and try to get one.

Daniel Matthews vs Eddie Siebenthaler
As soon as Eddie got into the ring, Daniel went after him. Rocking the big man with right hand after right hand. Siebenthaler did his best to protect himself, and floored Daniel with a spinning clothesline. A sidewalk slam and a delayed vertical suplex later and it looked like a completely different ballgame. Daniel fought back, using his striking to cause Eddie to stumble back. Daniel then went for the Roaring Elbow, but Eddie caught Daniel’s arm and threw him to the mat below. Eddie pulled Daniel up and went for his Crucifix Powerbomb, but Daniel escaped out and this time hit the Roaring Elbow, sending Siebenthaler crashing through the ropes and to the arena floor.

As Eddie got up Daniel hit a suicide dive. The brawl continued on the outside of the ring. The two men traded punches, as well as traded turns slamming the other into the commentator’s tables as well as the ringside guardrail. Eddie went for a big boot on Daniel who ducked it and Eddie wound up straddling himself on the guardrail. Daniel then took possession of a steel chair, and bashed Eddie in the skull. The referee had to call for the bell due to the use of a foreign object, but Daniel didn’t care. Matthews continued the assault until Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen came out. Daniel fought them off for a moment, but eventually they got the best of him. Which brought out the HONOR Intercontinental Champion, Patrick McCoy.

McCoy evened the odds and eventually the Soul Assassins had the advantage. At least for a short amount of time. The HONOR Tag Team Champions eventually began using their titles as weapons and got the best of Daniel and Patrick, standing over the Soul Assassins members in the center of the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with the FFP Tag Team Champions, Assault & Battery. Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan issued an open challenge to any tag team in the world to face them next Monday night at the return of FFP Monday Night.

In the Ring
The OWF group SUCCUMB came down, talking trash about Synn and the Realm of Darkness. In the middle of “Bloody” Mary Belle talking however, the lights went out. Then, a bright light shined up onto the screen. It read:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. – John 1:5

Mexican Heavyweight Title
(c) Ochoa vs Angel Caido

A fast paced match between two very entertaining superstars from the Alianza Luchistica Salazar. Angel Caido gave Ochoa quite a fight for the Mexican Heavyweight Title, but Ochoa was too much for the challenger, planting him with the Burning Hammer for a three count.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Hiroki Ito
Christopher Morgan was originally set to defend the Adrenaline Title against Marcelo De La Torre, but last minute the match was changed to Hiroki Ito due to the show being broadcast in Tokyo, Japan. Morgan was on his 364th day as Adrenaline Champion. On Monday he would tie Nina Fox for the longest title reign in Full Force Pro history. But Hiroki Ito was here to make sure that he stopped Morgan’s big achievement just hours before the tie.

Hiroki stopped at nothing to take the title away from Morgan. Hard kicks, chops, an illegal choke which seemed to be held forever, and so much more. Lux got involved in the match, distracting the official, however it backfired and Hiroki hit Christopher with an illegal low blow. Ito then hoisted Morgan up onto his shoulders for the Go to Sleep. But Christopher escaped out. He hit the ropes and rocked Hiroki with a running back elbow. Morgan then hit the Tiger Driver and pinned the Japanese challenger. Three seconds later Christopher Morgan retained the title. It looked like he would be setting a new record for the longest title reign in FFP history.


FFP Women’s Title
(c) Lacey Abernathy vs Ariana Chaos

Before the match began Ariana got on the microphone and asked Lacey where her bodyguard was. Ariana said that she was certain that Lacey would have brought her along. However Lacey denied it.

These two girls went at it hard, hitting big move after big move and leaving the Tokyo crowd impressed. Ariana hit a beautiful monsault for a two count. Lacey battled back and locked on a Dragon Sleeper which Ariana eventually fought out of. Lacey went for a running big boot, but Ariana ducked it and hit a Tiger Suplex. Lacey was definitely rocked. Then, Lacey complained about being injured, placing her hands on her neck and asked the referee for help. However, while the referee assisted the redhead, her bodyguard came down from the entrance and slid into the ring. Ariana caught a glimpse and went after her, but she was no match. The big female planted Ariana with a powerslam.

After the slam the bodyguard quickly left the ring. and Lacey pinned Ariana. The referee got into position and made the count. Lacey Abernathy retained her Women’s Title.

HONOR World Title | I Quit Match
(c) Matt Kraven vs Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair

Now this was one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. This feud had gained so much hatred that it was unbelievable. And the fact that Joey had a match later on in the night for the FFP World Title and Tokyo Cup made this match even more intriguing.

Due to the match being an “I Quit” Match, there really weren’t any rules. The men tore into each other, almost immediately crashing to the arena floor where they battled around the ring. DeMarco felt the first huge impact move when he was speared through the steel guardrail, knocking the piece over onto the concrete while the other piece around it shook with the impact. Kraven took a fan’s steel chair and began to beat DeMarco down with it.

Joey gained momentum when he hit a low blow and rammed Kraven head first into the steel ring post. This busted Kraven wide open. Blood poured out of his forehead. Joey continued the assault, ramming Kraven head first again before taking possession of the HONOR World Title. Joey attempted to level Kraven in the face with the belt, but Kraven dodged and the belt smacked up against the ring post. When DeMarco turned back around, he was greeted with a Kraven Superkick.

Kraven got up but was immediately hit in the back with the HONOR World Title by Penelope Blair. Kraven turned around to see Penelope holding the title. He laughed at her. While Kraven was distracted, Joey thought he would attack him from behind. But Kraven wisely moved out of the way and Joey inadvertently slammed Penelope to the arena floor with a clothesline. He knelt down to check on his girlfriend. Meanwhile Matt walked around the ring so he could be right in front of Joey to level him with another Superkick. Kraven then slid into the ring and put his arms in the air. He turned back and waited for Joey to move. But unfortunately, him turning his back was a mistake as the rest of the Shibuya Mafia came down to the ring.

Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy had been beaten down by Eddie and the HONOR Tag Champions, so the odds of them coming to save Matt wasn’t great. Eddie, Chad and Brian quickly got into the ring and began to beat down the owner of Full Force Pro. Kraven put up a fight, but there were way too many guys.

Joey reentered the ring, now armed with the ring bell. He waited as his stablemates began to pull Kraven up. As Joey was sizing Kraven up to smack him with the ring bell, the new FFP Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki rushed down to the ring. He got a couple of good shots in on Joey, but the Shibuya Mafia was quick to take him down. Things continued to look bleak.

However, when Anarchy and Mikhail Vakhrov rushed to the ring, things looked to take a turn for the best. Anarchy and Mikhail began to light up Eddie Siebenthaler and the HONOR Tag Team Champions. Meanwhile Kashimanaki got back up and hit DeMarco with an awesome kick to the head. Kraven then made it back to his feet and helped out with dispatching Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen. Then, the men surrounded Joey. DeMarco slowly got up with regret written all over his face. The four FFP superstars took turns laying into Joey. Matt Kraven then put him down with a Death Valley Driver and hooked him into a Cripper Crossface. Matt kept the hold locked in tightly as Anarchy, Mikhail and Kashimanaki guarded the ring. DeMarco had no choice but to say, “I Quit”.

This week our usual Thursday show Thursday Night Madness will be preempted. However, Monday March 28th we will witness a special return of FFP Monday Night. This show will be the first show since FFP’s return to the states after the Tour of Japan. Already set for that show will be the Tag Team Champions putting their titles on the line in an open challenge. Surely there will be much more going on at this show as it will be the fallout from tonight’s Aggravated Assault! Don’t miss it!

Women’s Tokyo Cup Finals
Brandi Moore vs Veronica Clyne
A very emotional match. Brandi Moore and Veronica Clyne had been involved in one of if not the biggest feud in Full Force Pro history. They feuded for quite a while before teaming up to create The Kingdom, where they attempted to take Matt Kraven down and run FFP themselves. Ultimately they failed. Now, they hold a mutual respect for each other.

The match began with a fist bump. Both girls were going to bring it. This was going to be Veronica Clyne’s last professional wrestling match as she accepted the job as the Head Female Trainer at FFP’s developmental territor the Ohio Wrestling Federation. Veronica wanted to end her career by winning the Tokyo Cup. Brandi wanted to add to her collection of championships.

Brandi went for the Fisherman Brainbuster early. But Veronica escaped out. Well scouted. Of course their feud dated back to 2008. Of course they were both well scouted. Brandi did however hit Veronica with her old finisher, the Fameasser. Veronica kicked out at two. Then, she got a hold of Brandi’s arm and hooked her in an armbar. Brandi was in pain. But got to the ropes.

When Veronica broke the hold, both girls went at it. Hard. Trading punches, trading chops. Suplexes, clotheslines, backbreakers, neckbreakers. Brandi went up top and attempted a Fameasser from the top, but Veronice somehow reversed it into a devastating sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Veronica then hooked Brandi into the STF. Brandi was obviously in pain, but got to the ropes. Veronica then called for the end. The Vertabreaker. She hooked Brandi for the move, but Moore escaped out and rolled Veronica up. The referee got in position and made the count. But Veronica kicked out at two.

Veronica now hit Brandi with a hard knee to the gut. This time, Clyne successfully planted Brandi with the Vertabreaker! That was all she wrote! Veronica hooked Brnadi’s leg, but somehow the Seduction Inc member kicked out at two! Veronica couldn’t believe it. Veronica pulled Brandi up, setting her up for the Go to Sleep. She hoisted her up onto her shoulders but Brandi reversed out and hit Veronica with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Brandi’s finisher…and Veronica had a history of concussions. Moore hooked the leg. But Veronica kicked out! The match goes on!

Brandi couldn’t believe it. She keyed in on Veronica. Pulling her back up to her feet. She hooked her head, and hit ANOTHER Fisherman Brainbuster! Brandi hooked the leg. This was for the win…for the Tokyo Cup.

1…2… and Veronica kicked out AGAIN!

Brandi looked at the referee. She couldn’t believe. He reassured her that Veronica kicked out before the three count. Brandi looked at Veronica, who seemed almost out. She pushed herself up onto her knees, taking a look at Brandi. Veronica put her hand up and motioned as if to say, “hit me with the End Game. Hit me with your knee to the skull. Put me down and end my career.” Reluctantly, Brandi backed into the corner. She charged at Veronica. Obviously going after the knockout blow to win herself the Tokyo Cup, and end Veronica’s career. But somehow just before impact Veronica jumped up and hooked Brandi into a tight small package. The referee got into position and made the count.

1…2…3! Veronica Clyne had done it! Veronica Clyne had won the Tokyo Cup. In her last match, she won the Tokyo Cup!

Brandi couldn’t believe it. She looked disappointed, and a little frustrated. Veronica helped her up. The fellow Hall of Famers shook hands. Brandi hugged Veronica and whispered something to her. Veronica was then presented the Tokyo Cup. Clyne hoisted it into the air for the Tokyo crowd to see. The crowd gave her a standing ovation as she celebrated in the center of the ring. She was all smiles, but tears were streaming down her cheeks as she knew that she had wrestled her very last match.

FFP World Title | Men’s Tokyo Cup Finals
Logan Christopher vs Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair
Joey DeMarco’s second match of the night, for not only the Tokyo Cup, but also for the FFP World Title. DeMarco had just been stretched out by Matt Kraven earlier in the night and forced to say “I Quit”. DeMarco started out slow, with Logan Christopher using his speed and agility to make Joey exert a lot of energy. However Logan went for a spinning back kick and Joey caught his leg. DeMarco then dumped Logan out of the ring and Logan landed hard on the arena floor.

Joey took advantage of this, going after Logan and putting the boots to him on the outside of the ring. DeMarco pulled Logan up and slammed him several times into the steel guardrail. Joey then backed up and charged at Logan, but got hit with a hard clothesline. DeMarco hit hard on the arena floor as Logan rolled back into the ring.

Penelope helped Joey up. He climbed into the ring at the referee’s count of 18. Logan stayed on top of him. Hitting a snap suplex followed by a split-legged moonsault. He pulled DeMarco up and set him up for the Cradle Shock Driver. But Joey slid off of Logan’s shoulders and rolled him up, pulling his tights for leverage. The referee made the count, but saw the pulling of the tights before the three count.

Joey got up and began to argue with the referee. Saying he wasn’t pulling the tights, when obviously he was. Logan got back up and went for a running knee to Joey’s back. However DeMarco dodged and Logan crashed into the ref. The referee fell inbetween the ropes and crashed to the arena floor. When Logan turned around, Joey nailed him with a kick to the groin. Then he planted him with a DDT.

DeMarco’s group had gotten beaten down hard by Kashimanaki, Hunt Enterprises and Matt Kraven, so he didn’t have any backup. But with the referee down, he planned on taking advantage as much as he could. Penelope grabbed the FFP World Title and slid it into the ring. DeMarco picked it up. Next, Penelope slid in a steel chair.

Joey then did something that no one had ever seen before. He strapped the World Title around Logan’s head backwards so the metal was up against Logan’s skull. Joey then took the chair, drew back and leveled Logan with a chairshot to the face, crushing the belt into his face. Logan fell to the mat, motionless. DeMarco tossed the chair out of the ring. He unstrapped the FFP World Title and slid that back to Penelope. Logan Christopher was busted open. Joey made the pin, but there wasn’t a referee. Penelope quickly began to tend to the referee who was knocked out of the ring, but he wasn’t moving.

So, an HONOR Wrestling referee hurried down the ramp. He slid into the ring and began the count. But Logan Christopher kicked out! The Tokyo crowd was shocked. Joey couldn’t believe it either.He bent down and grabbed Logan, but the World Champion hooked Joey into a small package like Veronica did earlier to Brandi Moore. The referee got into position but Joey kicked out at two. Somehow Logan still had life in him. He got up and was ready to fight. He began trading blows with DeMarco until Joey stopped the champ with a thumb to the eye. The referee warned him, but DeMarco shoved the referee down. An action that could warrant a disqualification. DeMarco then grabbed a hold of another steel chair.

As the ref was trying to regain his composure, Matt Kraven hustled down the entrance ramp. He had already defeated DeMarco earlier in the night, but couldn’t bare to see DeMarco leave Aggravated Assault with the FFP World Title. Kraven slid into the ring. He keyed in on Joey, making him the target for the hardest Superkick he could ever throw. But Joey ducked, and Kraven BLASTED Logan Christopher. Logan went down, and Kraven couldn’t believe what had happened.

DeMarco took the chair and drove the edge of it into Kraven’s ribs. As Matt hunched over in pain, Joey brought the chair up and hit Matt right in the back of the head with the chair. Kraven fell to the mat, motionless. Joey tossed the chair out of the ring and looked over at the HONOR referee, who had gotten back up to his feet.

Joey hooked Logan Christopher’s leg and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Joey DeMarco had just won the FFP World Championship. Joey rolled out of the ring and grabbed the title. He held it up in the air for the world to see, putting his arm around Penelope as they walked up the entrance ramp, laughing at Matt Kraven, laughing at Logan Christopher and laughing at the entire FFP. Joey stood on top of the entrance ramp with the FFP World Title in the air as the show went off the air.


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