03/28/2016 FFP Monday Night

FFP Monday Night
March 28, 2016 | Detroit, Michigan

The show began with FFP newcomer Keana coming out. She called out Fiona Burke, who she had a physical altercation with before FFP traveled to Japan.

Of course Fiona answered, coming down to the ring and standing face to face with Keana. The two traded hateful words until finally fists flew. It seemed as if Fiona got the best of Keana until the blonde takes Fiona’s eyes. Security finally intervened as Keana began to pummel Fiona to the mat.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) 2Hott vs Lizzy Kraven & Suki Okada

Lizzy and Suki are two very capable women wrestlers. Lizzy Kraven, a former FFP World Champion among many other titles. They put up one hell of a fight against the reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions. But the turning point came when Lizzy went for the Kraven Lariat on Farrah, only to have Farrah duck it and Lizzy level her tag team partner. Farrah then hit Lizzy with a bridging German suplex for the three count. 2 Hott retained!

After the match Nina Fox came down the isle with a microphone in hand. Trash talking the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nina said that if the “blonde headed bimbos” really wanted a real challenge, that she could find a partner and take the titles from 2Hott at FFP All Torn Up.

The Champions took the microphone and took Nina up on her offer.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs EJ “Money” Carter

A very solid match with many near falls. However it was Kashimanaki using his stuff kicks to soften EJ Carter up before dumping him on the mat with the Kashimanaki Driver and successfully defending his Cruiserweight Championship.


FFP Television Title
(c) Odell Porter w/ Darius Porter vs Deshaun Reed

A very competitive Television Title match. These two hooked up in the opening round of the Tokyo Cup Tournament and this match may have been just as good if not better.

Just like in their first match, Darius tried to get his young nephew to cheat in the match but Odell refused. Of for the distraction of his uncle unfortunately Odell got cracked with a running knee that knocked him down. Deshaun covered Odell but Darius quickly placed Odell’s leg on the bottom rope. The match continued on.

Odell got the advantage over Deshaun although again his uncle tried to save face by distracting Deshaun again. Odell ended up hitting the Regal Plex for a pin, and the victory.

After the match while the champion and his uncle made their way back up the entrance, Odell seemed to be arguing a little with Darius.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with Quinn Delaney. She asked Quinn about her relationship with Lara Chambers and how Lara had attacked her, and now seemed to be trying to form a friendship. Quinn said she wasn’t sure what was going on.

About that time Lara came up and asked Quinn what her plans were for the night, apparently wanting to hang out. Quinn seemed hesitant but agreed to try to talk things out.

FFP Tag Team Titles | Open Challenge
(c) Assault & Battery vs ???

Assault and Battery came out first, ready to take on any team in the world. The crowd was shocked to see just exactly who answered. It was the former FFP Tag Team Champions Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce! The tag team who were introduced into The Kingdom a few years back.

A very good matchup with both teams recording vey close calls against the other. Gregory Hart worked Jackson Pearce over with his mat wrestling. Lewan got the tag in and continued the work. Pearce fought Assault & Battery off and got the much needed tag to Prince Tau. Lewan continue his assault on Prince Tau until Tau ducked a clothesline and flattened Lewan with the Spear. Gregory Hart entered the ring to stop Tau from making the pin, but Tau scooped him up and hit him with the F5, sending him crashing down onto his partner. Tau then pinned Kevin Lewan for the three count. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce ended the 155 day reign of Assault & Battery!

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FFP Women’s Title
(c) Lacey Abernathy w/ vs Katrina Cabrera

Katrina was the very first OWF Women’s Champion, and looked to add to her title collection against Lacey Abernathy. Katrina had the obvious strength advantage over Lacey Abernathy, hitting her with a couple of suplexes and a hard spinebuster. Lacey Abernathy fought back with a thumb to the eye. Then she drug Katrina over to the ropes and began choking her on the middle rope. Lacey bounced off the ropes and jumped up, attempting to land on Katrina’s back and further damage her neck and throat up against the rope, but Katrina moved out of the way and Lacey fell through the ropes and crashes to the arena floor.

Katrina hit the ropes and delivered a baseball slide dropkick. Then she slammed Lacey into the steel guardrail at ringside. Katrina continued to put a beat down on Lacey, slamming her into the commentator’s table as well as the steel ring steps. Then she muscled the champion back into the ring.

Katrina grabbed Lacey to pull her up by her hair, but Lacey smartly rolled her up in a small package. Katrina kicked out at two. Lacey immediately hit a clothesline on the challenger. She then climbed to the middle rope and went for a cross body block. But Katrina caught her and hit a fall away slam. As Lacey pulled herself back up Katrina bounced off the ropes and clotheslined Lacey over the top rope.

It looked like Katrina was getting ready to deliver a suicide dive onto the redhead, but Lacey’s Samoan friend came down and stood in front of her. Katrina thought for a second, but went ahead and delivered the dive anyway, sending Lacey’s bodyguard stumbling backward. Lacey quickly got into the ring and grabbed a hold of the ref, distracting him. Meanwhile, her body guard leveled Katrina from behind with a clothesline. She picked Katrina up and violently rammed her lower back into the steel ring post. She then fired Katrina back into the ring.

As Katrina slowly got back to her feet, Lacey charged and hit her with a running big boot. Then she pinned the challenger for the three count. Once again Lacey’s bodyguard had assisted her in successfully defending her title.


FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Marcelo de la Torre

Today was day 372 of Christopher Morgan’s Adrenaline Title reign. Marcelo de la Torre looked to be the man who would end it. Christopher surprised him with a belly to belly suplex followed by a hard running clothesline early. In only five minutes, Morgan planted his opponent with the Tiger Driver and pinned him for yet another successful title defense. Impressive!

The scene cut backstage where Quinn Delaney was laid out on the concrete floor. Apparently Lara Chambers had attacked her backstage. As EMTs quickly came to tend to Quinn, so did Lara, asking what had happened.

HONOR World Title
(c) Matt Kraven vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle

Adam Hyatt is a former FFP World Champion. He is also a “Kraven Student”, meaning Hyatt was trained by Matt Kraven. Could the student become the teacher by winning the HONOR World Title?

The match began slow, with both wrestlers taking it slow and trying to get an opening that they could capitalize on. Both were looking for the other to make one little mistake.

Kraven got the first big advantage, hitting a snapmare then locking in a headlock. Hyatt eventually fought to his feet, sending Kraven into the ropes and attempting a clothesline. But Kraven ducked and went for his Superkick. But Hyatt dodged and rolled out of the ring. Kraven looked at Hyatt and made a hand signal as to say “I was this close”.

The match continued on, with both men trading the upperhand. Scientific wrestling which turned into a little bit of brawling a lot of big moves. Kraven hit all kinds of suplexes. T-bone, German, snap, and a slingshot. He went to the middle rope and hit a leg drop for a two count. Kraven hit a body slam and went up top again. But this time Hyatt stopped Kraven in his tracks and went up top with the champion. He hoisted Matt up on his shoulders and hit a Samoan drop from the middle rope. Hyatt sized Kraven up for the Superkick – a move that Hyatt used as his finished for a while as a tribute to his trainer. He went for the move but Matt caught his leg and locked on an ankle lock. Kraven fell to the mat and locked his legs around Hyatt’s legs. Hyatt was in pain, screaming and reaching for the ropes.

Eventually he got to the ropes, but damage was definitely done. He got back up but was limping. He didn’t let it stop him though, he continued.

We weren’t sure about Kraven’s killer instinct, especially with one of his students. But when he hit a dragon leg screw it was apparent. He drug Hyatt to the center of the ring and locked in the figure four leg lock.

Hyatt was again in pain. Trying to scoot himself and Kraven to the ropes. Reach and stretching. Pain written on his face. Finally he reached ropes. Kraven released the hold and took a couple steps back as Hyatt fought to get to his feet. When Kraven approached Adam hit him with the Superkick. Could that be it?!

Hyatt hooked Kraven’s leg in the center of the ring. 1…2… And Kraven kicked out. The Detrot crowd loved it. Hyatt looked out into the crowd. Then he signaled for the end. He pulled Kraven up and this time hit the Wrist Clutch Exploder! Surely that was the end of Kraven’s HONOR World Title reign.

1…2… And again, Kraven kicked out! How?!

Adam questioned the referee. He turned to Kraven and tried another pin, but again Kraven kicked out. Hyatt began to pull Kraven back up. But Kraven hooked Hyatt into a small package. 1…2… And Hyatt kicked out. Both men quickly got to their feet and somehow delivered two simultaneous Superkicks. They both fell to the mat motionless.

The referee began to count the mandatory 10 count. Eventually they both got back to their feet. Hyatt went for another Superkick, but Kraven ducked if and hit a roaring elbow. He pinned Hyatt. 1…2… And again, a kick out! Neither man would stay down!

Kraven pulled his student up. Surely he was proud of everything that he was doing tonight. Proud of the heart that he was showcasing. Hyatt almost seemed out on his feet. Kraven scooped him up onto his shoulders and planted him with the Death Valley Driver. Kraven then hooked his leg. 1…2… ANOTHER KICKOUT!

Kraven back away from Hyatt. The challenger lie on the mat. Kraven pulled himself up in the corner. Waiting for Adam to get back up. Would it be another Superkick? Would it be something else? As Hyatt got to his feet Kraven charged. Hitting the Busaiku Knee, shades of Daniel Bryan, right in the center of the ring. Kraven hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven successfully defended his title. And it was one hell of a match!

After the match Kraven helped Adam up. Adam was groggy. Kraven wrapped him in a hug, patting his back. Matt whispered something to Adam and again patted his back. Both superstars took the other to the absolute limit. What a main event!

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