Winner Take All at All Torn Up!


On April 24 live from Albuquerque, New Mexico Full Force Pro will present it’s April pay-per-view All Torn Up. And this event will be main evented by possibly one of the biggest main events in Full Force Pro history.

If you have tuned into Full Force Pro lately you will have seen a lot of involvement from HONOR Wrestling, a wrestling promotion based out of Tokyo, Japan which is actually owned by the FFP owner Matt Kraven.

HONOR Wrestling has invaded Full Force Pro, as well as it’s developmental territory the Ohio Wrestling Federation. And Joey DeMarco, one of HONOR’s top guys, and the man who won the FFP World Championship at Aggravated Assault, has been engaged in a long and violent feud with Matt Kraven.

Earlier today the President of FFP Duncan Wright had a closed door meeting with the President of HONOR Wrestling, Landry McNamara. The two Presidents agreed to have a 7-on-7 elimination tag team match main event at FFP All Torn Up. And the stakes couldn’t be more higher. The winning team will not only win control of both Full Force Pro and HONOR Wrestling, but also, if the FFP World Champion (Joey DeMarco) is pinned in the match, he will lose the title to the participant that pinned him, and the same goes for the HONOR Wrestling World Champion (Matt Kraven).

The seven men to make up team FFP are Matt Kraven, Daniel Matthews, (the FFP Adrenaline Champion) Christopher Morgan, Patrick McCoy, Logan Christopher and two OWF wrestlers, (the OWF Champion) Alexander T. Morrison and Ashley King, who are currently engaged in a feud in itself but have decided to put their feud on hold to join the war against HONOR Wrestling.

The seven men to make up team HONOR Wrestling are Joey DeMarco, (the HONOR Tag Team Champions) Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen, Eddie Siebenthaler, Hiroki Ito, Raiden Kido and Makoto Tanaka.

This match will definitely be a war. Both teams seem to be filled with high caliber talent. And with everything at stake, both teams will be looking to pull out all the stops. The winning team will walk away with the FFP and HONOR World Titles, as well as full control of both well known federations.


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