04/07/2016 FFP Thursday Night Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | April 7, 2016
St Louis, Missouri

The show opened up with Logan Christopher, who was making his first FFP appearance since losing the FFP World Championship to Joey DeMarco in Japan. Logan talked about the upcoming main event of All Torn Up and about how Team FFP would win, giving all control to Full Force Pro. He apologized to his girlfriend Brandi Moore, saying that her and Taylor would still be the HONOR Women’s Tag Team Champions, but would just have to simply come back to the states to defend the titles.

Logan said that HONOR Wrestling has been walking around for way too long thinking they are the best professional wrestling company in the world, and said that they have no idea what they’re gonna get come April 24th. The crowd loved Logan’s passion.

Rudi Delgado vs Ashley King
One half of the Tokyo Pitbulls, Rudi Delgado, took on former OWF Champion Ashley King. A very competitive match, but Ashley’s inexperience was exploited by Rudi Delgado, who used Emerald Fusion to pin Ashley for the victory.

After the match Rudi continued assaulting Ashley King. That is until the American Bulldogs rushed the ring. Delgado hopped out of the ring and escaped through the crowd as the Bulldogs checked on the former OWF Champion.


In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where FFP newcomer Keana came out. She trash talked Fiona Burke, and spoke about how she had gotten the best of Fiona, and that Fiona couldn’t hold a candle to her wrestling ability, and her beauty.

Of course she was interrupted by Fiona, who came to the ring and stepped up to the blonde. The two shared some words before punches were thrown. Fiona got the best of the newcomer, rocking her with a couple of right hands before grabbing her for what looked to be the FAB Drop. As she was about to deliver the punishing move, security rushed the ring. They grabbed both women, pulling them apart. Unfortunately for Fiona, the security had both of her arms. And Keana slipped out of the grip of her guards, and hit Fiona with a couple of shots to the face that Fiona couldn’t block.

Finally security separated the two once again and the confrontation was over.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP Vice-President Beatrice Keenan announced that next Monday night at OWF #64 all the women of the OWF would compete in an over the top rope battle royal with the winner receiving an OWF Women’s Championship match against Giovanni Gotch at OWF #65!

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The scene cut backstage where FFP President Duncan Wright announced that at FFP All Torn Up Keana would take on Fiona Burke!

Hiroki Ito vs Adam Black
A hard hitting, stiff match which saw both men beat the hell out of the other. Fresh bruises appeared on their faces, chests and back as they beat the tar out of each other. Adam Black planted Hiroki with a double arm DDT for a two count. The former HONOR World Champion fought back, using a couple of hard knees to rock Adam. Black fought back with a hard clothesline. Then after a running knee of his own, he hit an Olympic Slam for a two count. Hiroki fought back once again. And as the St Louis crowd cheered Adam Black on, Hiroki stopped him in his tracks with the Go to Sleep. Pinning the former FFP Television Champion for a three count.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by the HONOR Wrestling President Landry McNamara. Tyrece noted how HONOR Wrestling had been successful tonight. Landry bragged, saying that HONOR Wrestling was the better brand, and they were proving it here tonight. He promised a full sweep of Full Force Pro.

Katsumi Akiyama vs Quinn Delaney
Another very hard hitting match. Apparently when you put two federations in the same ring who don’t like each other very much, that can happen. Katsumi hit some lethal kicks on Quinn. However Quinn caught one, and hit two consecutive dragon leg screws! Quinn continued working on Katsumi’s legs, and back, hooking in an STF in the center of the ring. Katsumi fought out of it. Hit a back heel kick and a spinning back elbow. Then she locked Quinn in the Muta Lock. Quinn was in pain, reaching and stretching for the ropes. She finally reached them, and Katsumi had to break the hold.

Katsumi next went for a brainbuster. She hoisted Quinn up, but Quinn hit a knee to the top of Katsumi’s head. The redhead then fell behind Katsumi, landing on her feet, and hit a German suplex. Akiyama shot back up to her feet but was a victim of a hard lariat. Quinn then hoisted Katsumi up onto her shoulders and hit a split legged death valley driver. She then hooked under Katsumi’s chin and locked in a Crossface. Katsumi reached for the ropes, nearly in the same predicament that Quinn was in earlier. But Quinn wrenched up harder, and Katsumi had nowhere to go. Her only choice was to tap out. Quinn Delaney had scored FFP’s first victory of the night!

On April 24 Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up! The main event will be a WAR featuring superstars of Full Force Pro taking on superstars of HONOR Wrestling. And the stipulation is WINNER TAKE ALL! You won’t want to miss this epic event!

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with Quinn Delaney. Quinn was tired, and obviously showing signs of her hard hitting match with Katsumi Akiyama. Raquel asked Quinn how she felt defeating the former HONOR Women’s Champion. Quinn said she felt great, and was proud of her match. She said that she respected Katsumi, and just looked forward to being able to continue to showcase her skills. She mentioned the slump she had been in, and said that hopefully that was over.

Non-Title Match
Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair vs Christopher Morgan w/ Lux

The reigning FFP World Champion Joey DeMarco and reigning FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan simply went to war in this match. Both men will take place in the FFP All Torn Up main event which will see a battle where everything is on the line. This was just a sample of what kind of war we’re in for on April 24th.

Christopher Morgan opened up on Joey, hitting him with hard and solid knife edge chops. The St Louis crowd felt Joey’s pain, but they loved it. Morgan went in for the kill, the Tiger Driver. But Joey escaped out and hit a Russian leg sweep. He went up top and dove at Christopher, but Morgan dodged and somehow turned it into his own rib buster, knocking the wind out of Joey. Morgan went for another pin, 1…2… and Penelope grabbed Joey’s leg and put it on the bottom rope. The referee stopped the count short, but the Adrenaline Champion had thought he won the match. He got up, with his arms in the air, but the referee waved it off. As Morgan questioned the referee, DeMarco, the sneak that he is, snuck up behind Christopher and rolled him up. The referee made the count, but Morgan kicked out!

Both men shot back up to their feet, but Joey hit Christopher with a Superkick. Joey pinned Morgan, and got the three count. Christopher nearly kicked out before the three count, but unfortunately he just didn’t get his shoulders up in time. Joey had won the match, with Matt Kraven’s finisher.

Joey got on the microphone, saying that Matt Kraven was a lesser wrestler and that he just put down FFP’s longest reigning champion in history with Kraven’s finisher.


The scene cut backstage where Joey DeMarco and the rest of the Shibuya Mafia was hanging out in their locker room waiting to watch Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen defend the HONOR Tag Team Titles against Matt Kraven and Daniel Matthews. DeMarco looked very pleased after defeating Christopher Morgan.

HONOR Tag Team Titles
(c) Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen vs Matt Kraven & Daniel Matthews

All four wrestlers were capable of great technical wrestling, but could also brawl with the best of them. The St Louis crowd wasn’t sure what to expect. Leg locks and armbars, or rights and lefts.

Chad Lyons started the match out with Matt Kraven. Actually still holding onto his HONOR Tag Team Title as the bell rang. Lyons got into Kraven’s face and held the title up in the air. The two traded words as the referee tried to get the title away from the champion. He finally ripped the title out of Chad’s hand, who then turned to the referee to have words with him. Lyons turned back around to get leveled with the Superkick!

Matt Kraven then hooked Chad’s leg. Brian quickly climbed into the ring to break the pin up, but Daniel Matthews floored him with a diving clothesline. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven and Daniel Matthews had just beat Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen for the HONOR Tag Team Titles in record time!

As the referee awarded the titles to Matt and Daniel, Kraven grabbed a microphone and announced that his Superkick just won him and Daniel the HONOR Tag Titles in record time, he was obviously talking to DeMarco.

Next DeMarco came out onto the entrance stage, along with Penelope and Eddie Siebenthaler. DeMarco blamed the referee, saying that him ripping the title out of Chad’s hand gave Kraven an unfair advantage.

Of course Landry McNamara came out as well. With a microphone in hand he announced that the title change would not stay official because the FFP referee purposely distracted Chad.

Next FFP President Duncan Wright came out. He said that the title changed hands at a Full Force Pro event, and that FFP owned HONOR Wrestling. Duncan said that the title change stood.

Of course the two presidents shared words until it was finally that the match would simply be restarted, obviously not something that Kraven and Matthews were excited to hear.

But as the bell was rung for the match to be restarted, Brian Kamen charged Daniel Matthews. Daniel caught him on his shoulders and planted him with the Death Valley Driver. Matthews then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Kraven and Matthews won the belts…again!

Landry got on the microphone again, claiming that the legal men should have been Chad Lyons and Matt Kraven. But he was ignored. Matt and Daniel were awarded the titles and Duncan Wright came down to the ring to congratulate them.

As the FFP President and superstars celebrated, Landry rushed to the ring. He turned Duncan around and the two began to argue again. That is until Landry hit Duncan with a hard kick to the groin. Duncan went down to his hands and knees as Joey DeMarco and Eddie Siebenthaler rushed the ring. The fight was on!

Matt Kraven and Daniel Matthews didn’t stand a chance against the entire Shibuya Mafia. But when Patrick McCoy and Logan Christopher stormed the ring, the odds were evened up. The brawl was wild. Punches and kicks thrown everywhere. That is until Team FFP cleared the ring of the HONOR Wrestling superstars. Until finally it was Landry McNamara all by his lonesome.

Kraven and Matthews helped Duncan up. He then proceeded to hit Landry with a boot to the gut followed by a butterfly suplex. Landry quickly rolled out of the ring as Duncan stood victorious in the ring. Team FFP reigned supreme in St Louis, now in possession of the HONOR Tag Team Titles!


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