04/10/2016 FFP Sunday is for Chaos


FFP Sunday is for Chaos | April 10, 2016
Louisville, Kentucky

The show began with the Vice-President of Full Force Pro, Beatrice Keenan. Due to Duncan Wright being injured, Beatrice was in charge. She spoke about tonight’s cage match main event, and reminded everyone of the stipulations for the match.

Tonight if Matt Kraven won, Landry McNamara would hand the Presidency of HONOR Wrestling over to Matt Kraven, and never appear at another FFP or HONOR Wrestling show again.

Landry McNamara then interrupted. He announced that there was no chance he would lose, and noted that when he defeated Matt Kraven tonight, that Kraven would leave the FFP forever, and that Landry would become the new owner of Full Force Pro! The crowd obviously booed Landry who didn’t seem to like it, and stormed off.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) 2Hott vs The Queendom

Nina Fox came down to the ring to provide guest commentary for the match. She had been teasing a tag partner to take on 2Hott at All Torn Up.

A very good match. All four girls saw flashes of offense. Farrah got the first near fall after hitting a jumping knee off the middle rope on Monika Andrews. Jenna Kaufman tagged in and went toe to toe with Farrah, until Britain Jade received the tag in. The Queendom double teamed Britain and tossed Farrah out of the ring. Jenna went for the Spear on Britain, but Jade dodged and Jenna flattened her tag partner instead.

Britain then hit the Corkscrew Neckbreaker on Jenna Kaufman and got the three count.

After the three count Farrah joined Britain in the ring. Nina Fox quickly slid in like she was going to attack. As 2Hott got ready for another fight, a familiar face to FFP jumped the guardrail at ringside and slid into the ring. It was Nina’s former tag team partner that she had won the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles with, Samantha West. West attacked from behind while Nina attack from the front.

The attack turned into a wild brawl with all four girls throwing wild punches. Eventually FFP security rushed to the ring and pulled the women apart. Apparently this was Nina’s partner that would take on 2Hott at All Torn Up for their titles.


The scene cut backstage where the OWF Champion Alexander T Morrison was with his girlfriend Beatrice Keenan. She was talking to him about how soon he’d be called up to the main roster. He talked about how he is already much better, as well as more handsome than everyone in FFP.

Enter the FFP Adrenaline Champion, Christopher Morgan. The two went face to face. Morgan told ATM that if he wanted to test the waters, that his door was always open. ATM didn’t break eye contact, but also didn’t say a word.

FFP Television Title
(c) Odell Porter w/ Darius Porter vs Anarchy w/ Bianca Hunt

Anarchy was definitely one of the toughest opponents for Odell Porter to date. A very serious threat to his Television Title reign. Anarchy proved it too. Dumping Odell on his head several times with suplexes before locking him in an STF that seemed like it was all she wrote for the champion.

Darius got up on the apron attempting to distract the referee. But all he did was aggravated Anarchy, who drug the former wrestler into the ring and hit him with a head and arm suplex. However Odell took advantage of the distraction and hit Anarchy with an impressive stalling back suplex. Porter then hit him with the Regal Plex for the three count.

Porter’s title reign stayed intact, but he was visibly aggravated at his uncle’s constant interference.


Lacey Abernathy & Masina vs Katrina Cabrera & Quinn Delaney
A solid match that saw Masina wanting to prove that she wasn’t just a bodyguard, but a legit wrestler. Quinn Delaney got a near fall on the FFP Women’s Champion after a Quinn Cutter, but Masina broke up the pin. The tide turned when Masina leveled Katrina with a huge clothesline and a big splash for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where we saw Matt Kraven standing with Farrah. No one really knew the exact details but the couple had apparently broken up or decided to take a break. We couldn’t hear what was being said other than Farrah wishing him luck in his match. Then she stepped closer to him and kissed him softly on the cheek.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs El Desconocido

A shock to the Louisville crowd as OWF superstar El Desconocido had the chance to face Kashimanaki for the FFP Cruiserweight Title. Kashimanaki, now a record breaking five time Cruiserweight Champion definitely showed the masked superstar a thing or two. However the rookie held is own for a while. Even hitting a beautiful springboard moonsault for a two count. Desconocido gained a huge advantage after hitting a spinning back kick. He then went up too for the Swanton Bomb, but Kashimanaki got his knees up. He then planted the challenger with the Kashimanaki Driver for the three count.

On April 24 Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up! The main event will be a WAR featuring superstars of Full Force Pro taking on superstars of HONOR Wrestling. And the stipulation is WINNER TAKE ALL! You won’t want to miss this epic event!

Steel Cage Match | Loser Leaves FFP/HONOR
Matt Kraven vs Landry McNamara

Matt Kraven was the first out to the cage. He had been painted up, not only on his face but down his chest as well. The Louisville crowd was solidly behind the Owner of FFP, and HONOR World and Tag Team Champion. Kraven looked confident, but still cautious.

Landry McNamara then came out, oddly enough with no one accompanying him to ringside. He got into the cage and immediately began trash talking Matt. The crowd showered Landry with boo’s.

The match started out and Matt was like the teacher, school was in session. Duck downs, go behinds, an armbar into a hammer lock. Surprisingly Landry reversed the hammerlock into one of his own, then hooked Matt in a headlock and took him to the mat with it. Kraven used his legs to hook Landry’s head and escape the hold. Kraven rolled up to his feet and Landry was fairly quick to get to his as well.

Then it happened. Kraven hit the Superkick. Landry went down hard. The crowd cheered. Kraven turned to them and put his arms out. More applause. But he didn’t go for the pin. Could this be a big mistake?

Kraven got down beside Landry and began laying in punches. Landry was going to get the beating that he deserved. Kraven pulled him up and hit an array of suplexes on the President of HONOR Wrestling. Snap, t-bone, belly to belly, fisherman, and Northern lights. Kraven began to ascend the cage. He looked down at Landry who was just starting to pull his head off the mat. Kraven looked into the crowd, then back at Landry. He quit climbing and turned around toward the ring. He leapt off the cage, about 3/4 the way up, and hit a beautiful flying elbow drop. The crowd ate it up. The crowd stood, fully expecting a pin. But Matt got back up to his feet. He called for another Superkick. This one would be it for sure.

But as he was loading up, music hit the speakers of the arena. And Joey DeMarco and the rest of the Shibuya Mafia made their way down the entrance ramp. Being showered with litter from the crowd, DeMarco and his group made their way down the isle, DeMarco armed with a bolt cutter. He cut through the lock holding the door shut, and the group climbed into the cage, not before throwing down the referee that was stationed outside of the cage.

As DeMarco climbed in, he about got his head knocked off from a Superkick. Kraven dared the rest of the group to come into the cage. Eddie Siebenthaler, Chad Lyons, Brian Kamen and Penelope Blair teased as if they were coming in, but didn’t. It was the distraction that Landry McNamara needed. He got to his knees and hit Matt with a devastating low blow. Kraven fell to his hands and knees. Landry began crawling toward the cage door. Surely the Shibuya Mafia would grab him and pull him out of the door, and he’d be the winner.

As they reached out to grab the President of HONOR Wrestling, Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy stormed out from behind the curtain. Although it was three on two, the Soul Assassins cleaned house, knocking Eddie Siebenthaler over the steel guardrail and into the first row. Then they took turns slamming Lyons & Kamen’s heads into the steel cage.

As Landry continued toward the cage door, Kraven grabbed him and pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Kraven slapped on the Crossface. Landry was trapped.

As the referee that was stationed in the ring checked on McNamara, Penelope Blair made her way into the cage. Sensing that Landry was about ready to submit to the pain, she rushed in and dropped an elbow on the back of the official’s head. Then she drew back and slapped Kraven across the face. He released the hold and got up, face to face with Penelope.

As the stare down had the crowd going crazy, Farrah rushed down the entrance ramp. She climbed into the cage, without Penelope knowing. Kraven smiled and motioned for Penelope to turn around. She did, and was surprised with Shades of Kraven courtesy of Farrah. Penelope was down! Kraven winked at Farrah.

However when she turned around Joey DeMarco scooped her up onto his shoulders and planted her with a Death Valley Driver. Kraven rushed at DeMarco after seeing this. He hit Joey with a hellacious spear. Kraven stood over the FFP World Champion, screaming at his unconscious body.

By now Eddie Siebenthaler had slid a bat into the cage. Landry took possession. And as Kraven turned around Landry swung the weapon right at Kraven’s head. But Kraven caught the bat. He pulled it out of Landry’s grip. Landry turned and began to scurry up the cage. Kraven dropped the bat. He grabbed Landry by the back of his pants and pulled him off the cage, forcing him to crash to the mat below. By now DeMarco had gotten back to his feet, and took possession of the bat that Matt had dropped. Eddie Siebenthaler, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen began to overtake the Soul Assassins on the outside of the ring.

Matt turned around to see Joey DeMarco armed with a bat. The realization seemed to be sinking in. Kraven was fighting a losing battle.

That is until the former FFP World Champion Logan Christopher descended from the ceiling of the arena on a harness and a grapple line. He unhooked himself and stood proudly by Kraven. DeMarco charged. But Matt stopped him with a hard kick to the gut. DeMarco dropped the bat as Matt picked him up onto his shoulders. Kraven was going to spike the current FFP World Champion on his head with the Death Valley Driver. Meanwhile Landry McNamara was just barely moving, crawling back toward the cage.

As the Louisville crowd cheered Matt on, Logan Christopher shocked the world, hammering Kraven on the head with the bat. Kraven dropped DeMarco off of his shoulders and fell to the mat, motionless. Joey got back up to his feet. With a big smile on his face. He approached Logan and the two embraced. Logan Christopher turned on Matt Kraven and the entire FFP. Logan and Joey pulled Landry over and draped him over Kraven’s unconscious and bloody body. The referee hesitated but made the pin. 1…2…3. Landry McNamara had defeated Matt Kraven, and Kraven had lost everything.

Joey and Logan celebrated, helping Landry up and screaming at the crowd. More trash was littered all over the ring. The Shibuya Mafia left the ring while the Soul Assassins and Farrah finally came to, realizing what had happened.

Farrah crawled over to Matt, checking on him. A fair amount of blood had painted his face red. EMTs made their way out to the ring as Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy got in the ring to check on Matt as well. The show came to a quiet end as the commentators didn’t speak while EMTs tended to Kraven.


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