Matt Kraven is Gone

Last night at FFP Sunday is for Chaos, we saw the most shocking ending to any Full Force Pro wrestling program to date. The HONOR Wrestling President Landey McNamara defeated the owner of FFP, Matt Kraven. And due to the stipulation, Matt Kraven now has to leave FFP, and give up his ownership of the company to Landry.

Although Landry defeating Matt was the most shocking part, the world was in for another shock when Logan Christopher propelled from the ceiling of the arena on a harness, leading everyone to believe that he was going to lend a helping hand to Kraven who was outnumbered by the Shibuya Mafia. But Logan turned on Kraven, smacking him in the head with a baseball bat.

The future of Full Force Pro is in question. No one is sure what Landry owning FFP will bring. We here at have learned that later on today we will hear from Logan Christopher. Also tonight’s OWF #64 event will be interesting as we are being told that Landry McNamara will be at the event in Cincinnati.


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