Raquel St. Claire Interviews Logan Christopher

After Logan Christopher’s despicable actions last night at FFP Sunday is For Chaos, Raquel St. Claire had a chance to sit down with the former FFP World Champion.

He spoke strongly against Matt Kraven and tried to defend his actions last night. Raquel planned to ask many more questions, but Logan cut the interview short.

Here is the interview.

RSC: Hi Logan. Thanks for sitting down with me this afternoon. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m going to ask you what everyone has been asking. Why?

LC: It’s the million dollar question isn’t it Raquel? Why did Logan Christopher turn on Matt Kraven and take everything away from him? Why did Logan Christopher turn his back on Full Force Pro, and the fans? Right?

RSC: Sounds about right.

LC: Well, first of all I don’t owe anyone anything. The fans liked me, and cheered for me and whatever. The only person that has made Logan Christopher successful, is Logan Christopher. And I’ll tell you what, Matt Kraven is probably laying at home concussed, alone, because he messes up every relationship he ever has, and I bet he’s realizing that he crossed the wrong guy when he crossed me. Remember Rebirth Raquel?

RSC: When Matt cashed in on you?

LC: Yep. Minutes after I won that World Title, he took it from me. And I never forgot that.

RSC: Isn’t this taking things pretty far? I mean, you had a hand in him losing his company.

LC: Do I look like I care?

RSC: Well, I-

LC: No! I don’t! Matt Kraven is trash. He has proven it time and time again. Ask the people he’s hurt. Ask Brandi Moore and Veronica Clyne. Hell ask Farrah. She acts like she’s all buddy-buddy with him still, and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

RSC: I’m not going to get into the man’s personal life. I-

LC: I ruined his personal life! I ruined his life. And now, with Landry McNamara running the show, you’re going to see Logan Christopher reach heights that he couldn’t reach when Matt Kraven was holding him down.

RSC: Logan, Matt hasn’t been the President in a long time. He hasn’t been making executive decisions. He’s been wrestling.

LC: Oh, he isn’t making executive decisions? So him having the HONOR World Title as well as the Tag Titles isn’t him making executive decisions? Huh? Farrah having the HONOR Women’s Title isn’t him making executive decisions? Give me a break. The dude was a dirty, crooked big headed piece of garbage, and now he’s gone. Because of me.

RSC: You have apparently had these feelings for a long time Logan.

LC: All winter. He ruined my first ever World Title win, so I ruined his life. You reap what you sew.

RSC: I understand he ruined your moment, I do. I just don’t see how this is justified.

LC: You know what, you’re obviously a Kraven fan girl. And if you are, I’m sure Landry will see it sooner than later, and he’ll get rid of you just like he’ll hopefully get rid of all the other Kraven fan boys and fan girls. This interview is over. HONOR Wrestling is taking over.

(Logan grabbed his water and stormed off.)

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