04/14/2016 FFP Thursday Night Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | April 14, 2016
Knoxville, Tennessee

The show began with the entrance of the new man in charge, Landry McNamara. Accompanied by the Shibuya Mafia and Logan Christopher, Landry came down to the ring to a chorus of boos, with a smile on his face. And noticeably, he was carrying a red felt sack. Usually this sort of thing held a championship belt inside. And we could all assume what championship he had with him.

Before Landry spoke, it seemed as if a tribute video for Matt Kraven started. However it quickly turned to a video talking bad about Kraven and celebrating that he was gone and that Landry McNamara had taken over.

Landry now took a microphone and welcomed everyone to the McNamara Era of FFP Wrestling. He trash talked Matt Kraven, and said he hoped he was sitting in front of the TV of his Cincinnati home with Farrah depressed because he had lost everything to Landry McNamara in Landry’s first match.

Landry then announced that because of Matt Kraven’s departure that the HONOR World Championship was left vacant. He announced that right now he would crown a new HONOR World Champion. He said it was someone who deserved it, and would only be the third man in history who has held the FFP World and HONOR World Titles. Landry then pulled the title out, and handed it over to Logan Christopher.

Logan held the title in the air and enjoyed the boo’s from the fans. The Shibuya Mafia clapped for him.

Joey DeMarco got on the microphone and talked about how the company was in so much better hands now that Matt Kraven was gone. Eddie Siebenthaler got on the microphone and asked Landry for an Adrenaline Title shot tonight. Landry granted his request. Then Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen got on the microphone and talked about how they’d pick apart Daniel Matthews and win back their belts.

Landry also announced that Odell Porter would also be defending his Television Title tonight as well as Patrick McCoy would defend the HONOR Intercontinental Title.

Finally Landry added that there would be no replacements for Matt Kraven and Logan Christopher on Team FFP at All Torn Up, and that the match would now be 7-on-5. He also announced another change to the match, that it would be sudden death, first pin wins!


The scene cut backstage where Landry McNamara was seen talking with Odell Porter’s uncle Darius. He was seen slipping Darius money. Not sure what exactly what the discussion was about.

FFP Television Title
(c) Odell Porter w/ Darius Porter vs Makoto Tanaka

A very entertaining match that saw both men hit some stiff moves on the other. After a Brainbuster Makoto looked to have the match under control. Until Odell dodged a flying headbutt. Odell then hit a German suplex followed by a Superkick and then a Northern Lights for a two count.

As Odell went in for the Regal Plex, his uncle climbed up into the apron distracting the referee. As the ref was distracted, Makoto hit a low blow on Odell. He rolled Odell up, pulling the tights. Darius dropped from the apron and the referee made the count. Makoto Tanaka was the new FFP Television Champion.

Odell’s uncle left ringside, visibly counting the money that Landry handed him before the match.

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The scene cut backstage to Landry McNamara who was talking with Britain Jade. Landry told Britain that anytime during or after Farrah’s match that if Britain came down that he would not only strip them of their FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, but he would fire them from FFP.

HONOR Women’s Title
(c) Farrah vs Alexis Reed

A controversial match which saw Penelope Blair come out and cause a distraction early on, obviously putting her hands on Farrah to assist Alexis in getting the upperhand. Reed hit a sit-down powerbomb after pummeling Farrah down and got a two count. Farrah fought back, even setting Alexis up for the Shades of Kraven, but Penelope grabbed Farrah’s foot, causing her to be unable to deliver the move. Farrah stomped one of Penelope’s hands. Then she hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive, flooring Penelope.

But the distraction was made. As Farrah headed back into the ring Alexis Reed hit a hard running knee to the head. Then a high angle back suplex nearly cutting Farrah in half. She pinned the champion and got the three count. Alexis Reed had won her first title, the HONOR Women’s Championship!

After the match Alexis continued pummeling Farrah. Even stooping so low to start beating her down with the championship. Penelope came in to lend a helping hand. As the beating went on, the crowd showered the women from HONOR Wrestling with boo’s.

Then, finally Quinn Delaney stormed out from backstage and rushed to the ring. She took Penelope down with a spear. Then Alexis attempted to hit Quinn with the title. But Quinn ducked it and hit a step up shining wizard, knocking Reed down to the mat. Delaney next grabbed ahold of the HONOR Women’s Title. When Alexis for back to her feet Quinn leveled her with the title. Alexis retreated as Quinn checked on Farrah.

The scene cut backstage where Fiona Burke was walking. Keana cut her off, stepping right in her way. She began to trash talk Fiona who nailed her with a slap across the face. Keana couldn’t believe it and went at Fiona. However Fiona dodged her attempt at a wild right hand and slammed her into a nearby table, knocking it over. As Fiona then began to beat down Keana, security intervened.

HONOR Intercontinental Title
(c) Patrick McCoy vs Hiroki Ito

A very good match which saw a lot of back and forth between both superstars. Landry McNamara came down halfway through the match to provide his color commentary. Of course he decided to get involved, distracting the referee and sliding a chain in to Hiroki. However, the former HONOR World Champion tossed the chain back out of the ring.

Eventually Hiroki got planted by the Kryptonite Krunch courtesy of the reigning HONOR Intercontinental Champion. McCoy pinned the challenger and won the match.

After the match Landry got into the ring and scolded Hiroki. Eventually Hiroki had heard enough and turned to leave, but Landry grabbed him and pulled him back around. Ito then slugged McNamara with a right hand. The new man in charge fell to the mat below and Ito left the ring.

On April 24 Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up! The main event will be a WAR featuring superstars of Full Force Pro taking on superstars of HONOR Wrestling in a 7-on-5 Handicap Tag Team Match!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Eddie Siebenthaler

An intriguing matchup as Eddie Siebenthaler was the one to lose the Adrenaline Title to Christopher Morgan who went on to holding the record for the FFP’s longest title reign ever. Could Eddie take back the title?

Like every other match, there was outside interference. Joey DeMarco, Penelope Blair and Lyons & Kamen got involved. However after the aspiring two-time HONOR Tag Team Champions took a hard spill to the outside of the ring, the Shibuya Mafia back off. And Morgan planted Siebenthaler with the Tiger Driver for the pin.

The scene cut backstage where Daniel Matthews was walking toward the entrance area with both HONOR Tag Team Titles on each shoulder. Tyrece Beckman approached, asking Daniel about his upcoming match and if he thought Landry would try any tricks. Daniel said he was sure Landry would be up to something, but he’s do his best to retain the titles.

HONOR Tag Team Titles | Handicap Match
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen

Daniel Matthews put up one hell of a fight. Lyons and Kamen worked Daniel down, but Matthews hit a Roaring Elbow on Kamen knocking him out of the ring. Lyons attacked Matthews from behind, hitting a neckbreaker and a piledriver which seemed to be the end. But Matthews kicked out. Lyons picked him up for another piledriver but Matthews escaped and hit a Superkick. Daniel looked at the camera. “That was for you Matt Kraven!”

Daniel covered Lyons and looked to have the match won, but Landry had come down and ripped the referee out of the ring just before the three count. Matthews turned and saw Landry. As they traded words Chad Lyons rolled Daniel you pulling the rights. As he pinned the FFP Hall of Famer, Landry quickly got in the ring and made the count for himself. Even though Daniel had obviously got his shoulder up before the three count, Landry made the three count and awarded the titles to Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen.

The champions took their titles and left ringside. As Landry walked up the entrance ramp Daniel Matthews took a microphone. Here is what he had to say:

“Hey Landry. Landry. Turn around. Hey, I know you get off stroking your ego and thinking you get to control this thing. Yeah, you beat Matt. With a load of bullsh*t you screwed him over. And if you continue running this thing, you’re going to run it straight into the ground. I love Full Force Pro. And I’ve been here since the beginning. I’m a Hall of Famer here. I’m a former World Champion here. But if you keep running it, it’s surely going to die, and I don’t want to see that. I’m not going to be a part of this if you’re the one running it. Go f*ck yourself. I quit.”

Daniel then tossed the microphone out of the ring. He climbed out of the ring and over the steel guardrail, leaving through the crowd. Landry didn’t seem to care. Waving goodbye as Daniel left. This is how the show came to an end.


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