04/17/2016 FFP Sunday is for Chaos


FFP Sunday is for Chaos | April 17, 2016
Memphis, Tennessee

The show began with Landry McNamara. This was a week since he defeated Matt Kraven in a steel cage match with the help of the Shibuya Mafia and Logan Christopher. Landry still bragged about winning, and about him taking control of Full Force Pro. He reminded everyone about his new stipulation at All Torn Up, that if 2Hott loses their Women’s Tag Team Titles to Nina Fox and Samantha West that Farrah Kraven and Britain Jade would be fired.

Landry continued, speaking about Daniel Matthews quitting on Thursday and called him a crybaby. He said Daniel would never work in FFP again.

Landry also announced that tonight’s main event would see Christopher Morgan lose the Adrenaline Title to HONOR Wrestling’s Katashi Goya.

Non-Title Match
Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen vs American Bulldogs

A very back and forth match with hard hitting moves all around the ring. Matt Evanston hit a flying headbutt on Brian Kamen for a two count. Nathan Caine tagged in and locked Chad Lyons in an ankle lock. Lyons was in extreme pain by the look on his face as he stretched and reached for the ropes.

Brian Kamen came to Chad’s rescue. The match continued on, with the Bulldogs gaining the upperhand again and hitting two separate superplexes at the same time!

Just as it looked like Nathan and Matt would defeat the HONOR Tag Team Champions, Eddie Siebenthaler came out and attacked the Bulldogs. It was a three on two attack. That is until Assault & Battery made the save, running off Siebenthaler, Lyons and Kamen.


Britain Jade vs Monika Andrews
A very hard hitting match between two mainstays in the FFP Women’s tag team division. Monika went for the Curb Stomp after flooring Britain with a hard clothesline, but Britain dodged and hit the Corkscrew Neckbreaker for the pin.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by the FFP Women’s Champion Lacey Abernathy with her bodyguard Masina. He asked Lacey about her title defense against Katrina Cabrera at All Torn Up. Lacey said that she had beaten Katrina before and she’d do it again.

Adam Black vs Aiden Conrad
A feud revisited. These Kraven students gave it everything they had in the ring pulling out all stops and giving one hell of a show to the Memphis crowd.

As the action was getting more intense Landry McNamara interrupted. Landry announced that since the two were Kraven students that obviously they didn’t know what they were doing, and he officially demoted them both to the OWF, FFP’s developmental territory. Landry then canceled the match.

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FFP Television Title
(c) Kano Tanaka vs Odell Porter

Another really good match with both superstars showing their wrestling skills. Odell hit a top rope bulldog that nearly knocked Kano out. Kano fought back but Odell hit a spinning kick to the gut and a DDT. As Odell went in for the kill, his uncle Darius rushed to the ring and distracted his nephew. Odell shoved his uncle off of the ring apron but was nailed with the Roaring Elbow from Kano. The FFP Television Champion then pinned Porter for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with Fiona Burke. She talked to Fiona about Keana and their match at All Torn Up. Fiona said she was tired of the sneak attacks and couldn’t wait to finally step in the ring with the blonde. Fiona then guaranteed victory at All Torn Up.

On April 24 Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up! The main event will be a 4-on-7 one fall to a finish tag team match between Team FFP and Team HONOR. Can Team FFP beat the odds?

Also Lacey Abernathy defends the FFP Women’s Title, Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce defends the FFP Tag Team Titles and more! Don’t miss it!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Katashi Goya

The match began very fast paced which was an advantage to the challenger. Morgan used his power to gain the advantage. Goya is an excellent striker and used stiff kicks and knife edge chops to wear Morgan down. After a butterfly suplex Goya locked in a Dragon Clutch. Morgan was in pain, and in trouble. He reached for the ropes as Lux cheered him on.

Goya continued cranking. But Morgan somehow muscled up to his feet. He ran toward the corner, planning on ramming Goya’s back into the turnbuckles. But Katashi released and Morgan himself crashed into the turnbuckles. Goya then hooked the champion’s arms behind him and leveled him with a devastating Tiger Suplex. That had to be the end of Morgan’s title reign!

Goya hooked Christopher’s leg. 1…2… and Morgan barely kicked out. Goya questioned the referee before heading back toward Morgan. The champion surprised the challenger with a small package. But Katashi kicked out at two. Goya shot back up to his get after the near fall and rocked Morgan with a kick to the skull. He pulled Christopher up again and hit another Tiger Suplex, this time bridging the move for a pin. 1…2… and Morgan kicked out! How?!

Katashi now called for the end. He waited as Morgan started to get up. Goya rushed at him and went for a shining wizard, but Morgan somehow turned it into a sit down powerbomb. Goya fought to get back up but Christopher planted him with a belly to belly. Next he pulled Goya up and delivered the Tiger Driver! Morgan hooked the leg and got the three count. He successfully defended his title once again!

Lux grabbed the Adrenaline Title and brought it into the ring to present it to Christopher. The couple embraced as Morgan’s music played.

Then Landry McNamara came out with a mic in hand. Landry told Morgan to enjoy the victory, because this Thursday at Madness he would defend the Adrenaline Title in an elimination handicap match against Rudi Delgado and Abram Vetrov, the Tokyo Pitbulls!


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