04/21/2016 FFP Thursday Night Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | April 21, 2016
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The show opened up to Landry McNamara coming out and again bragging about his victory over Matt Kraven and how he sent Kraven packing and how he was the man in charge. Landry even showed video footage of the victory again.

He also spoke about his involvement at OWF #65 this past Monday. He said he is only looking out for Full Force Pro, and whether the fans like it or not, he will continue to do so because he knows what is best for FFP and they don’t.

As Landry left the ring the crowd began to cheer. But why?

Because Matt Kraven was being shown in the audience. Apparently he had bought a ticket to the show. But Kraven jumped the guardrail. The crowd cheered as he took a microphone and slid into the ring. He yelled out to Landry who was shocked to see the former owner of FFP standing in the ring.

The two men exchanged words as Matt demanded that Landry give Matt another chance to regain ownership of FFP, and this time it be fair. Last time Logan Christopher and the Shibuya Mafia interfered. Landry threatened to have Matt arrested for trespassing, even demanding security come out and escort Kraven from the building.

As security began to make their way to the ring, a bunch of Full Force Pro stars made their way to the ring. Some of which were former Kraven students like Adam Hyatt, Matt Evanston and Adam Black while others were friends like Anarchy, Patrick McCoy and Assault & Battery. Of course his wife Farrah Kraven and her 2Hott tag team partner Britain Jade as well as the likes of Lizzy Kraven came to the ring.

Matt dared Landry to have the security come to the ring. Matt said that if they wanted to escort the majority of the FFP roster out of the building the fans would be more than welcome to come outside where Matt had set up his own ring, and enjoy a wrestling show without a jackass of an owner ruining everything.

Kraven and the FFP superstars then exited the ring as security continued approaching. Kraven and the rest climbed the guardrail and walked through the crowd, encouraging them to follow. Most fans did.

Landry got on the microphone, yelling for the wrestlers to come back. Yelling they he would fire all of them, but they didn’t listen. The camera followed the group of wrestlers, and sure enough there was a wrestling ring set up outside. A steel guardrail set up to separate the crowd from the ring. There weren’t any seats sat up. Instead, the fans would stand and watch the wrestling that Matt was planning on putting on.

Kraven welcomed then all to an event they’d never forget. More fans exited the arena to take part in this history making event, a Full Force Pro show getting hijacked by the former owner.

Kraven announced that tonight there would be no titles on the line due to this not being a sanctioned FFP event. Landry came out demanding that this “event” stop, saying he would sue the wrestlers for violating contracts. But no one listened. And Kraven dared Landry to get in the ring.

Assault & Battery vs Anarchy & Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt
A very physical match between two former FFP Tag Team Champions. All four men knew how to hit the opposition, hit them hard and make it hurt. All four gentlemen did just that. Anarchy’s size gave him and Mikhail – also a big man, a big advantage, although Gregory Hart did hit Mikhail with the Slingshot Suplex for a two count.

The big men fought back, dropping both members of Assault & Battery with hard suplexes. Anarchy keyed in on Kevin Lewan and hit him with a dangerous back suplex. He followed it up with a rear naked choke in the center of the ring. Gregory Hart entered the ring to make the save, but got hit with a Mikhail Vakhrov running big boot. Finally Lewan had no choice but to submit. Anarchy and Mikhail had won the match.

Deranged vs Hades
A fast paced match between two former FFP Cruiserweight Champions. Hades got the best of Deranged, and began ripping at his mask, attempting to remove it. Deranged fought back, doing everything he could to stop Hades from taking possession of the mask. After a Superkick from Deranged he hit a sweet spinning DDT. He then went up top and hit the Double Stomp off the Top for the three count.

After the match Hades attacked Deranged who was celebrating his victory. After pummeling him down Hades planted Deranged with the Burning Hammer. Then he locked him in the Crossface. As he continued applying the painful move he began trying once again to remove the mask of Deranged. However the reigning FFP Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki rushed to the ring, and cracked Hades with a hard kick to the skull. Hades immediately released the hold and rolled out of the ring. Kashimanaki then stood guard waiting in case Hades tried anything else.

In the Ring
Next, former FFP superstar Daniel Matthews came out to the ring. Matthews talked with the crowd about how great of a night it was because the whole group of wrestlers and fans were hijacking the night, as well as Landry McNamara’s ownership of Full Force Pro. Matthews said that Landry didn’t deserve to own such a great company, but said that if he were to continue owning it that the death of the company would be imminent and would be necessary due to his ownership.

Of course Landry came back out of the arena to address Daniel, who only invited McNamara into the ring. Landry didn’t accept Matthews’ invitation.

2Hott vs Quinn Delaney & Fiona Burke
A very solid match which showed that the women can wrestle just as hard and just as good as the men. The Tulsa crowd split between both teams, cheered for both.

Quinn and Fiona were ruthless, wanting to prove that they are ready for the top spot in the Women’s Division. But the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions had faced off against adversity many times. This was no different.

Quinn hit Farrah with the Quinn Cutter, but Kraven kicked out. Quinn tagged Fiona in who went for the FAB Drop, but Farrah reversed into a Northern lights suplex. She followed that up with an attempt at the Shades of Kraven, but Fiona ducked it and this time grabbed and planted Farrah with the FAB Drop. Surely that was it. But Kraven kicked out. Fiona couldn’t believe it. She grabbed Farrah to attempt the move again but Farrah broke away and this time successfully hit the Shades of Kraven. But Farrah couldn’t take advantage and make the pin. She crawled to her corner and tagged in Britain Jade, who put on a clinic. After throwing Fiona around, Brit hit a beautiful snap suplex. Fiona tagged in Quinn.

Brit and Quinn went toe to toe, just leveling each other. Quinn got the upperhand and went for the Quinn Cutter. But Britain held on, now allowing Delaney to deliver the move. Britain then somehow turned it into the Corkscrew Neckbreaker for the three count. 2 Hott had won the match.

Afterwards 2Hott helped Quinn and Fiona up. The tag teams embraced as the fans cheered.

Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Teddy Wagner
Another very impressive match for the Tulsa crowd. Hyatt hit a devastating piledriver that looked to quite possibly be the end, but Wagner kicked out. Hyatt went in for the kill with the Wrist Clutch Exploder but Teddy fought out with repeated elbows to the head. Hyatt slipped away and went for his other finisher, the Superkick, but Wagner dodged it and somehow turned it into a powerbomb. He pinned Adam, but only got a two count.

Wagner stayed on Hyatt, pulling him up and scooping him onto his shoulders. Wagner went for the Victoria Bomb, but Hyatt landed in his feet. Adam then quickly hooked Wagner and planted with the Wrist Clutch Exploder for the three count.

In the Ring
Matt Kraven addressed the crowd again. He spoke about how this wasn’t a sanctioned FFP event and that no FFP Titles would be defended, but he announced that Beatrice Keenan had agreed to allow an OWF Championship be defended! Kraven asked if the Tulsa crowd, all on their feet enjoy hijacked show wanted to see an OWF. Of course they cheered.

OWF Title
(c) Alexander T Morrison w/ Self Made vs Ashley King

The OWF Champion taking on the former OWF Champion. A very back and forth match with both stars hitting big moves that seemed to be the winning move. ATM kicked out of a superplex. Ashley kicked out of a fisherman Brainbuster. King fought back and hit a flying elbow drop for a two. ATM once again regained control and hit a swinging neckbreaker before locking King into an STF.

Ashley fought back, flooring the champion with a spinning clothesline. He then set ATM up for his finisher, Ashley’s Way. But Beatrice climbed up into the apron and grabbed the referee’s attention. Whether it be her voice or her low cut shirt, he was distracted.

Dexter Murdoch climbed into the ring and went after King. But Ashley dodged and Dexter destroyed ATM with a big clothesline. Dexter turned around to eat a Superkick courtesy of the challenger. King then pinned ATM. The referee finally pulled himself away from Beatrice and made the count. 1…2… and the ref’s count stopped because Beatricd had entered the ring and grabbed a hold of Ashley King’s hair. As the referee fought to get her to release her grip ATM hit him with a low blow. The referee didn’t see it.

ATM then turned King around and hit the Code Breaker. Beatrice quickly exited the ring as Alexander made the pin. 1…2…3! ATM retained.

In the Ring
The FFP Women’s Champion Lacey Abernathy came to the ring with her bodyguard Masina. Lacey said that this event was idiotic and that Landry McNamara was the man in charge. She said that she hoped that all of the superstars taking part in this event would be fired and never wrestle for FFP again. Of course the fans booed as Lacey and Masina exited the ring and went back into the arena.

Main Event
Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Patrick McCoy

The FFP Adrenaline Champion battling the HONOR Intercontinental Champion. What a battle. Patrick McCoy had a clear gameplan in place, which was weaken Morgan’s neck and drop him with the Kryptonite Krunch. Christopher had a gameplan of his own as well. Morgan hit a devastating overhead belly to belly off the top rope. Followed it up with a flying headbutt for the two count.

Lux cheered the reigning Adrenaline Champion on. He began wearing McCoy down using moves like the Boston crab and an STF. Morgan went for the Tiger Driver but somehow Patrick reversed into a hurricanrana. When Morgan got back up Patrick hit him with a running knee to the jaw, then a German suplex. One brainbuster later and Patrick was in his way to victory. But Christopher kicked out.

Lux climbed up on the apron. Not a stranger to getting involved in Morgan’s matches, she grabbed a hold of Patrick. McCoy, without missing a beat planted a big kiss on Lux’s lips. When he pulled away be he quickly moved out of the way. A charging Christopher Morgan crashed right into his girlfriend, sending her crashing to the ground below. Morgan turned around and got smacked with a kick to the side of the head. McCoy then hoisted Christopher up and dropped him with the Kryptonite Krunch for the three count.

McCoy got up and began to celebrate as the Tulsa crowd cheered. Although this was not a sanctioned FFP event, Patrick McCoy possibly just proved he should be the new number one contender for Morgan’s Adrenaline Title.

Happy Birthday Farrah

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