Matt Kraven Hijacks Madness

Last night at FFP Thursday Night Madness, Matr Kraven came into the ring from the crowd and hijacked the show.

Kraven was the owner of Full Force Pro until losing a cage match to Landry McNamara which was filled with controversy.

However last night Kraven hijacked the show, demanding that Landry give him another chance to win back his company, fairly this time.

Later on in the night we caught up with Kraven, who talked the fans into leaving the arena last night and watching a show in the parking lot in one of Kraven’s training rings. Kraven said that until Landry admits to his incredible cheating in their match and gives Kraven a fair chance, he will continue hijacking Full Force Pro shows.

FFP’s next show is this Sunday’s All Torn Up pay-per-view. It will be interesting to see if the former owner also shows up at this weekend’s big event.


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