04/24/2016 FFP All Torn Up (PPV)


FFP All Torn Up
April 24, 2016 | Albuquerque, New Mexico

The pay-per-view opened up with Landry McNamara. We all know the story. The man who defeated Matt Kraven inside a steel cage to win the ownership of Full Force Pro. Now extremely abusing his power with no remorse.

Landry came out and again talked trash about Matt Kraven. He said that Kraven was a loser when he beat him in the cage, he was a loser for hijacking Thursday Night Madness a few nights ago, and he will continue to be a loser no matter what he does.

But Landry was interrupted. By Matt Kraven’s wife, one half of the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Farrah Kraven. Farrah came out and took hold of her own microphone. Landry told her to leave the ringside area but she told him that she had a little bit of information that she thought he’d like to hear.

Of course he assumed that she was going to talk about how Matt was going to start his own pro wrestling company to go head-to-head with Full Force Pro. Landry told her that it wouldn’t work and that Landry would again defeat Matt. But Farrah insisted that that was not why she had come to the ring.

Farrah then announced that her and Matt did a little digging on Friday afternoon and realized a couple of things. One, that their prenup was never legal. Therefore, whatever was Farrah’s was also Matt’s, and vice versa. Landry acted like he was yawning. He didn’t care. But Farrah made a point. When her and Matt married, she became a 50% owner of Full Force Pro.

Landry insisted that because he beat Matt, that he got Farrah’s share. But Farrah shook her head no. She told Landry with a smile on her face that she regretted to inform him (obviously she didn’t regret anything) that in the contract it clearly stated that Landry was wrestling Matt for MATT’S share.

Landry was quick to counter, saying that they still had to split ownership and therefore he would be able to make decisions in FFP. But again, Farrah interrupted.

Farrah explained that somehow, ALS Lucha was never discussed in the contract between Matt Kraven and Landry McNamara. And since she owned 50% of ALS Lucha (with Matt owning the other 50%) that that made her the majority owner of Full Force Pro Inc.

Landry went crazy, demanding to see proof. Farrah handed him the papers. Of course he ripped them to shreds. She reassured him that she had other copies, as well as her and Matt’s lawyers. Farrah then announced that she had made a major signing of one of the hottest free agents on the market. She announced that tonight we would all witness the return of the man who will be the first member of the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2016…former FFP World Champion, and former HONOR World Champion, her husband…MATT KRAVEN!

Farrah then turned to Landry and told him that the whole entire night had now been changed. Farrah said that there would be no handicap tag team match to end the show. Instead, the night would be filled with great matches, five of which would be FFP vs HONOR matches. She continued, saying whichever fed won the most of the five matches, would win full control of Full Force Pro Inc. That means, if HONOR Wrestling won the majority of the matches, Matt would go away forever and Landry would own everything. However, if FFP won the majority, Landry McNamara would have to leave, and Matt Kraven would once again be the owner.

The five featured FFP vs HONOR matches were Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce taking on Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen in a non-title match, Alexis Reed defending the HONOR Women’s Title against Quinn Delaney, Lacey Abernathy defending the FFP Women’s Title against Katsumi Akiyama, Logan Christopher defending the HONOR World Title against the returning Matt Kraven, and in the main event, Joey DeMarco defending the FFP World Championship against Daniel Matthews, in a No Disqualification Match!

Desperately Landry agreed to the terms. Farrah wished Landry good luck, calling him “Laundry” and tossing him the microphone.

Deshaun Reed vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle

A very solid match to open up the pay-per-view. Adam Hyatt is a former World Champion while Deshaun Reed has been trying his hardest to climb the ladder of success and make a name for himself here in Full Force Pro. Although this wasn’t a featured FFP vs HONOR match, it was still very competitive and had the fans cheering both men’s great efforts. Hyatt missed the Superkick, which is one of his finishers, and Reed hit him with a diamond cutter. Deshaun stayed on Hyatt, capitalizing on him missing the Superkick. Reed then hit him with the Crash Landing for the three count.

Fiona Burke vs Keana
This brawl started before both ladies could even get into the ring. Fiona was first out to the ring and as Keana made her way to ringside, Fiona hit an awesome suicide dive inbetween the top and middle rope to floor Keana. Fiona laid into the blonde who had sneak attacked her many times backstage. Fiona pulled her up by her hair and rammed her into the steel guardrail before sliding into the ring and daring her opponent to get into the ring.

Keep in mind the match hadn’t even officially started as both competitors weren’t in the ring at the same time for the referee to call for the opening bell. Keana crawled toward the ring. Sliding in and getting up to her feet. The bell rang and Fiona charged. But Keana dropped down, pulling the top rope so Fiona would fall over the top and crash to the arena floor. Keana then took a page out of Fiona’s book, hitting the ropes and delivering an impressive dive over the top, knocking Fiona back down to the arena floor.

The brawl continued on the outside of the ring. The two women traded blows that made it look like a straight up boxing match. Keana got the best of Fiona with a knee to the gut before slamming her head into the steps. Then, into the steel guardrail. The referee finally came to the outside to warn both women and get them back in the ring. But as he warned them, Keana nailed him with a hard slap across the face. He dropped to one knee. Fiona then took advantage of the distraction, flooring Keana with a European uppercut. The referee then grabbed Fiona by the arm, telling her to get into the ring. She slapped him across the other cheek. Then, turned her attention back to Keana who had gotten back to her feet. Keana hit a hard kick to the gut before planting Fiona with a DDT on the arena floor.

The referee once more yelled for Keana to get back into the ring. Although doubtful that she was doing so because he told her to, she did climb back into the ring.

Fiona finally got back into the ring and the match continued. But it was much more of a brawl than a wrestling match. Keana removed one of the turnbuckles planning on ramming Fiona’s head into it. But after a reversal Keana sent Fiona into the corner and went for a splash on her foe. Burke moved out of the way and Keana crashed into the exposed steel. Fiona then hooked Keana and planted her with the FAB Drop for the three count.


FFP vs HONOR Match
Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen
This was the first match of the FFP vs HONOR Matches. Whoever won the most matches would win control for either Matt and Farrah Kraven of Landry McNamara. Another hard hitting match which would be expected as seeing that this is a war between both federations.

The FFP Tag Team Champions came to put a beating on the HONOR Tag Team Champions. However, Lyons and Kamen had the tag team experience advantage by a few months. Tau did flattened Chad Lyons with a Spear however. But Brian Kamen jumped into the ring and made the save. An all-out brawl broke out. And eventually Eddie Siebenthaler made his way out, hoping to lend a helping had for the HONOR Tag Team Champions.

However, this brought out Anarchy from Full Force Pro. The two big men clashed on the outside of the ring, with Anarchy not only slamming Eddie into the steel guardrail, but slamming him through it!

The big move on the outside was enough to distraction Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce, who was blindsided by Lyons and Kamen. After dumping Tau out of the ring, they hit Jackson with a flapjack into double knee facebreaker move which knocked Pearce out. Lyons then pinned Jackson and HONOR Wrestling took a 1-0 lead.

FFP vs HONOR Match (HONOR leads 1-0)
HONOR Women’s Title
(c) Alexis Reed vs Quinn Delaney
HONOR Wrestling led 1-0. If Alexis could successfully defend her title, HONOR would be sitting pretty in this competition. However Quinn Delaney had been bringing it lately, and wasn’t going to be a slouch by any means.

Alexis looked to be successful like her big brother was earlier in the night against Adam Hyatt, although the brother/sister combo were playing for different teams.

Alexis seemed to be the more powerful of the two, slamming Quinn with a couple of suplexes and a gutwrench powerbomb. Quinn gained the advantage and went up top for a missile dropkick, but Alexis caught her legs and hit her with a slingshot into the corner instead. Reed then backed up and hit a running splash in the corner. Reed hoisted Quinn up and planted her with her finisher, the Domination Spinebuster. Things were looking grim for Full Force Pro.

Alexis strutted around for a minute, yelling at a fan in the front row wearing a Full Force Pro t-shirt. Then she went for the pin. However, as she began to hook Quinn’s leg, Quinn somehow quickly turned the pin attempt into a triangle choke. Alexis tried fighting to get out of the move. Attempting to pick Quinn up or simply slide her toward the ropes. Reed continued stretching for the ropes, desperate to get out of the move. But she was running out of air. Alexis had no choice but to tap out. Quinn Delaney had evened the night up for Full Force Pro, and in doing so became the new HONOR Women’s Champion!

After the tap out Quinn released the hold and the referee awarded her the title. It was Quinn’s first championship, and what an honor it was – no pun intended.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt
A little bit of a change of pace as this was a match between two Full Force Pro wrestlers. Mikhail Vakhrov looked to be the man to end Christopher Morgan’s record breaking Adrenaline Title reign, which was at 399 days.

Mikhail had the power advantage without a doubt. It was noticeable to everyone in the arena. But Christopher Morgan had battled against all odds to continue defending his title, facing off against big men, strong men, high flyers and more.

There was a moment where Vakhrov rocked Morgan with a clothesline that sent him over the top rope. If Morgan had stayed in the ring, Mikhail quite possibly could have ended the 399 day reign. Mikhail had to go to the outside to shove the Adrenaline Champion back into the ring. When he climbed up onto the apron however, Morgan hit him with a dropkick to the knee. Mikhail fell to the arena floor awkwardly. Morgan followed him out, hitting a chopblock to do more damage to the knee.

Eventually the match found it’s way back into the ring where Morgan continued working down Mikhail’s knee, even hitting two consecutive dragon leg screws. Morgan then hooked the Russian in an STF. Mikhail was in extreme pain. His knee had been warn out. But he used his power to scoot to the ropes and grab the bottom one.

Morgan released the hold. Mikhail used the ropes to get back to his feet. But Morgan didn’t get him much time. He came up behind the big man and hit him with a German suplex. Morgan then went for a pin, but Mikhail kicked out at two.

Bianca called out apparently to Anarchy backstage as a minute later, Mikhail’s tag team partner made his way down the entrance. The crowd watched as Anarchy got to the ring and climbed up onto the apron. He had Christopher’s attention.

Morgan walked up to Anarchy and the two began trading words. Mikhail got up, and even though he was limping, he charged at Morgan. But the Adrenaline Champion moved out of the way and Mikhail crashed into Anarchy. Their skulls collided. The sound was sickening. Mikhail stumbled backward and was victim of a move Christopher had never showcased before. A running jumping knee to the back of the head. Vakhrov collapsed to the mat. Morgan hooked his leg and got the three count. Morgan’s reign continued.

After the match Christopher was awarded his title and walked off with Lux. Meanwhile, Mikhail was slow to get up. Still groggy, he got to his feet and spotted Anarchy. He began to yell at Anarchy. The two men eventually were nose-to-nose in the center of the ring. Bianca climbed in, trying to maintain peace. After a moment where it looked as if she talked some sense into the two big men, Mikhail and Anarchy tore into each other! Trading punches and elbows they put a beating on the other. Eventually Anarchy’s eyebrow had a cut and blood began to pour down his face, but it didn’t stop him from hitting Mikhail with a couple of loud knife edge chops, then hooking the Russian into a rear naked choke.

Bianca screamed for Anarchy to release the hold, and he did…after he choked Mikhail unconscious.


FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) 2Hott vs Nina Fox & Samantha West
Originally this match had a stipulation of if 2Hott lost, they would both be fired. However that stipulation was made by Landry McNamara, and now that Farrah Kraven was the majority owner of FFP Inc, that stipulation was thrown out the window. Although after tonight if HONOR Wrestling won, either way we could possibly be seeing the end of Farrah Kraven, and quite possibly Britain Jade as well.

Nina Fox and Samantha West had been tag team partners before, and in fact were the Diamond Tag Team Champions. They looked to win the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles for the very first time here tonight in Albuquerque. 2Hott had other plans.

Farrah Kraven and Nina Fox squared off. Farrah teasing using the Shades of Kraven, which was a Matt Kraven Superkick. Nina Fox used the exact same finisher, learned from the same man. Farrah and Nina tore into each other, with as much intensity as any man on the roster. Nina was the first to hit a big move, planting Farrah with a dangerous DDT that looked to almost have the blonde landing on the very top of her head. The referee even quickly checked on Farrah to make sure she wasn’t injured.

Nina set Farrah up for the Superkick. And as Farrah pushed herself back up, Nina successfully hit the move. The force send Farrah stumbling back and somehow Britain made the tag. Jade came into the ring and tore Nina up, hitting her with shot after shot, sending her into the ropes and hitting a beautiful cross body block. Samantha West tried to get in to help her partner, but received a spinning back kick and a hard STO for her trouble. Britain turned her attention back to Nina, however the former FFP Women’s Champion had jumped back to her feet and clocked Brit with the Superkick. Nina went for the pin, but Farrah had just gotten back to her feet and hit Nina, breaking up the pin.

Samantha West now got back up and speared Farrah, taking her to the outside of the ring. Nina pulled Britain and sent her into the ropes. Britain caught the ropes, holding onto them and daring Nina to come after her. Nina charged and Britain back body dropped her. Jade flew over the top rope and landed on both Farrah and Samantha. The three women fought to get back to their feet, that is until Nina hit the ropes and dove over the top, knocking everyone down like bowling pins.

The match found it’s way back into the ring, with all four girls feeling the effects. Eventually we came back down to Farrah and Nina again. Farrah gained the advantage, working Nina down and setting her up for the Shades of Kraven. When she attempted the move, Nina dodged and tagged Samantha in. But without missing a beat, Farrah clocked West with the move. Farrah then covered Samantha. 1…2… and Nina Fox broke up the pin. But she was quick to slide out of the ring.

Farrah turned to Nina, then back to Samantha. Nina walked over to the time keeper and grabbed one of the Women’s Tag Titles. She slid the title into the ring toward Farrah. The referee quickly intercepted as Farrah began to argue with Nina again. While the referee gave the belt back to the time keeper, Nina Fox dug into her trucks and pulled out a packet. Seconds later a cloud of white dust went in the air. Nina had thrown salt in Farrah’s face. Something we hadn’t seen in a very long time.

As Farrah was blinded, Nina Fox clocked her with her Superkick. Britain Jade came into the ring to save her partner, but West hit her with a kick then planted her with a bulldog. West, the legal woman, now quickly crawled over to Farrah and made the pin. 1…2…3! Nina Fox and Samantha West had defeated 2Hott and became the new Women’s Tag Team Champions!

FFP vs HONOR Match (FFP and HONOR tied 1-1)
HONOR World Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Matt Kraven
FFP and HONOR were tied for the night 1-1. Logan Christopher made his entrance first, holding the HONOR World Title up proudly. He had been awarded the title by Landry McNamara after he had helped Landry defeat Matt Kraven in a steel cage, giving Landry what he thought was full control of FFP.

Then, Matt Kraven made his return to the ring. His war paint looking intense, and a little eerie. If he was going for intimidation, it quite possibly was working as Logan Christopher had a blank look on his face. The two had history dating back to FFP Rebirth last November. But tonight the feud had reached a new level. When the bell ring these two traded hard shots, looking like they were attempting to knock the others’ teeth clean out of their mouth.

Logan grabbed a headlock. Kraven shoved him off into the ropes. Kraven then went for the Superkick off the rebound, but Logan put the brakes on. The Albuquerque crowd loved it.

Another lock up, and this time Matt got the upperhand. Headlock into an armbar. But Logan countered with something non-traditional. A blatant low blow. Kraven dropped to his knees. The referee scolded Logan or the illegal cheap shot. Of course Logan was fine with cheating. A disqualification would mean that he would retain his title.  In fact, Logan slid to the outside and grabbed the HONOR World Title, bringing it back in to use it as a weapon.

As the referee tried to wrestle it out of Logan’s grip, Kraven hit him with a Superkick out of nowhere. Logan fell to the mat while the belt flew up in the air. Now the referee warned Kraven, apparently for cheap shotting Logan as the referee tried to take the belt away from him.

Kraven could have went for the pin, but instead he dropped to his knees and began to lay punches into Logan’s head.

Eventually Matt hoisted Logan up for a death valley driver, but Logan escaped out of Kraven’s grip and hit a spin wheel kick. Logan hit Kraven with a couple of stomps before going up top. Logan called for the Shooting Star Press, but as he went for it, Kraven rolled out of the way. However, Logan saw it and prepared, landing on his feet. Matt got up, expecting to see Logan lying on the mat. Instead, Logan nearly decapitated him with a spinning back kick to the face. Kraven crashed to the mat. Logan then ascended back to the top rope where he successfully hit the Shooting Star Press. It didn’t look good for FFP as the referee got into position. But Kraven kicked out at two!

Logan asked the referee about the count. He couldn’t believe it. But he got back up and climbed up top again. He went for another Shooting Star Press. But somehow, Kraven popped up to his feet and hit a devastating European uppercut as Logan was in mid-flight. Logan crashed to the mat below. He could be dead!

Kraven fell down and crawled over to Logan, making the cover. 1…2… and Logan got his foot on the bottom rope. Just before the three count. Kraven thought it was over. He stood up with his arms raised. He thought it was a three. But the ref quickly informed him that it was only a two count. As Matt questioned the ref, Logan crawled behind Kraven and rolled him up. But Kraven had his arm on the referee and the momentum made him fall down. Logan released the roll up as Kraven got back to his feet. The referee just pushing himself back to his feet was distracted for a split second, and Logan took advantage. Hitting another blatant low blow. Kraven fell to his hands and knees. Logan smiled. Then he backed up toward the corner. As Matt tried pushing himself back up, Logan charged and hit him with a devastating knee to the skull, shades of Brandi Moore’s finisher the End Game.

Surely this was it. Logan Christopher would retain the title. He hooked Kraven’s leg. The Albuquerque crowd couldn’t believe it. 1…2… and SOMEHOW KRAVEN KICKED OUT! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Logan couldn’t either. He gestured for someone to come out. The crowd looked, wondering who it would be. It was Hiroki Ito. Ito and Kraven weren’t strangers. Ito had defeated Kraven to retain his HONOR World Title, but lost the title to Kraven in their next meeting.

The referee prepared to deal with more madness as Ito climbed up onto the apron. Logan grabbed the referee and began to shove him backwards, letting Hiroki do the damage to Matt Kraven. The referee put up a fight, so Logan violently flung him to the mat. Logan obviously didn’t care about getting disqualified. As the ref lie on the mat for a moment, Logan screamed at him. Pointing his finger and warning him not to get in his way. Logan turned around and was suddenly leveled with a hard kick to the ribs. Hiroki Ito was the culprit!

Ito hoisted Logan up onto his shoulders and hit him with the Go to Sleep! Logan was out. Ito turned his attention to Matt Kraven. What was he going to do now?! Hiroki looked in Kraven’s eyes, and stepped out of his way. They bumped fists before Hiroki exited the ring. The referee got back up only to see both men down. Kraven pulled himself up in the corner. Logan was barely moving.

As the HONOR World Champion got back to his feet, Kraven charged, and destroyed him with the Busaiku Knee! Matt pinned Logan and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven was the new HONOR World Champion!

As Kraven was awarded the HONOR World Title, he clutched it and held it in the air. The Albuquerque crowd gave him a standing ovation. Then, Logan’s girlfriend Brandi Moore made her way out to the ring. Brandi was Logan’s girlfriend, but also a good friend of Matt Kraven’s. It would be interesting to see just what would happen.

As Brandi got into the ring, Farrah Kraven hurried down to the ring as well. Obviously protective of her man, she wasn’t going to let Brandi do anything to Matt. Not on her watch.

Brandi helped Logan up. Meanwhile, Farrah wrapped her arm around Matt, kissing him as he held onto the HONOR World Championship. Brandi and Logan began to talk, which turned into a very loud argument. As the two began to bicker, Matt and Farrah looked at each other, almost amused at the dissension between the two.

Brandi gave Logan a little shove. Logan drew back like he was going to hit Brandi, but Matt intercepted, hitting Logan with a Superkick. Logan fell out of the ring. Matt stepped over to the edge of the ring, looking down at Logan who was lying on the protective mats around the ring. As he did so, Brandi came up behind him and leveled him with a low blow. Kraven collapsed to the mat. Farrah lunged at Brandi, but she quickly slid out of the ring and joined her boyfriend, pulling him up. Logan and Brandi quickly retreated as Farrah checked on Matt. Farrah turned back toward Brandi and simply said, “this isn’t over!”

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FFP vs HONOR Match (FFP leads 2-1)
FFP Women’s Title
(c) Lacey Abernathy w/ Masina vs Katsumi Akiyama
FFP now led 2-1 after Matt Kraven’s win against Logan Christopher. If Lacey Abernathy could pull out the victory against Katsumi Akiyama, FFP would win the night no matter how the main event went. FFP fans were put in an awkward spot as they needed to root for Lacey Abernathy in this match, although normally she was hard to root for.

Katsumi Akiyama, who held the HONOR Women’s Title for a record 2 1/2 years, began the match with hard stiff kicks, really cutting the reigning Women’s Champion down to size.

Masina tried to get involved, climbing up onto the apron, but was knocked out cold with a hard kick to the skull. She crashed to the arena floor, leaving Lacey to have to fend for herself, something she wasn’t used to doing.

Abernathy gave Katsumi everything she had. She used her own kicks, she used brawling and she used some wrestling to wear down the former HONOR Women’s Champion. And after hitting a hangman’s neckbreaker, things were going in the redhead’s favor. She went up top. But before she could perform a diving move, Katsumi hurried up the top rope with Lacey and took her down with a hurricanrana off the top.

Lacey was stunned. Pushing herself up to a sitting position. But Katsumi hit the ropes and delivered a diving kick across Lacey’s face. Blood exploded out of Lacey’s nose. She fell back to her back, motionless. Katsumi made the cover. 1…2…3! Katsumi Akiyama was the new FFP Women’s Champion, and she had tied the night up for HONOR 2-2! It all came down to the main event!

FFP vs HONOR Match (FFP and HONOR tied 2-2)
FFP World Title | No Disqualification Match
(c) Joey DeMarco vs Daniel Matthews
It all came down to this. Joey DeMarco defending the FFP World Championship against a former World Champion, and an inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2015, Daniel Matthews.

Both men made their entrance and the introductions were made. It was made very clear to the crowd as well as the viewers on pay-per-view and the FFP Network that this match was winner take all. If Joey DeMarco won, Landry McNamara would take total control of Full Force Pro Inc. And if Daniel Matthews won, Landry McNamara would go away forever, leaving the husband and wife combo of Matt and Farrah Kraven to run the company.

Both men were capable of putting on a five-star wrestling match, but this wasn’t about putting on a good match. It was about kicking someone’s ass, and winning this war.

Joey DeMarco used a thumb to the eye to gain the control. Beating Daniel Matthews down and hitting him with a couple of solid shots to the eyebrows. After knocking Daniel out of the ring and ramming him head first into the steel ring post Matthews was busted open. DeMarco keyed in on the blood, working Daniel down and beating on the cut.

Eventually Daniel fought back hitting a knee to DeMarco’s gut and then a flipping neckbreaker. Daniel then called for the Death Valley Driver. But Landry McNamara quickly rushed to the ring, with the Shibuya Mafia behind him. Eddie Siebenthaler and the HONOR Tag Team Champions were ready to help Joey DeMarco take Daniel Matthews down.

Matthews saw the group standing with Landry. He dropped Joey back down to his feet, and fired him through the ropes, causing him to land in his group.

As the group grabbed a hold of DeMarco and helped him back to his feet, Daniel hit the ropes, and floored them all with a dive over the top rope. Matthews got back to his feet and stood over them all. As they began to move, he started lighting them all up with punches. He beat on Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen first, ramming them into the steel guardrail. Then he hit Eddie Siebenthaler with a devastating Roaring Elbow. But Landry McNamara hit Daniel in the back with a running knee. This gave DeMarco the opening to grab Matthews and plant him on the outside of the ring with a piledriver.

Joey and Landry grabbed Daniel and forced him into the ring. Joey went for the pin, but Daniel somehow kicked out just before the three count. Joey didn’t hesitate, leveling the ref with a right hand to the jaw. He then shoved the ref out of the ring. Landry slid into the ring and took off his dress shirt. He had a referee shirt on underneath.

Joey called for the end. He pulled Daniel up and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. DeMarco then proceeded to hit Daniel with his own finisher, the Death Valley Driver. Joey went for the pin, but as Landry began to make his quick count, the lights in the arena went out.

When the lights came back on, Joey DeMarco had been laid out. He was lying motionless on the mat beside Daniel. And Landry was surrounded. Surrounded by Matt Kraven, Farrah Kraven and Hiroki Ito. Obviously Ito being there for Kraven during his HONOR World Title match was because of more than his dislike of Logan Christopher.

Landry tried to tuck his tail and run. Of course he didn’t want to be physically assaulted. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t get his way. Hiroki grabbed a hold of him and tossed him down on the mat. As Landry tried to get back to his feet, Hiroki cracked him with a kick to the skull. McNamara went down. As Daniel and Joey began to move, Matt pulled Landry up. He hooked him around his head and muscled him into the corner. Daniel and Joey then began to trade blows.

By now the Shibuya Mafia were back to their feet. And seeing what was going on, they entered the ring.

Logan Christopher also made his way out to the ring with Brandi Moore by his side. As they entered the ring, Farrah nearly killed Brandi with a spear. Brandi slammed into the mat before rolling out of the ring holding her midsection in pain. Farrah got back up in time to get leveled with a big boot from Eddie Siebenthaler. Matt Kraven threw Landry McNamara down and went after Eddie, hitting him with the Busaiku Knee. Lyons and Kamen now grabbed  ahold of Matt while Logan Christopher and Hiroki battled through the ropes and crashed to the arena floor. The numbers game continued to be a problem.

They pulled Kraven back, holding him up against the ropes. Landry now grabbed the FFP World Title and brought it into the ring. As Joey and Daniel continued brawling, Landry cracked Daniel with the title. Joey now pulled Daniel up and once again hit him with his own finisher, the Death Valley Driver.

Landry got in position to make the count as the HONOR Tag Team Champions held Kraven back. As Joey was getting ready to make the pin, the lights in the arena went out again. There was obvious commotion in the ring. What could be going on?!

When the lights came back on, the crowd was shocked to see the ALS Mexican Heavyweight Champion Ochoa in the center of the ring. The HONOR Tag Team Champions were laid out on the outside of the ring. Matt Kraven was on the outside as well, watching the action in the ring. Joey DeMarco was back to his feet. Daniel Matthews was just now starting to move.

DeMarco looked over at Landry, then back at Ochoa. He seemed puzzled. He pointed at Ochoa, and began to ask him what he was doing, but Ochoa quickly hit DeMarco with a kick to the gut, then planted him with a devastating package piledriver! DeMarco was out!

Matthews hooked DeMarco’s leg, but Landry obviously wouldn’t make the count. As he looked down into Daniel’s eyes, Duncan Wright emerged from the crowd and slid into the ring. He grabbed Landry from behind and hit him with a back suplex!

Duncan, who was still technically the President of Full Force Pro, turned back toward Daniel who was still covering Landry. He got in position and made the count. 1…2…3! Daniel Matthews was the new FFP World Champion! FULL FORCE PRO HAD WON!!!

Duncan Wright awarded Daniel Matthews with the FFP World Championship. Matt Kraven, Farrah Kraven, Hiroki Ito and Ochoa joined Daniel in the ring. A celebration broke out inside the ring where Landry McNamara was sent packing. In one of the wildest nights in FFP history, Full Force Pro would survive!


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