Matt Kraven Suffers Broken Neck at Live Event

Tonight in San Francisco, California fans were going to be treated to a match that some were calling “Match of the Decade” while others were naming it “Match of the Century”. The FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews vs the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven. Best friend vs best friend. Arguably the two best wrestlers in FFP history.

The match began with a lot of cheer from the crowd. A back and forth match to start with both men hooking the other into hammer locks, headlocks, armbars, etc. Kraven scored a headlock takeover on his buddy and then went for the Superkick, but Matthews dodged, rolling out of the ring.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats, watching suplexes, bodyslams and Daniel Matthews hitting Kraven with a running powerbomb into the corner. However moments later, the San Francisco crowd went silent, because the main event got cut short.

Matthews charged at Kraven in the corner, but Matt back body dropped Daniel. The FFP World Champion went over the top and tried catching himself on the apron, but he slipped off and landed on the arena floor. He walked away from the ring for a moment. Kraven hit the ropes, going for a dangerous yet effective suicide dive inbetween the top and middle rope. Matthews saw Kraven’s body flying toward him and quickly moved out of the way. Kraven crashed into the steel guardrail at ringside. The way Matt crashed sent the top of his head into the hard steel. Kraven’s body tumbled to the floor after the hard hit. Immediately it was obvious that there was something wrong.

Daniel Matthews didn’t try to take advantage, staying on top of his opponent. Instead he yelled for the referee and fell to his hands and knees, checking on his best friend. The referee quickly called for medical help. Soon Matt’s wife Farrah Kraven came to ringside. So did Patrick McCoy, Hiroki Ito and Ochoa. It was clear to everyone in the crowd that there was a major problem.

Kraven was secured to a backboard and taken backstage via stretcher, with Farrah holding his hand the whole way. Unfortunately the main event of the live event had come to an abrupt end. The crowd was informed of Kraven’s injury although at the time the severity was not known.

We here at have learned that Matt Kraven suffered a broken neck when he crashed head first into the steel guardrail at ringside. Currently that is all the information we have, but if we learn anymore we will post it on this same article.


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