05/05/2016 FFP Thursday Night Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | May 5, 2016
San Francisco, California

The show began with the new breaking that Matt Kraven had suffered a broken neck last night at a FFP Live Event facing Daniel Matthews.

Joseph Curtis vs Deranged
Joseph Curtis, who the fans called JoCu, was making his FFP debut. In a very competitive match, JoCu faced a couple of close two counts. However Deranged went for a flying leg drop but his opponent moved out of the way. Joseph then hoisted Deranged up and hit a big Brainbuster for the three count.

Taylor Clawson vs Adira Strong
A very competitive matchup which saw Adira hit the Death Valley Driver, but Taylor got her foot on the bottom rope. The match continued until Taylor gained the upperhand and planted Adira with the Flatliner for a three count.

After the match Taylor got on the microphone and issued an open challenge for FFP’s all-woman pay-per-view Guilty Pleasures. To the shock of the crowd, Cheyenne Reede came out. Cheyenne, who wrestled and defeated Taylor’s tag team partner Brandi Moore last year, accepted Taylor’s challenge.

Odell Porter bs Aiden Conrad
A very entertaining match that saw many close calls. Odell Porter gained the pinfall with the Regal Plex.

After the match Odell’s uncle Darius came out and out a beating in his nephew. Darius then told Odell he would face the same date next week at the Friday the 13th Event.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Open Challenge
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs ???

The open challenge was answered by Matt Evanston, who put up quite a fight against Christopher. Morgan’s reign looked to be coming to a screeching halt when Evanston hit the Go to Sleep, but Morgan kicked out. Moments later Evanston went for another Go to Sleep but Morgan escaped out and hooked in a crossface for the submission victory.

Pins Count Anywhere Match
Anarchy vs Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt

This match was a wild one, brawling all over the arena. Anarchy powerbombed Mikhail through a concession table. Mikhail busted Anarchy open by ramming him into a brick wall backstage.

As it looked like Anarchy was locking in a rear naked choke on Mikhail that could have spelled the end for the Russian, Jason Copeland came out of nowhere leveling Anarchy from behind with a steel chair. Anarchy went down like a ton of bricks. Copeland continued pummeling Anarchy down until finally Mikhail made the pin and got the three count. Was Jason Copeland joining Hunt Enterprises?


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