05/08/2016 FFP Sunday is for Chaos


FFP Sunday is for Chaos | May 8, 2016
Oakland, California

Tonight’s special guest authority figure, who was there due to Matt Kraven’s injury and Matt and his wife Farrah being in Cincinnati, was revealed to the Oakland crowd. It was none other than Veronica Clyne.

Veronica wished Matt the best injustice recovery. She said that she had just gotten off of the phone with Matt and Farrah, and got word that tonight’s main event was going to be Daniel Matthews, Hiroki Ito and Ochoa taking on the two men who openly disrespected Matt after his injury, Joey DeMarco and Logan Christopher. Veronica said that it was obviously a handicap match and they obviously deserved that.

Joseph Curtis vs Aiden Conrad
The night’s opening match was a highly competitive one that surprisingly saw both superstars hit a lot of hard stiff shots. FFP newcomer Joseph Curtis hit a couple of awesome clotheslines that nearly turned Aiden Conrad inside out. Conrad fought back after a thumb to the eyes and hit Curtis with a snake eyes across the top rope.

The match raged in, back and forth until JoCu took control. His power allowed him to take control. However JoCu whipped Aiden into the turnbuckle and charged, but Aiden moved out of the way. After JoCu crashed into the corner, Aiden rolled him up and put his feet on the middle rope for added leverage. The referee didn’t see the illegal move and counted the three count.

Aiden Conrad celebrated as JoCu pleaded with the referee, telling him that Aiden had cheated, but the match was over.

The scene cut to Veronica Clyne who announced that tonight Adam Black would defend his Television Title against former Cruiserweight Champion EJ “Money” Carter.

Don’t miss FFP’s first ever special Friday the 13th Event next Friday! The event will feature the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews putting his title on the line against Logan Christopher!

Non-Title Match
Seduction Inc vs The Queendom

The HONOR Wrestling Women’s Tag Team Champions dominated The Queendom in the opening moments of the match. Monika Andrews gained the advantage for The Queendom after hitting Brandi with a running knee off of a ducked clothesline. Monika and Jenna worked Brandi over until the FFP Hall of Famer hit a double clothesline and tagged in Taylor Clawson. Taylor lit both members of The Queendom up and hit the Flatliner on Jenna Kaufman for the three count.

In the Ring
Raquel St Claire welcomed the HONOR Wrestling Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney in the ring. They spoke about Quinn’s title win and it being her first title in her career. Quinn talked about the title proved that she was the best woman wrestler in the world.

This brought out Katsumi Akiyama, the FFP Women’s Champion. Katsumi said that her title proved that SHE was the best woman wrestler in the world. The two suggested that maybe they find out who the absolute best is at Guilty Pleasures.


FFP Television Title
(c) Adam Black vs EJ “Money” Carter

EJ Carter’s last title reign in Full Force Pro was in April of last year when he held the Cruiserweight Title. On this night he looked to defeat Adam Black and win his first title that isn’t the Cruiserweight Title.

Adam Black’s unorthodox style and brawling skills were what led him to the victory here. Beat EJ down and hitting the Prince’s Throne for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Christopher Morgan was with his girlfriend Lux. The Adrenaline Title draped over his shoulder.

Fiona Burke vs Lizzy Kraven
In a night full of back and forth matches, this was yet another one. Lizzy Kraven had been laying low in Full Force Pro lately. The former FFP World Champion was in Oakland to defeat Fiona Burke and begin to climb the mountain back to the top of FFP. Lizzy used her brawling skills to wear Fiona down. However, Fiona’s durability was key. Burke took the beating and continued fighting back. After hitting a couple of big moves such as a Northern lights suplex and a missile dropkick, Fiona hit a German suplex did a two count.

Fiona next went up top for a frog splash, but Lizzy got her knees up. Lizzy then got back to her feet and went for the Kraven Lariat. But Fiona ducked the attempt and hit a spin wheel kick. Fiona next pulled Lizzy up and hit the FAB Drop. She hooked Lizzy’s leg and got the three count.

After the match while the referee raised Fiona’s arm in victory, Keana slid into the ring and destroyed Fiona with a clothesline to the back of the neck. Keana laid in stomps on the exhausted Burke. Next Keana pulled Fiona up and muscled her up onto the top turnbuckle, delivering her finisher the Dirty Blonde. These two would clash at FFP Guilty Pleasures and Keana was trying to show exactly what she had in store for Fiona.

On May 29, Full Force Pro will bring you it’s once a year all-woman pay-per-view. Don’t miss an epic night of women wrestling featuring the likes of Seduction Inc, 2Hott, Fiona Burke, Keana, the HONOR Wrestling Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney and the FFP Women’s Champion Katsumi Akiyama!

Via Satellite
The scene cut to the home of Matt and Farrah Kraven. Matt, the new President of FFP and FFP’s owner Farrah Kraven were shown sitting down in their living room in Cincinnati, Matt in his wheelchair.

The couple announced that after talking, they’ve decided that although HONOR Wrestling has been a great promotion in Japan, that they have decided to merge Full Force Pro and HONOR Wrestling. They said that in the coming weeks that they would decide ways in which HONOR Wrestling’s Championships would be merged with FFP’s. They also noted that ALS Lucha had already been merged into FFP and their titles would also be joined with FFP’s

The Kraven’s said that this time in FFP will be history making and they look forward to the future.

Handicap Match
Joey DeMarco & Logan Christopher vs Daniel Matthews, Hiroki Ito & Ochoa

This match was an all out brawl. Joey and Logan had the deck stacked on them, but still out up one hell of a fight. And when Logan hit Ochoa with the Shooting Star Press, the Oakland crowd thought that they had pulled the upset. But Hiroki Ito broke up the count, bringing in Joey DeMarco. Daniel Matthews came in next and a three on two beating occurred.

Daniel Matthews crushed Joey with the Roaring Elbow while at the same time, Hiroki Ito hoisted Logan up and hit him with the Go to Sleep. Ochoa then hooked Logan’s leg and got the three count. But the fight wasn’t over. After the sheer disrespect they Joey and Logan showed after Matt Kraven’s neck injury, Kraven’s formed stablemates wanted to teach a lesson. And that’s what they did. The show ended with the FFP World Champion, Hiroki Ito and the Mexican Heavyweight Champion standing victorious over the two Shibuya Mafia members. Tonight was a victory for Full Force Pro and for Matt Kraven as well.

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