05/13/2016 FFP Friday the 13th


FFP Friday the 13th | May 13, 2016
San Diego, California

The show began with Christopher Morgan backstage with Lux. The reigning FFP Adrenaline Champion was talking a big game about his Adrenaline Title open challenge tonight. But he turned and bumped into Lux who was holding a hand held mirror. It fell on the floor and shattered. They both looked at it each. It was Friday the 13th. Was Christopher having bad luck? Was his title reign in trouble?

The scene cut backstage where Fiona Burke was being interviewed by Tyrece Beckman. She spoke about her match at Guilty Pleasures with Keana and how she will teach her rival a lesson. Keana interrupted the interview and the two began mouthing off. The verbal exchange turned physical. Tyrece tried separating the two women but wound up in the midst, with the two ladies threw a few punches before rolling around on the floor beating on each other. FFP security rushed in and broke the brawl up.

Joey DeMarco vs Ochoa
Joey DeMarco came out carrying a neckbrace. He got on the microphone and told Matt Kraven that he had it just for him. Ochoa interrupted.

Ochoa, a part of the Assassination Squad, a group created by Matt Kraven, was determined to teach DeMarco a lesson after he talked bad about Matt Kraven’s broken neck on Twitter. This match was a brawl. Ochoa tore into Joey until DeMarco slowed down the very last ALS Mexican Heavyweight Champion with a thumb to the eye. DeMarco removed the turnbuckle pad and tried numerous times to ram Ochoa into it. Of course DeMarco’s underhanded tactics led to his own demise when he charged at Ochoa who dodged, sending Joey crashing head first into the exposed steel. Ochoa then dumped Joey on the back of his head with a big stalling German suplex, bridging for a three count.

After the match Eddie Siebenthaler, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen rushed the ring. The trio beat Ochoa down. That is until Hiroki Ito and Daniel Matthews charged down the isle. A huge brawl broke out which saw FFP security quickly intervene.


Odell Porter vs Darius Porter
After both men had entered the ring Darius took the microphone and told his nephew Odell that he is an embarrassment to the family. Darius told Odell that if he beat him, that Odell should simply step away from professional wrestling. Odell said he would gladly agree if his uncle did the same. Darius agreed and sucker punched his nephew.

Darius proceeded to beat his nephew down, laying in several punches to the head, rocking the youngster. But Odell fought back, using hard kicks to soften up his uncle.

The San Diego crowd was completed behind Odell. Cheering each time he hit an offensive maneuver and booing every time his uncle got any bit of offense. Odell went for the Regal Plex but Darius raked his eyes and rolled him up from the finishing attempt. But Odell kicked out at two. Eventually Darius took Odell up top and hit a superplex. He went back up top and hit a flying elbow for a two count.

Darius now called for his finisher, which was a running big boot out of the corner. But Odell ducked it and hit a devastating running knee to the jaw. Darius stumbled back after the blow, but Odell grabbed him and hit the Regal Plex for a three count. Darius Porter’s FFP career was over!

Brandi Moore vs Farrah Kraven
Another hate filled feud. These two girls were capable of putting on one of, if not the best wrestling match of the night, but wrestling was thrown at the window in the beginning of the match. Fists flew. Hair was pulled. Elbows were driven.

Brandi hit a hard spinning clothesline that floored Farrah. She then hoisted her up and planted her with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Things looked grim for the wife of Matt Kraven. But Farrah kicked out at two. Brandi looked frustrated. She pulled Farrah up by her blonde hair and hooked her for another. But Kraven reversed into a small package. The ref counted, but Brandi kicked out at two.

Brandi quickly popped to her feet. Farrah was still getting to her feet. Brandi cracked her with a hard kick. She pulled Farrah back up and planted her with another Fisherman Brainbuster. That had to be it.

But it wasn’t. 1…2… Kickout. Brandi couldn’t believe it. She turned to the referee and began arguing. Farrah got back up and charged. But Brandi moved and Farrah hit a spear on the ref. She turned around as Brandi went for a running knee, but Farrah dodged and cracked Moore with the Shades of Kraven! But no ref.

Enter Taylor Clawson. She rushes the ring and Seduction Inc began a complete beat down on Farrah Kraven. That is until Britain Jade stormed out from the entrance curtain. She slid into the ring and evened the odds, although Farrah already had a lot taken out of her.

However 2Hott gained the upperhand and tossed Taylor out of the ring. Britain and Taylor began brawling on the outside as the match continued. The referee finally got back up just as Farrah was setting Brandi up for another Shades of Kraven. Brandi ducked and went for another running knee. However this time, Farrah caught Brandi in the air. And impressively turned her and planted her with a Michinoku Driver. Farrah hooked the leg and got the three count. The San Diego crowd cheered as Farrah’s arm was raised in victory.

On May 29, Full Force Pro will bring you it’s once a year all-woman pay-per-view. Don’t miss an epic night of women wrestling featuring the likes of Seduction Inc, 2Hott, Fiona Burke, Keana, the HONOR Wrestling Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney and the FFP Women’s Champion Katsumi Akiyama!

Jason Copeland vs Anarchy
Yet another hard hitting match that had a lot of animosity in it. Jason Copeland had been rather silent in FFP for quite sometime until he attacked Anarchy during a Pins Count Anywhere match with Mikhail Vakhrov.

Anarchy was out to teach Copeland a lesson. Destroying him with loud stuff chops and devastating suplexes and slams. Copeland fought back by pulling Anarchy’s trunks and sending him throat first into the middle rope. Following it up with clotheslines and a bulldog. But when Copeland attempted to pick the big man up, Anarchy slipped out of Jason’s grip and hooked him in the Rear Naked Choke. Copeland refused to tap out, but Anarchy choked him unconscious. Anarchy was the winner.

However after the match Mikhail Vakhrov stormed the ring, attacking Anarchy from behind and stomping him down. The Russian then took a steel chair and beat Anarchy until he was bleeding. He stoop over top of his former tag partner with his hands raised up in the air, to a chorus of boos of course.

The scene cut backstage where Christopher Morgan was walking with Lux. Out of nowhere a black cat crossed their path. They immediately stopped. Morgan looked at Lux and said, “are you kidding me?”

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Assault & Battery
Assault and Battery came to San Diego to win the FFP Tag Team Titles again. They definitely had the advantage when it came to wrestling, but Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce had the advantage in brawling.

Prince Tau flattened Gregory Hart with the Spear, but Kevin Lewan broke up the pin before the three count. Eventually Assault & Battery took advantage, picking apart both of their opponents. Just as it seemed like they would win the titles back, Jackson Pearce blasted Kevin with a clothesline sending him over the top rope.

Tau and Pearce then proceeded to destroy Gregory Hart, hitting him with big move after big move. Prince Tau backed up and went for another Spear. But this time Gregory leap frogged and Tau flattened his partner. Gregory then went on the offense. But during an attempted spring board body press, Tau caught Hart in mid-air and hit the F5 for the win.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Open Challenge
Christopher Morgan came out, waiting for someone to answer the open challenge, seeming a little worried because of his bad luck, and this being Friday the 13th.

HONOR Wrestling star Shinji Miyamoto answered the challenge. The two superstars had a very good very competitive match with close calls for each superstar. After 15 minutes of non-stop action Miyamoto locked Morgan in an STF in the center of the ring, and Morgan obviously was in trouble. Reaching for the ropes and screaming out in pain. Finally Morgan hooked under Shinji’s leg and rolled over, forcing him in a pin move. The referee began a count and a surprised Shinji kicked out.

The battle continued with Shinji staying on Christopher. Going up top and going for a flying double axehandle. However Morgan caught the challenger and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Shinji quickly got up and charged the champion again, but Christopher caught him in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Then, when Miyamoto got up once again, Morgan hit a kick to the gut and planted him with the Tiger Driver. Morgan hooked the leg, and got the three count. He retained his title.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Katsumi Akiyama vs Katrina Cabrera
Katrina Cabrera was the first ever OWF Women’s Champion. And she hoped to be the first to go on from that title, to the FFP Women’s Title.

Katrina seemed to have the strength advantage over Katsumi, but Akiyama, a former HONOR Women’s Champion, had an amazing advantage when it came to mat wrestling. She worked over Katrina, and even after taking a couple of big power moves, Akiyama hooked Katrina in the ankle lock and forced the challenger to tap out.

After the match Katsumi celebrated with her title. Until Quinn Delaney came down the isle with her HONOR Women’s Title. Quinn stepped into the ring and went eye to eye with the FFP Women’s Champion. The two girls were all smiles, welcoming the tough competitive that will come at Guilty Pleasures.


FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Logan Christopher
Another match with one of the Assassination Squad taking on someone who was disrespectful about Matt Kraven’s broken neck. Logan Christopher, a former FFP World and Cruiserweight Champion, most definitely had an advantage when it came to speed. But when Daniel Matthews leveled him with one of the hardest clotheslines we’ve ever seen, then planted him with the Death Valley Driver, it seemed to be all she wrote. That is until the Shibuya Mafia stormed the ring.

The match got thrown out due to the outside interference. But Hiroki Ito and Ochoa rushed to ringside to assist their stablemate. But Joey DeMarco, Eddie Siebenthaler and the HONOR Tag Team Champions Kamen & Lyons were too much for Ito and Ochoa. FFP security came to the ring, but the Shibuya Mafia continued wreaking havoc by beating up the security guards. Eventually the Mafia stood tall in the center of the ring, with their arms raised in the air as if they had won the night.

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