Matt Kraven Weighs in on FFP Guilty Pleasures


This Sunday Full Force Pro brings to you FFP Guilty Pleasures. This year will be the second straight year that the May pay-per-view is an all-women show. This Sunday will also mark the last day Matt Kraven is the President of Full Force Pro. It could also be Matt’s last FFP show in his career.

Today he had a chance to sit down and weigh in on the pay-per-view, the scheduled matches, and some of the superstars featured on this special event.

Aubrey Moresi vs Dani Rawlings
Both of these girls are great. They both have bright futures ahead of themselves, as long as one of them doesn’t shorten the career of the other. Dani Rawlings may have made a smart business decision teaming with Self Made in the OWF, but she’s beena pain in the ass for far too long to poor Aubrey. I think Aubrey uses all of her frustrations that she has toward not only Dani, but training, her friend Hayden getting attacked, as well as everything else that she could be frustrated with. Aubrey takes the win.

Fiona Burke vs Keana

Kinda the same story here. Keana came into FFP trying to make a first impression by attacking Fiona. I helped train Fiona, and she isn’t someone that’s just going to let you make a first impression at the cost of her and her career. I think this will be a close one. We have yet to see the full potential of Keana. And I think Keana will be a top woman superstar here. But not on this night. This night will belong to Fiona Burke. I also think that we will see Fiona become the FFP or HONOR Women’s Champion by the end of 2016. Mark my words.

Taylor Clawson vs Cheyenne Reede

Cheyenne Reede is currently 1-0 in her career with Full Force Pro. We book her on very special occasions, like Guilty Pleasures. Her last match she beat Brandi Moore. Brandi is one of if not THE top woman in the history of FFP. Can Cheyenne pull out a victory against another member of Seduction Inc? If Cheyenne beats Taylor, that would be unprecedented, having a 2-0 record, defeating both members of Seduction Inc. Well I think she’s got what it takes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if not only Taylor Clawson, but a lot of our fans out there underestimate Cheyenne. I have Cheyenne winning this one…in a close one.

Lizzy Kraven vs Brandi Moore
These are two of the greatest women wrestlers that Full Force Pro has ever featured. And I’m not just saying that because one is my cousin that I love so much while the other is one of my absolute best friends. This match has the absolutely potential to be the main event…on ANY FFP show. You heard me. These two girls are going to go out there and tear down the house. I love Lizzy. I love Brandi. But I have to go with Lizzy. She’s going to hit that Kraven Lariat and leave Dallas the winner. Sorry Brandi.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Nina Fox & Samantha West vs 2Hott

Another interesting matchup. There is no love loss between these two teams. I personally have seen the dislike between Farrah and Nina, let alone 2Hott and the team that took their Women’s Tag Team Titles. Samantha West is now back full time with Full Force Pro, and Nina and Samantha, two girls I know very well as I trained them both with the help of Veronica Clyne, are here to make a mark and defend the titles against all comers. Can I see them getting it done Sunday against 2Hott? I have to say no. 2Hott is hot right now (no pun), and I don’t see any team being able to slow them down.

OWF Women’s Title
(c) Giovanni Gotch vs Amy Kraven

Amy deserves the OWF Women’s Championship. We all saw her win it at OWF 70, but she did the noble thing and showed the referee that Gotch had the ropes. Amy could have taken the title and ran. She didn’t. Then Gotch snuck up behind her, taking advantage of the situation, and slithered away still the champion. Not on this night. On this night, Amy Kraven becomes the new OWF Women’s Champion. And I will come out and give her a big hug afterward.

FFP Women’s Champion vs HONOR Women’s Champion
Katsumi Akiyama vs Quinn Delaney
Katsumi Akiyama and Quinn Delaney are two of the best girls that we have in Full Force Pro right now. Not a lot of people knew how close Quinn and I are. Not a lot of people knew that I had a huge hand in her training. I’m extremely proud of her. She’s a tough girl. She’s a go getter. But Katsumi is a beast. She held the HONOR Women’s Championship for two and a half years. Honestly, I’d be a little worried to get in the ring opposite of Katsumi.

But this is Quinn’s house, and she’s going to leave Guilty Pleasures winning the main event and standing in front of the Dallas, Texas crowd victorious.

It’s going to be a great event in Dallas this Sunday. The women of Full Force Pro know how to get it done in that ring. And they’ll put on a great show. If you can’t make it to Dallas for the show, make sure to order on pay-per-view or watch it on the FFP Network. You won’t want to miss it!





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