05/29/2016 FFP Guilty Pleasures (PPV)


The show began showing the male FFP and OWF superstars sitting at ringside or in box seats in the arena getting ready to watch FFP’s annual all-women pay-per-view. Matt Kraven was sitting in the front row as well, standing and clapping, ready for an awesome show.

Aubrey Moresi vs Dani Rawlings
The first of two OWF related matches saw these blonde beauties fight to prove who really had what it took to cut it on the main stage. Dani had gotten the best of Aubrey many times in the OWF, but the difference maker usually came down to Dani’s affiliation with Self Made. However, since Self Made was not in the building tonight, this contest was a fair fight.

Dani took her sweet time walking down the ramp, seemingly being more interested in taunting Aubrey from the outside than actually being face-to-face with her in the ring. When Dani finally hopped on the apron, she turned her back to Aubrey, both to pose for the audience, and as a way of showing Aubrey how little she thought of her. This decision proved to not be the smartest, as Aubrey wasted no time in grabbing Dani from behind by the hair and forcefully pulling her into the ring. Aubrey tossed Dani down, clearly ready to finally take her on without having to worry about any foul play. Dani on the other hand was not so eager, and spent some time insisting to the referee that she was not ready. It seemed as though the fact that Dani would not be having any back up to rely on was setting in.

When Dani stopped using the referee as a shield, she tried multiple times to get the upper hand in the match, but Aubrey managed to duck, dodge, and reverse everything that was thrown at her. Dani quickly became frustrated and threw a tantrum, even going so far as rolling out of the ring and threatening to leave the arena. Aubrey followed her, but as soon as Dani heard Aubrey’s footsteps running up behind her, she turned and leveled Aubrey with a clothesline. Dani tossed Aubrey back in the ring and went right back to taunting her, suddenly feeling on top of the world. By the time Dani went to pick Aubrey back up, Aubrey rolled Dani into a small package for a two count. Frustrated that Aubrey almost picked up the win, Dani hopped right on Aubrey and threw a fury of fists at her. It got to the point where the referee had to physically pull Dani off of Aubrey. Dani started shouting at the referee, and did not notice that Aubrey had gotten up behind her and looked ready to explode. The referee moved out of the way, signaling for Dani to focus on her opponent. Aubrey instantly took Dani down with a spear, and followed up with a series of dropkicks and a snap suplex. Dani backed herself up in the corner, trying her best to get away, but was met with two hard chops to the chest before being whipped into the opposite corner.

Aubrey charged at Dani, but Dani connected with a big boot out of the corner. With Aubrey dazed, Dani climbed to the top rope. Dani shouted a profanity at her opponent before going for her diving bulldog to finish Aubrey off, but Aubrey came to her senses just in time and moved out of the way, guiding Dani down to the mat flat on her butt. Before Dani could even express her feeling of pain, Aubrey locked Dani in her submission finisher, the Out-Bodied, and forced Dani to tap out. Aubrey released the hold and was declared the winner.

At Ringside
As Aubrey Moresi victoriously walked up the entrance ramp Raquel St Claire approached Matt Kraven sitting in the front row. Tonight was the final night of Matt serving as the President of Full Force Pro. She asked Matt about his retirement and what he planned on doing with his time. Matt told Raquel that what he was going to do past tonight wasn’t important and that tonight it was all about the women of Full
Force Pro…and the Ohio Wrestling Federation.


Taylor Clawson vs Cheyenne Reede

This was an intriguing matchup. Cheyenne had competed in one match here in FFP, defeating the FFP Hall of Famer and one of the greatest Diamond Champions in history, Brandi Moore. But on this night she would test her skills against the other half of Seduction Inc, Taylor Clawson.

Clawson came out using her brawling skills to wear Chey down. But Cheyenne, the technical wrestler that she is fought back, attempting to pick apart Taylor Clawson, keying in on her left knee, and leg in general. Cheyenne wound up hitting an effective drag leg screw then locking on an ankle lock they had Taylor in pain. But the former FFP Diamond Champion (as well as Diamond Tag Team Champion) fought through the pain and got to the ropes. She battled back, hitting Cheyenne with a couple of shots to the head before planting her with the Flatliner. The crowd stood in anticipation. Was a three count coming after Taylor’s finisher?

Cheyenne kicked out at two. Taylor question the referee before going back to work. She forced Cheyenne into the corner and went for a running splash, but Cheyenne lifted her boot, clocking Taylor in the face. Cheyenne then charged, smashing Taylor with the Shining Wizard! The sound echoed off of Taylor’s skull. Chey quickly crawled to Taylor and made the cover. 1…2… And somehow Taylor kicked out just in time.

But as Cheyenne got back to her feet, preparing for the next move, Brandi Moore walked down the entrance ramp. Brandi would do battle later in the night with Lizzy Kraven, but right now was concentrating on Cheyenne. Cheyenne turned her attention to Brandi, daring her to step into the ring. Telling her that she would see the same fate she saw when Cheyenne beat her months ago. Taylor crawled up behind Cheyenne and rolled her up. 1…2… And a kickout! The distraction didn’t pay off like Brandi thought.

Brandi next climbed up into the ring apron. Cheyenne once again went face-to-face with Brandi. Taylor charged but Chey moved out of the way. Seduction Inc collided! Brandi fell to the arena floor while Taylor stumbled back and fell on her back. She began to quickly get back up. So did Brandi. Cheyenne turned to Taylor, then back to Brandi, giving Brandi one more verbal warning. Cheyenne turned back around only to be blindsided by another Taylor Clawson Flatliner. Taylor hooked Cheyenne’s leg and got the three count. She had defeated her opponent, however with a lot of help from her tag team partner.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by Quinn Delaney. Tyrece asked if Quinn was ready for tonight’s main event where she will undoubtedly face her toughest test of her career. Quinn said she looked forward to the challenge. She said she spoke with Katsumi earlier today, they both wished each other luck, and she couldn’t wait to face off.

Lizzy Kraven vs Brandi Moore
This match was a real barn-burner and the crowd in Dallas surely got every cent of their money’s worth with this match. Two true legends of FFP squared off in a match that was piping hot right from the start. Brandi Moore gained the momentum early into the match with a heart stopping high dropkick from a charging Lizzy Kraven. Brandi maintained her control over the match wrenching Kraven with some devastating submission holds targeting the right arm. Lizzy turned the match back into a deadlock as she was able to fight through Moore’s technical mastery and down the Hall-of-Famer with a quick rolling elbow strike that sent Brandi through the ropes and out on the floor.

Lizzy obliged the Dallas crowd by trying to take Brandi out with a leaping suicide dive to the outside. However, the savvy Brandi was able to counter the launching strike with a picture perfect running knee lift to the diving Lizzy Kraven. Chants blew the roof off of the place as Brandi tried to roll Kraven into the ring for the pinfall. A huge kickout at two point nine seconds kept the match going. The two ladies were gassed as they resulted into trading sluggish haymakers, each lady looking for that knockout blow. An exploding European uppercut sent Kraven to the floor as Brandi was looking to go high risk to put the nail in the coffin. A huge “Kraven” chant energized her as she sprung to her feet with new life. She caught a leaping Brandi Moore with a Kraven Lariat in mid-air. Lizzy waited, catching her breath as Brandi fought her way back up to her feet. The crowd exploded as Lizzy hit another Kraven Lariat! Lizzy then pulled Brandi up and hit a Tornado Powerbomb for the three count!

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The scene cut backstage to Lizzy Kraven talking with her cousin Amy Kraven at the entrance area. Lizzy was wishing her cousin the best of luck in her upcoming match, and wrapped her in a hug.

OWF Women’s Title
(c) Giovanni Gotch vs Amy Kraven

The Dallas crowd was super into this one as Amy Kraven had defeated Gotch on Monday but noticed Giovanni had her foot on the rope and demanded the match be restarted. Then Giovanni took advantage of Amy’s kindness and beat her with a pull of the rights.

Amy came out on fire. However it very well could’ve been her undoing as it seemed like anger and frustration could get the best of her, beating Gotch into the ropes and ignoring the referee’s count. Finally Amy backed away but as soon as Gotch got to her feet Amy rocked her with a Superkick that sent her to the arena floor. Amy hit the ropes and attempted a suicide dive, but Gotch side stepped Amy, putting her hands up and guiding Amy into the steel guardrail, forcefully. The crowd gasped as Amy collided with the steel, it was the same way her big brother had suffered a broken neck.

The referee was quick to check on Amy, but she pushed him away, fighting to her hands and knees. As she fought up to her feet, Gotch hit a swinging neckbreaker. The referee gave her a warning because of the cheap shot. Gotch ignored the ref, pulling Amy up and firing her back into the ring.

The match continued. Gotch seemed to have Amy’s number. Even pulling her up and planting her with her hellacious powerbomb. She covered Amy in the middle of the ring. 1…2… KICKOUT! The camera showed Matt Kraven at ringside, a sigh of relief escaping his mouth. Giovanni couldn’t believe that Amy kicked out. She seemed to take it as a personal attack. She bent over, yelling into Amy’s face before smacking her right on the cheek. She pointed her finger in Amy’s face. But the challenger quickly grabbed Giovanni’s arm and rolled her up in a modified small package. The referee counted but Gotch kicked out. She quickly got to her feet again and leveled Amy with a running big boot. How much punishment could Amy take?

Gotch pulled Amy up. Another hellacious powerbomb was on the menu for the challenger. But Amy used her momentum to slip out of Gotch’s grip behind her. She landed in her feet and caught Gotch with a Superkick. She hooked Giovanni’s leg. 1…2… And a kickout! Amy couldn’t believe it.

Gotch slowly fought her way back to her feet. Amy went for yet another Superkick. But Gotch bent over and caught Amy on her shoulders. Amy kicked her legs and escaped out of Gotch’s grip. She grabbed the champion’s head and repeatedly hit her with knee lift after knee lift after knee lift. Amy then grabbed Gotch by the midsection, hoisted her up and slammed her down to the mat with the Kraven Klash. Amy then muscled Giovanni over and covered her. The referee got into position. 1…2…3! Amy Kraven had finally won the OWF Women’s Championship!

Matt Kraven climbed over the guardrail, leaving his front row seat to celebrate with his sister. The referee awarded her the title. She collapsed to her knees, tears flowing. Matt knelt down beside her, wrapping her in a hug. He kissed her forehead as she hugged him back. Matt then helped her up and strapped her championship around her waist. On Matt’s last night in FFP, he got to see his sister become the OWF Women’s Champion.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Ohio Wrestling Federation two-event day! OWF 71 will take place live in Cincinnati at noon while OWF 72 will kick off in Indianapolis at 8:00 pm! On both shows we will see the beginning of the OWF Spring Training Class Tournaments, and much more!

To view the Spring Class Tournament brackets, check out the article right here.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman now was standing by with Katsumi Akiyama. He asked her about her main event match with Quinn Delaney tonight. Katsumi said that she knew Quinn was a great wrestler. She said she had respect for Quinn. But that tonight, she would beat her and prove that she is the best woman wrestler on the planet.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Nina Fox & Samantha West vs 2Hott

The FFP fans in Dallas were ready for some tag team title action. Nina Fox and Samantha West were ready to defend the titles and it showed from the start. Samantha started things off for her team against Farrah Kraven. The match was very back and forth in the beginning. Samantha and Farrah really beat each other down. Samantha caught Farrah with a thumb to the eye and hit a running dropkick that sent Farrah crashing into the corner.

However, a blind tag from Jade allowed her to quickly scale the ropes and catch Samantha with a missile dropkick as the tag champion was looking for a running baseball slide to the cornered Farrah. Jade turned things around, taking Samantha down with a series of clotheslines. Nina Fox would take liberties of crossing her boundaries to trash talk Jade inside of the ring. The official took control of the situation forcing Nina back to her corner, yet the distraction proved enough for Samantha to get herself out of trouble with a jawbreaker to Jade.

Samantha crawled over to get the tag into Nina, and Jade did the same putting Farrah back into the match. The two ladies went straight at each other trading punches as the Dallas fans started to go wild for the brawl. The official would have to rush in and pull them apart from each other to gain some kind of order in the ring.

But before he could do anything else the Dallas crowd erupted as the Queendom emerged from the crowd and stormed the ring. Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman first went after Farrah as the official called for the bell.

Nina smiled and simply collected the Women’s Tag Team Titles, handing Samantha her’s. While the champions left, Britain Jade rushed in to have her partners back. As soon as Jade stepped through the ropes she was sent right back out with an animalistic Spear from Jenna. Inside Monika toyed with Farrah, nudging her around with her boot before putting the finishing touch on the evening with a nasty Curb Stomp.


The scene quickly cut backstage where Nina Fox and Samantha West were walking toward the locker rooms with the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. However Seduction Inc stepped in front of the champions. But Brandi and Taylor had titles of their own. The HONOR Women’s Tag Team Titles. The teams trash talked each other. Seduction Inc offered to put their titles up against Nina and Samantha’s anytime. Nina and Samantha agreed. The two teams stepped closer but security arrived and took care of the situation before it escalated.

Fiona Burke vs Keana

Every feud has an antagonist. Keana has played that role perfectly with Fiona Burke, being an absolute thorn in the side. She looked to do the same on this night in Dallas. Keana’s complete lack of anyone else’s feelings mixed in with her potent arrogance was enough to have the entire crowd root against her. And that’s what the majority of the fans in the building (as well as many at home watching on the FFP Network) did.

Fiona got the best of Keana at the start of the match. A hard brawl which had the referee pull the ladies apart multiple times ensued. Keana got the best of Fiona with a hard kick to the knee and a DDT. Keana taunted the crowd. And toyed with Fiona. But when she went up top and attempted a flying clothesline, things changed. As the crowd booed Keana’s offense, she dove into the air, but got surprised with an awesome dropkick to the jaw. Fiona quickly proceeded with a German Suplex. However she threw Keana straight into the official. Their heads collided. The ref was down and Keana was in pain.

Fiona didn’t care. She pulled Keana up and set her up for the FAB Drop. But Keana broke free and dropkicked Fiona in the knee. She continued working on Fiona’s knee. Keana pulled Fiona to the corner and proceeded to tie her up in a figure four around the ring post. Burke screamed out in pain.

The now former OWF Women’s Champion Giovanni Gotch, the other half of Team FAB walked down the isle. As Keana kept the hold locked on, Giovanni gained Keana’s attention. She released the hold and went face to face with Gotch.

Fiona slowly rolled out of the ring. Hobbling on her bad knee. She headed toward Keana who was still trash talking Giovanni. Gotch went to attack, and Keana moved out of the way. Gotch leveled Fiona with a hard big boot, flooding her tag team partner. Keana and Giovanni locked eyes. The crowd couldn’t believe that Giovanni had accidentally hit her friend. Or was it an accident?

A large smile crept onto Giovanni’s face. She pulled Fiona up and whipped her into the ring. The two blondes climbed into the ring as Fiona barely moved. Gotch pulled her former tag team partner up and hit end with her hellacious powerbomb. Giovanni and Keana smiled again. Giovanni then climbed out of the ring as Keana hooked the leg. The referee, who just regained consciousness, made the count. 1…2…3. Keana pulled another one over on Fiona Burke. And this time, Fiona had no one to have her back.

Keana and Giovanni made their way up the entrance ramp with Gotch holding her new friend’s arm up in the air to signify her victory. Keana was the winner, and Team FAB was officially dead.

The scene cut backstage where Amy Kraven was being congratulated on her OWF Women’s Title victory. The likes of Chris Kraven, Lizzy Kraven, Aubrey Moresi, Veronica Clyne and of course her sister-in-law Farrah Kraven all wrapped her in a hug, patted her back and congratulated her.

FFP Women’s Champion vs HONOR Women’s Champion
Katsumi Akiyama vs Quinn Delaney

This match no doubt had a big fight feel to it. It was non-stop from the very beginning. Katsumi used her lethal strikes, elbows kicks and punches to try to pick Quinn apart. But Quinn’s strong point wasn’t striking, but grappling and submissions. After a belly to belly suplex and a hard German suplex, Quinn set Katsumi up for the Quinn Cutter. But Katsumi reversed it and hooked Delaney in the Dragon Clutch. Things looked grim for Quinn who was having trouble not only pulling her weight, but also Katsumi’s to the ropes. But she did it. And Akiyama had to break the hold.

Katsumi then grabbed Quinn in an attempt to pull her to her feet. But Quinn reversed into a successful Quinn Cutter. The HONOR Women’s Champion made the pin, but Katsumi got her foot on the bottom rope before the three count. Quinn continued the assault, laying in stomps on the FFP Women’s Champion before pulling her up and hitting a Fisherman Brainbuster. Quinn then took a couple steps back and waited. Katsumi pushed herself up, finally getting to her feet. But almost as an ode to Matt Kraven, Quinn went for the Busaiku Knee. But somehow Katsumi caught the charging Quinn by the knee, and swung her into a Texas Cloverleaf.

Quinn screamed in pain, her back arched back with Katsumi locking the move in deep. Quinn stretched and reached, trying to push toward the ropes. Katsumi turned the hold into an STF. Again, things weren’t looking good for Delaney. Quinn trying to break out of the hold, but Katsumi’s grip was too strong. However somehow, Quinn forced her arm inbetween Katsumi’s arm and head, flipped her over and locked in a crossface. Wrenching back and up on Katsumi’s head, Quinn let out a scream. The rolls had reversed, and Akiyama was left reaching for the ropes. The referee continued checking to see if the reigning FFP Women’s Champion would submit, but she wouldn’t. Finally, her arms went limp. The referee checked and Katsumi was indeed out. Quinn had crossfaced her unconscious.

The referee called for the bell. Quinn Delaney had defeated the Japanese legend. Completely exhausted Quinn stood, the referee raising her arm in victory. But as soon as her arms went up, she was blasted from behind, crashing to the mat below. The perpetrator was the ALS Women’s Champion Kemina! She was returning to Full Force Pro! And behind her, Firefly!

The team known as Las Bellezas Peligrosas in FFP pummeled Quinn down. Katsumi was still motionless on the mat, unconscious. Kemina pulled Quinn up. By now she was barely conscious. Kemina scooped her up onto her shoulders and planted her with the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina then turned her attention to Katsumi. Her and Firefly pulled the champion to her feet and lit her up taking turns hitting her with punches and kicks. Firefly then fed Katsumi to Kemina, who hoisted her up and just like she did to Quinn, hit her with the Cradle Shock Driver.

Kemina then took her ALS Women’s Championship and held it high in the air, stepping over both downed competitors and standing proudly. Firefly stood beside Kemina, proudly, the former FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions just dismantled the two best women wrestlers in FFP today. The show went off the air as the camera zoomed in on Kemina’s face, with a proud smile plastered on it.


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