Keri Faye’s Monthly Beatdown

Starting a new trend today, Keri Faye has did some digging and found out some of the biggest news stories and/or rumors going around the FFP (and OWF) locker room.

This is the very first edition of Keri Faye’s Monthly Beatdown. Look for her next one on July 1st!

· Veronica Clyne has a major announcement for tomorrow night’s Thursday Night Madness. That announcement is that FFP will be bringing in a Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

  · With the OWF roster getting so large, there will be several call ups in the near future. We should soon expect to see Giovanni Gotch, Guided by Voices, Jo Messi, and El Desconocido on the main roster.

  · We should also expect several OWF releases to make room for the incoming signees of the spring training class. More than half of the winter training class signees are on the chopping block, as well as Malaya Diyosa, Cappadonna, and Connor Campbell.

  · Matt Kraven faked his neck injury because he wanted an honorable excuse to leave the company after realizing he had run his course as President. He was too afraid of being ridiculed and labeled as a “quitter.”

  · Christopher Morgan has grown so bored of successfully defending his Adrenaline Title that he plans to retire as champion and go to Hollywood to pursue a “much more suitable career for someone of his caliber” in acting. His girlfriend, Lux, on the other hand, will be pursuing a career in porn.

  · Speaking of Lux, she has sparked a trend in ring rats making their way into the company. Namely Penelope Blair and one of OWF’s newest, currently unannounced signings, Holli Dotson. 

  · Farrah Kraven is pregnant.

  · FFP has given up on Adam Hyatt after failing to live up to expectations, which is why his career began taking a nosedive months ago.

  · Joseph Curtis was signed straight to the main roster because of his secret relationship with No Holds Barred Factory owner, Cheyenne Reede. NHB is a sponsor of FFP, so its owners have major pull.

  · Similarly, Keana was only signed to FFP because of an affair with former owner, Landry McNamara. She was expected to leave upon his firing, but is riding out her contract for the fame, which is what she was using Landry for in the first place.


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