06/02/2016 FFP Thursday Night Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | June 2, 2016
Dallas, Texas

The show kicked off with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews coming out. Matthews talked about being the World Champion, and how important it was to him. He said that he took the championship very seriously, and that he intended to give the fans a great title run.

As he spoke to the Dallas crowd, Hades came out and attacked Matthews from behind, clobbering him from behind and pummeling him to the ground. Hades then hoisted Daniel up and planted him with the Burning Hammer.

The scene cut backstage where Bianca Hunt was talking with the FFP President Veronica Clyne. Bianca was talking about how her men Mikhail Vakhrov and Jason Copeland had destroyed Anarchy. Unfortunately for Bianca, Veronica liked and respected Anarchy. She then told Bianca that her boys would be in action tonight against Anarchy and a partner of his choosing. This was not the news Bianca wanted to hear.

Assault & Battery vs Tokyo Pitbulls
A very exciting opening match for the Dallas crowd. The Tokyo Pitbulls would stop at nothing to get the W against the former FFP and OWF Tag Team Champions. Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan were no slouches in the ring, and they showed it. Lewan won the match for his team after planting Rudi Delgado with the Brainbuster for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St. Claire had caught up with Hades. She asked him about his attack on Daniel Matthews. Hades said that Daniel was a coward. He added that Matthews only had the title because he was friends with Matt Kraven and that he would exploit that if Daniel had the guts to give him a shot at the World Title. Hades said that there was no way that Daniel could beat him, and that if he wasn’t a coward Hades would prove it.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Kemina came out with her tag team partner, Firefly. The duo had been doing extremely well in ALS Lucha before it shut down. And Sunday at Guilty Pleasures, after Quinn Delaney defeated Katsumi Akiyama, Kemina came out and cleaned house, beating down both women and claiming to be the best woman wrestler in the world. Kemina got on the microphone and bragged about taking out both the FFP and HONOR Women’s Champions.

Of course this brought out Katsumi and Quinn, who said that if Kemina came at them head-to-head, that she wouldn’t stand a chance against either. They bickered back and forth with Kemina and Firefly until a tag team match was set between the two teams. Kemina and Firefly would battle Katsumi Akiyama and Quinn Delaney this weekend at FFP Sunday is for Choas!

The scene quickly cut backstage where Keana and Giovanni Gotch were talking with each other. Fiona Burke walked by. Of course they began to verbally taunt her. Fiona got in their faces. FFP security quickly intervened before anything physical happened.

FFP Television Title
(c) Adam Black vs Teddy Wagner
Teddy put up quite the fight against our reigning FFP Television Champion. But Adam Black came to Dallas to not only put on a good match, but to leave Dallas with the strap as well. Wagner hit a piledriver that seemed to be the end for the champion, but Black fought back, hitting the Prince’s Throne for the pin.


Britain Jade vs Jenna Kaufman
2Hott and The Queendom seemed to be heading into a feud because of The Queendom’s interference with 2Hott’s Women’s Tag Team Title match at Guilty Pleasures. Unfortunately, Farrah Kraven couldn’t be at the show tonight.

It looked like Britain was going to have a fair fight on her hands, but Monika Andrews sure enough show up at ringside. Britain did a good job of fighting back, hitting Monika with a hard clothesline on the outside of the ring. But Monika distracted Britain later in the match leading to a Jenna Kaufman Spear for the three count.

The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman who was with Daniel Matthews. Beckman asked Daniel what he thought of Hades’ comments earlier. Daniel grabbed the microphone, shoving Tyrece away. He looked into the microphone and said that if Hades wanted a World Title shot that Daniel would have gladly given it to him. Matthews said that now it wasn’t just a match, it was personal, and he would end Hades.

Mikhail Vakhrov & Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt vs Anarchy & ???
Anarchy came out and gave the Dallas crowd a little shock by announcing that his partner for tonight’s match against the new Hunt Enterprises, would be FFP newcomer Joseph Curtis. The match was a good one. Back and forth with a lot of close calls. Jason Copeland dumped Joseph on his head with a big DDT that looked like it would not only have ended the match, but possibly ended Joseph’s career. But JoCu kicked out at two.

Eventually a huge brawl broke out with Anarchy and JoCu cleaning house. Bianca then gathered her men up on the outside of the ring, and decided that it would be better for them to tuck tail and leave. So they did just that.

After the match Anarchy got on the microphone and said that JoCu was a great partner and that he was glad he chose him. Anarchy also told the crowd that he was sorry that Hunt Enterprises were a bunch of cowards.

On June 26th for the second year in a row, FFP will end it’s UK Tour with FFP Uprising live from London, England! At this event we will witness three separate battle royals to award Triple-A Cases. One to a male FFP wrestler, one to a female FFP wrestler, and for the first time one to an OWF wrestler!

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Veronica Clyne had come out. She had been teasing a major announcement and everyone assumed that this would be it! Veronica first said that she had promised that she would announce the first participants in the men and women’s Triple-A Case Battle Royals at FFP Uprising. The male superstar she announced was Ochoa, and the female superstar was Fiona Burke!

Veronica then made her even bigger announcement. She announced that in July Full Force Pro would return to it’s roots, with the return of FFP SSN every Saturday night! She said that SSN would be FFP’s premier show and that it would be the best professional wrestling show in the world!

FFP SSN – Returning SOON!

Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Patrick McCoy
Christopher Morgan and Patrick McCoy were no strangers. Dating back to the beginning days of FFP when Christopher was in Simply the Best while Patrick was in the Soul Assassins. This one was a very scientific matchup. Both superstars were former FFP World Champions, and both held very prestigious titles. Veronica had come up with the stipulation that whoever the winner was of this match, would face the loser once more for his title. Both men were hoping to add a second title to their current collection.

Patrick McCoy hit a beautiful springboard dropkick followed by a moonsault for a two count. Next he hit a springboard elbow. He went back up top for another moonsault, but Christopher got his knees up. McCoy crashed into them, and rolled arond in agony. Morgan pulled McCoy up and set him up for the Tiger Driver, a move he had put so many in FFP down with. But McCoy broke out of the move and hit a superkick. He followed it up by dumping Christopher on the back of his head with a German suplex. McCoy went up top again. This time going for a cross body block. Morgan reversed, catching McCoy and dropping him with a rib buster. McCoy again was in pain. The Adrenaline Champion slapped on an abdominal stretch to further the pain.

Patrick eventually fought out of the abdominal stretch, but became the victim of the Tiger Driver. Lucky for McCoy, he landed by the bottom rope. the HONOR Intercontinental Champion pulled himself out of the ring as quick as he could to avoid being pinned.

Eventually the match wound up on the top turnbuckle where both men jockeyed for control. Morgan was setting Patrick up for what looked to be a possible Tiger Driver off the top, but McCoy somehow wound up with Christopher on his shoulder. McCoy lept off the top rope and planted Morgan with the Kryptonite Krunch, from the top rope! McCoy hooked Christopher’s leg and got the three count! He earned himself a shot at the Adrenaline Championship!

The show ended with Patrick sitting beside Morgan’s motionless body. The Dallas crowd gave the two a standing ovation as referees checked on Christopher.


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