Will Patrick McCoy End Christopher Morgan’s Adrenaline Title Reign?

Patrick McCoy has been in Full Force Pro since the beginning. Debuting as a trainee of Daniel Matthews, and quickly becoming a member of Daniel’s stable the Soul Assassins, also including Veronica Clyne.

McCoy quickly made a name for himself becoming the first FFP Cruiserweight Champion on October 12, 2008 in a Triple Threat Match. His reign would last 91 days. He won the title for the second time in August of 2010.

Patrick also teamed with Daniel Matthews to become the FFP Tag Team Champions, and even holding the titles with Veronica Clyne when she replaced Daniel Matthews after an injury.

McCoy then hit the jackpot. On Christmas Eve 2014 with a little bit of help from Scarlett Ducane McCoy won a tournament final against Anarchy to win the vacant FFP World Championship after it was vacated due to an injury to then champion Veronica Clyne. His first World Title reign lasted 80 days. Then, in May of 2015, Patrick defeated Adam Hyatt to win his second World Championship, this reign lasting 183 days.

There have been only two FFP titles that have evaded Patrick. One is the FFP Television Title. The other, the FFP Adrenaline Title.

On June 26, 2016 in London, England, Patrick has the opportunity to take on Christopher Morgan. Morgan had been on a tear in Full Force Pro, holding the Adrenaline Title for well over a year, and promising to hold it for at least 500 days. Will Patrick put an end to the longest title reign in FFP history? He defeated Morgan once already, earning himself a shot at the Adrenaline Title. And don’t forget that in January, Patrick became the first ever HONOR Intercontinental Champion, still holding onto the title to this day.

Christopher Morgan and Patrick McCoy definitely aren’t strangers. With McCoy being s member of the Soul Assassins in the early days of FFP, Morgan was also a member of Simply the Best. The group feuded for quite sometime. This match will not only be a great technical wrestling match, but it’ll also be an ode to FFP’s beginning.

Don’t miss FFP Uprising on June 26 where you will see this match, as well as many others.


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