The ANY Case Tournament Brackets Are Here!

If you missed Veronica Clyne’s announcement on Twitter, the Triple-A Cases that were won in battle royals last year at FFP Uprising (Logan Christopher and Alexis Reed were the ones who won the cases) have had a little name change. Instead of them being called Triple-A Cases, they are now being called ANY Cases. Triple-A stood for Any Title, Any Place, Any Time.

The announcement was made earlier today on Twitter when Veronica Clyne not only explained that the cases would now be called the ANY Cases, but also made the announcement that instead of battle royals being the matches that these cases are won in that instead we would be treated to two eight-person tournaments throughout FFP’s UK Tour with the winners receiving their cases (one male, one female). The tournament finals will take place at FFP’s June pay-per-view FFP Uprising.

So without further ado, here are the brackets for this year’s ANY Case Tournaments! Many intriguing matchups with many superstars that have tons of potential. Looks like a great tournament!

Men’s ANY Case Tournament

Women’s ANY Case Tournament

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