06/16/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Three

FFP UK Tour | Day Three
June 16, 2016 | Glasgow, Scotland

The show began with Ochoa and Hiroki Ito in the center of the ring. The two men from the Assassination Squad said that they feel like if they had another shot at Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce that there would be no way that they would walk away without the titles.

This brought out Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen from the Shibuya Mafia. Lyons and Kamen said that Ochoa and Hiroki already had their chance, and that it was their turn. Of course both teams traded insults until they agreed to face off Saturday in Manchester, England. The winning team would get a shot at the FFP Tag Team Champions at a later date.

Joseph Curtis vs Adam Black
A very solid match with both men showing how stiff they can get in the squared circle. Adam Black planted JoCu with a double arm DDT for a two count. JoCu fought back hitting one of the biggest European uppercuts anyone had ever seen. JoCu went for a powerbomb but Black slipped out of grip and hit the Prince’s Throne for the three count.

FFP SSN returns in July! You won’t want to miss it!

Fiona Burke vs Giovanni Gotch
So much animosity in this match. These two beat the crap out of each other. It was obvious that Giovanni was attempting to injure Fiona, knocking her out of the ANY Case Tournament. The match spilled to the outside where Giovanni began to repeatedly slam Fiona face first into the steel ring post. Burke finally fought back, flooring Gotch with a big clothesline before planting her with the FAB Drop on the outside of the ring. The referee finally reached the count of 20 and called the match a draw.

It took many officials to separate the two women. Obviously this war was far from over.


BREAKING NEWS: Monday night at OWF 75 live from Manchester, England Amy Kraven will defend the OWF Women’s Championship against the number one contender, Caitlin Cruz!

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Veronica Clyne made the announcement that Full Force Pro had just signed two free agents and they would be debuting later on in the UK Tour in their hometown of London, England!

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs Aiden Conrad

A fast paced matchup that showed the strengths of both men. Aiden Conrad hit a cutter that seemed to do the trick, but Kashimanaki not only kicked out, but hooked Aiden into a triangle choke. Conrad fought and fought and finally got to the ropes. The match continued with Kashimanaki cutting Aiden down with his lethal kicks that he’s notorious for. Aiden stopped Kashimanaki with a knee to the gut and a butterfly suplex. Aiden then attempted the Beauty Maker. However Kashimanaki dodged and dumped Aiden on the back of his head with a German suplex. Kashimanaki then hit him with the Kashimanaki Driver for the three count, retaining his title.


HONOR Women’s Title
(c) Quinn Delaney vs Firefly
Another back and forth contest on our UK Tour that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. The upperhand changed several times. Firefly hit a turnbuckle powerbomb on Quinn that looked like it may be the end of her HONOR Women’s Title reign. Firefly then hit a devastating running dropkick to Quinn’s chest, and followed that up with a Northern lights suplex, bridged for an attempted pin. But Quinn kicked out.

Firefly went up top. A beautiful moonsault was what she planned on, but Quinn raised her knees, knocking the wind out of the masked female superstar. Quinn pulled Firefly up and next hit a t-bone suplex. She followed it up with a running knee and a loud and effective STO. But Firefly kicked out at two.

The match continued, with both women throwing rights and lefts trying to gain the advantage. Firefly ducked a right hand and rolled Quinn up, pulling the tights. But Quinn was still able to kick out. Firefly stepped back. She attempted a shining wizard, but somehow Quinn caught Firefly in mid-air and drove her to the mat with a sit down powerbomb. Quinn held, and got the three count. She retained her title.

After the match both women were spent. But that didn’t stop Kemina from rushing to the ring and getting the best of Quinn, who was lying on the mat breathing heavily. Kemina laid into her with stomps. She pulled her up and hit a bodyslam. Before any more damage could be done however, Katsumi Akiyama sprinted to the ring. She went after Kemina, but she quickly slid out of the ring and retreated.

The scene cut bacsktage where Veronica Clyne was standing by. Veronica announced that at FFP Uprising next Sunday we would see a Triple Threat Match featuring the FFP Women’s Champion Katsumi Akiyama, the HONOR Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney and the ALS Lucha Women’s Champion Kemina. Veronica said that this match should prove once and for all who the top woman in professional wrestling is.

On June 26th for the second year in a row, FFP will end it’s UK Tour with FFP Uprising live from London, England! At this event we will witness three separate battle royals to award Triple-A Cases. One to a male FFP wrestler and one to a female FFP wrestler!


Here is a look at the updated ANY Case Tournament Brackets!

mens_tournament_02 womens_tourny_02

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Daniel Matthews, Anarchy & Patrick McCoy vs Hades, Mikhail Vakhrov & Christopher Morgan

This match was obviously filled with animosity with three feuds intertwined in the match. Anarchy started the match out with Christopher Morgan, daring Mikhail to get into the ring. Of course Mikhail avoided Anarchy as much as possible. Patrick McCoy tagged in but went head-to-head with Hades. Hades got the upperhand with a thumb to the eye which brought in Daniel Matthews. Some may not know that Daniel Matthews trained Patrick McCoy and brought him into FFP as part of the Soul Assassins.

A huge brawl broke out with some men falling to the outside while others stayed inside the ropes. Daniel Matthews took it upon himself to hit an awesome suicide dive taking out two out of the three of his opponents. However as the referee was distracted Mikhail hit Anarchy from behind with a low blow.

The brawl got even more heated when Patrick McCoy brought a steel chair into the fold and blasted Mikhail in the back with it. Vakhrov went down as McCoy next went after Christopher Morgan. Daniel Matthews finally got a hold of Hades and hoisted him up for the Death Valley Driver, but the lights in the arena went black. When they came back on Daniel was in the center of the ring with green all over his face. He seemed to be blinded, wiping his face trying to get the green out of his eyes. Hades cracked him with a hard kick to the head before picking him up and planting him with the Burning Hammer.

The referee waived the match off and ruled it a no decision. There were foreign objects used, surely a count out and it seemed as if there was outside interference. All three of these Uprising matches were becoming quite intriguing.

As Daniel lie motionless on the mat, the familiar message appeared on the screen.

” You haven’t forgotten about me have you Daniel?


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