06/19/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Five

FFP UK Tour | Day Five
June 19, 2016 | Manchester, England

The show opened with a couple of members of the Ohio Wrestling Federation in the ring. Veronica Clyne welcomed Beatrice Keenan and the OWF rookies to the FFP UK Tour. They hyped tomorrow night’s OWF 75 event main evented by Alexander T Morrison defending the OWF Championship against Damien Bishop.

Lacey Abernathy w/ Masina vs Lizzy Kraven
This was a rematch from the opening round of the ANY Case Tournament. Lacey put a beating on Lizzy Kraven. And of course, like always, Lacey’s bodyguard Masina got involved. However, Masina ate a Kraven Lariat courtesy of Lizzy, knocking her to the arena floor. Lacey saw the same fate, nearly being turned inside out for the three count.


For the first time ever the Ohio Wrestling Federation is putting on an event in the United Kingdom! This Monday the OWF presents OWF 75. On the show we will see matches such as Hayden Flowers vs Connor Campbell, the OWF Women’s Champion Amy Kraven defending against Caitlin Cruz and the OWF Champion Alexander Theodore Morrison defending his title against Damien Bishop! Don’t miss it!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined with Mateo Chavez. Chavez talked about how he took Christopher Morgan to the limit last night for the Adrenaline Title, and that if Morgan hadn’t pulled the tights that Mateo would have won the title and ended Morgan’s historic title reign. Mateo then said that after Uprising he wanted a shot at the Adrenaline Champion, whether it be Christopher Morgan or Patrick McCoy.

Men’s ANY Case Tournament | Semifinal
Gregory Hart vs Odell Porter

A very technical match that showed that these two superstars are definitely future Adrenaline or World Champions in Full Force Pro. The match went nearly 20 minutes, with Gregory Hart and Odell Porter hitting moves that gained them very close two counts. Gregory hit a jackhammer on Odell that seemed to be it. But Odell kicked out. Hart then went up top and hit a knee drop to the head for another two. Gregory hooked in the crossface on Odell, who stretched and crawled and finally got to the ropes. Gregory went for a German suplex, but Odell did a backflip instead and landed on his feet. He rocked the Assault & Battery member with a loud superkick before hitting him with the Regal Plex for the three count. Odell Porter would face Deshaun Reed at FFP Uprising in the finals of the Men’s ANY Case Tournament!

On June 26th for the second year in a row, FFP will end it’s UK Tour with FFP Uprising live from London, England! At this event we will witness three separate battle royals to award Triple-A Cases. One to a male FFP wrestler and one to a female FFP wrestler!

Women’s ANY Case Tournament | Semifinal
Brandi Moore vs Nina Fox

Another technical matchup that saw a lot of back and forth action. Brandi Moore looked to have Nina’s number early, until Fox hit Brandi with a stiff clothesline and followed it up with the Superkick. However Brandi fell to the outside of the ring. Nina bounced off the ropes and hit a suicide dive. She went back in and waited. When Brandi got back up, Nina went for another dive, but Brandi moved out of the way and Fox crashed into the steel guardrail. Brandi laid in stomp after stomp on the former World Champion. She then hooked Nina an planted her with the Fisherman Brainbuster on the arena floor.

Brandi went inside and encouraged the referee to count Nina out. At the count of 18 Nina got to her feet. Sliding into the ring at 19. Brandi charged for her other finisher, the End Game. But Nina dodged it and hit Brandi with the Superkick. This time she pinned Brandi and got the three count. Nina Fox would battle Fiona Burke in the finals of the Women’s ANY Case Tournament at FFP Uprising!

FFP SSN returns in July! You won’t want to miss it!

dayfivetagAnarchy & Patrick McCoy vs Christopher Morgan & Mikhail Vakhrov
A very violent match that saw Anarchy and Patrick enjoy much of the offensive. Chops and clothesline from Anarchy while McCoy used his technical skills as well as a little high flying to wear down their opponents.

A big brawl broke out with all four men in the ring. The referee struggled to gain control, however Anarchy spearing Mikhail inbetween the ropes and to the arena floor assisted in that. Morgan and McCoy then went at it, a preview of Uprising. McCoy hit a running knee to Christopher’s chin that seemed to nearly knock the champion out. However Morgan, like last night, rolled McCoy up and pulled his tights for the three count.

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