06/23/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Seven

FFP UK Tour | Day Seven
June 23, 2016 | London, England

The show began with Self Made in the ring. ATM, Beatrice Keenan, Dexter Murdoch and Dani Rawlings. ATM talked about how tonight he would defeat Hayden Flowers and that he was 100% confident that he would.

Veronica Clyne interrupted, making the stipulation that Self Made was banned from ringside! All members threw a fit at the news.

OWF Match
Blaine Edwards w/ Izzy Laroo vs Dirk Vaughn

Blaine’s girlfriend Izzy accompanied him to the ring. Although Blaine and Dirk had hated each other for as long as anyone can remember, the match was actually very technical and enjoyable. Dirk worked on Blaine’s back softening him up, but Edwards didn’t go down easy. The former OWF Network Champion hit Dirk with a big clothesline and a powerbomb to swing the momentum.

Dirk took the advantage with a thumb to the eye. Then he went to the outside and began to taunt Izzy. Blaine took exception and went after Dirk. However Dirk stepped out of the way and Blaine crashed into his girlfriend. Dirk then attacked Blaine from behind. He hit a Death Valley Driver in the middle of the ring for the pinfall.

On June 26th for the second year in a row, FFP will end it’s UK Tour with FFP Uprising live from London, England! At this event we will witness two matches for ANY Cases. One to a male FFP wrestler and one to a female FFP wrestler!

OWF Title Match | Self Made Banned from Ringside
(c) Alexander T Morrison vs Hayden Flowers

A very competitive match. Hayden Flowers came to England to become the new OWF Champion. And without Self Made at ringside, the odds were even. ATM had the advantage when it came to strength. But Hayden had speed and agility on his side. After hitting ATM with a running knee and a brainbuster, he was ready to take the championship home. But Dexter Murdoch rushed down to ringside. As Dexter got up on the apron, he was nailed with a running big boot to the face. Hayden then climbed up top. He hit ATM with a frog splash and hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Hayden Flowers was the new OWF Champion!

Beatrice Keenan rushed to the ring, checking on ATM and screaming out of frustration. She couldn’t believe what had happened.

FFP SSN returns in July! You won’t want to miss it!

The scene cut to Daniel Matthews’ locker room door where he was joined with Raquel St Claire. Raquel asked him if he knew where these messages were coming from. Matthews said he was pretty sure he did, and if it was who he thought it was, he couldn’t believe it. He said he was tired of the mind games. Suddenly the lights in the locker room went out. After a scream from Raquel and a lot of noise, the lights came back on. Daniel was down on the floor. Written on his back was another message.

“You know.

– GxNOxIxE”

10-Woman Battle Royal
(including: Mona Sky, Marcy Tillman, Taylor Clawson, Lizzy Kraven, Monika Andrews, Jenna Kaufman, Masina, Zoey Kiehl, Aubrey Moresi & Cosmic Cupcake)

One of the biggest stories of this match was Lacey Abernathy’s bodyguard Masina, who single handedly eliminated four girls, Zoey Kiehl, Jenna Kaufman, Mona Sky and Marcy Tillman! It took Aubrey Moresi and Cosmic Cupcake to eliminate the dominant woman.

The final four wound up being Lizzy Kraven, Monika Andrews, Taylor Clawson and Cosmic Cupcake. Monika was eliminated by Lizzy while Lizzy was then thrown over the top by Taylor. Cosmic Cupcake and Taylor went at it with Cupcake hitting some awesome moves on the Seduction Inc member. But it was Taylor ducking a clothesline and using Cupcake’s momentum against her, tossing her over the top.

The scene cut backstage where Beatrice Keenan was standing by. She said that she had to make an unfortunate decision tonight. She said that Self Made was banned from ringside in the OWF Championship Title match, so since Dexter Murdoch interfered she had no choice but to change the ruling to a Hayden Flowers victory by disqualification due to outside interference. However, the title could not change hands on a DQ, so ATM would keep his title.

FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy vs Hiroki Ito

An extremely hard hitting match. Anarchy and Hiroki both were left with welts all over their chests from stiff chops. Hiroki hit a couple of devastating kicks to Anarchy, then dumped him on his head with a German suplex. Ito tries to pick Anarchy up for the Go to Sleep, but Anarchy slipped out of the challenger’s grip and hooked him in a rear naked choke. Hiroki fought and fought to get out of the hold, but he couldn’t break Anarchy’s grip. The referee continuously checked in Hiroki, who passed out from lack of oxygen. Anarchy had won the match.


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