06/26/2016 FFP Uprising 2016 (PPV)


FFP Uprising
June 26, 2016 | London, England

The show opened up with a video package highlighting the ANY Case Tournaments, as well as the FFP UK Tour. The crowd in London was ready. A lot of Daniel Matthews signs in the crowd.

Lewis Weaver vs Josh Sterling
Both wrestlers show off their technical wrestling abilities as they both try to pick the other apart. Josh works on Lewis’ leg and slaps on a figure four. Weaver battles back and hits a huge spinning clothesline. He follows it up with a gutwrench powerbomb for the pin.

After the match the two men shake hands. Both will be traveling back to the states with Full Force Pro.

FFP Men’s ANY Case Tournament Final
Odell Porter vs Deshaun Reed

Another back and forth matchup with two very capable technical wrestlers. However they both also show off their high flying skills. Both men are viewed as future big stars of FFP, and this match definitely backed that up.

After a good 20 minutes the match was still going strong. Deshaun Reed hit a missile dropkick and a German suplex for a two count. He took Odell up too and hit an impressive Northern lights off the top. He crawled over to Odell and hooked his leg, but Odell kicked out at two. Reed next went for a powerbomb, but Odell reversed into a hurricanrana. Porter hit a flurry of strikes before hitting a back elbow and a spin wheel kick. Odell went up top and attempted a frog splash, but Deshaun got his knees up. Deshaun now pulled Odell up and went for his Crash Landing. Odell muscled out of Reed’s grip and hit him with a hard Superkick. Then he grabbed Deshaun and hit the Regal Plex for the three count!

The referee awarded the ANY Case to Odell. He held the case up in the air, celebrating this major opportunity that he had just earned.

FFP Women’s ANY Case Tournament Final
Fiona Burke vs Nina Fox

Another technical wrestling match here for the crowd in London. Most of the crowd was solidly behind Fiona, although Nina had some cheers as well. Nina constantly looked for an opening to hit the Superkick on Fiona, eventually hitting it successfully at about the ten minute mark. Fox crawled to Fiona and pinned her, but Burke kicked out just in time.

Nina went to pull Fiona up, but Burke hooked Nina and rolled her into a small package. The referee slid into position for the count Nina barely kicked out in time. When Nina realized that she had nearly lost the match she laid into Fiona, pummeling her down to the mat. After several kicks and stomps, Nina waited for her opponent to get back to her feet. Nina went for another Superkick, but this time Fiona dodged. Burke floored Nina with a STO, knocking the wind out of the former Women’s Champion. Fiona went for a pin, but Nina kicked out. Fiona now went up top and attempted a picture perfect moonsault. However, Nina raised her knees. Fiona was in severe pain. Fox now hooked Fiona in the Dragon Clutch.

The two were in the center of the ring Fiona pulled and clawed at Nina’s hands trying to break her grip. She also tried in every way possible to stretch, push and reach to the ropes. But she couldn’t. Nina kept the move locked in. Fiona began to fade. Her reaches became less and less. Finally the referee checked Fiona once more, and determined that she was unconscious. The match was over. Nina Fox had won the ANY Case.

FFP SSN returns in July! You won’t want to miss it!

FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy vs Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt

In a night filled with technical wrestling, this one was just violent. A lot of stiff shots traded. Anarchy seemed to have the advantage, really wearing Vakhrov down. That is until Bianca Hunt climbed onto the apron and distracted the referee. This brought out Jason Copeland. Unfortunately Copeland fell victim to a t-bone suplex.

Off the distraction Mikhail rolled Anarchy up, pulling the tights. Bianca climbed down from the apron as the referee slid into position. He made the count, but Anarchy kicked out. The Television Champion also turned and hooked Mikhail in the Rear Naked Choke. Mikhail tried fighting out, but Anarchy had the move locked in. Mikhail was forced to tap out.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by FFP newcomer Lewis Weaver. She asked him about his debut match tonight and how excited he was about making his debut tonight. He said that he was very proud of his match tonight and that he had always had an eye on Full Force Pro, and wanted to wrestle for the company since he first saw it. He said he will do his best to become the absolute best professional wrestler.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Ochoa & Hiroki Ito

Ochoa and Hiroki Ito had a chance at the Tag Team Titles earlier in the UK Tour. This time they seemed even more prepared. Tau and Pearce has the advantage when it came to power moves, but Ochoa and Hiroki used technical wrestling as well as striking to take the Tag Champs apart.

Prince Tau changed the momentum flattening Ochoa with the Spear. But Hiroki hit a couple of stuff kicks and clotheslined Tau over the top. As Ito turned around he was destroyed with a running knee to the head by Jackson Pearce. Pearce then joined Ito’s leg and won the match.

After the match the Tag Team Champions celebrated with their titles. Meanwhile Ochoa checked on his tag partner and fellow Assassination Squad member. As the London crowd cheered the efforts made by the challengers, Ochoa helped Hiroki up. But then he proceeded to dump his partner on the back of his head with a high angle back suplex. Ochoa stood over Hiroki looking down at him. Obviously the alliance had been broken.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Patrick McCoy

These two had been going at it for a few weeks now. A feud dating back to the early days of Full Force Pro involving Simply the Best and the Soul Assassins. Christopher Morgan had been involved in the main event scene since FFP’s beginning. However Patrick McCoy had fought his way up from the bottom. And now he was ready to end Christopher’s 462 day Adrenaline Title reign.

And after a jumping piledriver in the center of the ring, it looked like McCoy was on his way. After Morgan kicked out at two, Patrick slapped on an ankle lock. Morgan was in pain. And Lux looked extremely worried. Morgan crawled and got to the ropes, breaking the hold. Patrick pulled Morgan up again and went for the Kryptonite Krunch, but Morgan escaped and hit Patrick with a knee to the gut and a DDT. He pulled McCoy up and set him up for the Tiger Driver. Patrick broke out of Morgan’s grip and hit him with a jumping kick to the side of the head. McCoy hoisted Morgan up and dropped him with a Brainbuster. Christopher kicked out at two again.

Patrick couldn’t believe it. He hoisted Morgan up and muscled him to the top rope. He climbed up with him and set the Adrenaline Champion up for a Kryptonite Krunch off the top. But this time Lux climbed into the apron and physically got involved. McCoy had to let go of Morgan and tried to get Lux to let go of his leg. This set Christopher Morgan up to be able to level McCoy with a European uppercut. McCoy crashed to the mat below. Morgan followed it up with a flying knee drop to McCoy’s head. Christopher next pulled Patrick up and planted him with the Tiger Driver. Morgan hooked the leg and got the pinfall.

Lux grabbed the Adrenaline Title and slid into the ring. Presenting it to her man while hugging and kissing him.


Triple Threat Match
Katsumi Akiyama vs Kemina vs Quinn Delaney

Although this match wasn’t for any of the women’s titles, it was a match to prove who the best woman wrestler in the world was. From the get go there wasn’t any alliances, but all three women going all out to prove that they are the best in the world.

Katsumi stuck to her hard strikes and loud devastating kicks. Kemina stuck to her technical wrestling as well as high flying. And Quinn stuck to her brawling skills as well. Kemina went for a springboard cross body block but Katsumi hit her with a dropkick in the midsection mid-air. Katsumi pulled Kemina up and planted her with a Brainbuster. But Quinn threw Katsumi out of the ring afterward and went for the pin. Kemina kicked out at two.

The match raged on, eventually seeing both girls up on the turnbuckles. Would there be a double superplex, or some other big move? Kemina got the upperhand and somehow hit a crazy double bulldog off the top. Quinn rolled out of the ring after the impact, leaving Kemina alone in the ring with Katsumi. Kemina pulled the reigning FFP Women’s Champion up and planted her with the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina pinned Katsumi, but out of nowhere Quinn dove off the top rope. Kemina however moved out of the way and Quinn landed on top of Katsumi. Kemina then grabbed Quinn by her hair and flung her back out of the ring. Kemina then pinned Katsumi. She hooked Katsumi’s leg and got the three count. Kemina had won the match.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Hades

The main event was much anticipated. Hades was getting a shot at the World Title, and Daniel was defending against someone he hadn’t had much in-ring action against. Hades tore into Daniel. In fact, he went at the Champion so hard that he ended up busting Daniel open right above his eye. The official had to separate the two men and have a FFP medic check on Daniel’s eye.

Throughout the match this was something that Hades continuously worked on. Daniel lost a lot of blood. And after going no after the wound over and over again, Hades picked Daniel up for the Burning Hammer. Daniel escaped out however and hit Hades with the Roaring Elbow. Matthews still had life in him!

Matthews dropped to his knees. He couldn’t take advantage of hitting the big move. Instead he waited for Hades to get back to his feet. Once he was up, Daniel picked him up on his shoulders and hit the Death Valley Driver. Daniel covered the challenger, but at the two count the lights in the arena flickered. Daniel released the pin and looked for the person that had been attacking him and playing mind games with him the past few weeks. As the lights flickered Caligula appeared, walking down the entrance ramp. Matthews saw him and was obviously puzzled. Caligula climbed up onto the apron but was met with a right hand. Matthews turned around in time to get hit with a hard spear from Hades.

Hades pulled Matthews up and hoisted him back up onto his shoulders. Hades went for the Burning Hammer again, but Matthews somehow flipped out and landed on his feet. He picked Hades back up and hit the Death Valley Driver again. Matthews pinned Hades as the lights still flickered. The referee made the count and somehow Daniel survived.

The World Champion grabbed the World Title and headed back toward the entrance ramp. But the lights in the arena went black again. And on the screen appeared another message. One of several that Daniel had received throughout the last few weeks.

“Daniel, you know who I am. But you will pay for your sins. 7416”

“- GxNOxIDE”

The show went off the air as Daniel slaked back through the entrance area after the eerie message appeared.


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