07/04/2016 FFP 4th of July Event


FFP 4th of July Event
July 4, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with Veronica Clyne inside the ring. She welcomed everyone to FFP’s third annual 4th of July Event. She said that after the event that there would be fireworks outside of the venue for the audience as well as the superstars.

Veronica also announced that if Daniel Matthews and Genocide wound up coming to blows tonight that it would not be a sanctioned match by Full Force Pro, but instead it would simply be a fight. Not for a title or not with an official in the ring.

Ochoa vs Hiroki Ito

This match was personal. A hard hitting match with both men trying to know the other’s teeth out. Hiroki used his kicks to wear Ochoa down while Ochoa used power and his technical wrestling skills. Ochoa hit a fisherman brainbuster on Hiroki that seemed to take a lot out of his opponent. But Ito kicked out at two. Ochoa pulled him back up and went for the Vertabreaker, but Ito reversed out, scooped Ochoa up and went for his Go to Sleep. However, Ochoa dug his fingers into Hiroki’s eyes and slid off of his shoulder. Then he grabbed his former partner and planted him with the Vertabreaker. Ochoa pinned Hiroki and got the victory.

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Fiona Burke vs Giovanni Gotch

Another match featuring a personal feud. Fiona and Giovanni made up the women’s tag team Team FAB, who held the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles back in the early part of 2015. But for a long time now, the two were in a bitter feud. Tonight they tore into each other from bell to bell. Fists flew. Elbow and kicks connected. Pain was written on both of their faces throughout the match. Gotch hit a spear that flattened her former partner. She hooked Fiona’s leg and got a two count. Fiona fought back, hitting a dropkick, a couple clotheslines and a DDT. She hooked Giovanni in a crossface, but Gotch reached up and dug her fingernails into Fiona’s eyes. Fiona broke the hold.

Gotch got back up and waited. As Fiona got back to her feet, Gotch hit a running big boot. She pulled Burke up and went for her Hellacious Powerbomb. But Fiona used the momentum to go over top of Giovanni and land on her feet behind her. When Gotch turned back around Fiona hit her with a kick to the gut, and a hard knee lift knocking the blonde to the mat. Fiona pulled Giovanni up and set her up for the FAB Drop. But Gotch reversed into a roll up pin, pulling hard on Fiona’s tights. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Fiona kicked out. Gotch couldn’t believe it. Next, she floored Fiona with a clothesline. She set he up for her Hellacious Powerbomb and this time connected. Fiona was out. Gotch hooked her leg, but somehow Fiona kicked out before the three count!

Gotch couldn’t believe it. She began to argue with the referee. Then she pulled Fiona up and delivered ANOTHER Hellacious. Giovanni hooked the leg and the referee again made the count. 1…2…3. Giovanni Gotch had defeated her former tag team partner.

As Giovanni left the ringside area the crowd cheered for Fiona. Burke slowly got back to her feet and waved to the crowd as she left the ring.

FFP Tag Team Titles

(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs American Bulldogs
Two years ago today the American Bulldogs walked out of this same event the new FFP Tag Team Champions. Tonight, they were looking to do the exact same thing. The Bulldogs definitely had the advantage when it came to technical wrestling. They worked both Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce down. The tide turned however when Prince Tau entered the ring illegally and hit the Spear on Matt Evanston. Nathan Caine stepped in and went after Prince Tau. The two wound up spilling to the outside of the ring.

In the meantime Jackson Pearce set his sights on Matt Evanston. Pearce went for the Pole Shift, but Evanston reversed out and hit a back elbow. He immediately went off the ropes and hit a leg lariat. Then, he dumped Pearce with a German suplex. Evanston then set Pearce up for one of his finishers, the Superkick. He went for it, but Pearce ducked it. He grabbed Evanston and planted him with a full nelson facebuster. Pearce rolled him over and went for the pin, but Nathan Caine broke the pin up. Caine pulled Pearce up and buried him with Double Underhook Driver. Tau slid back into the ring and went for the Spear on Nathan. Nathan dodged, but Tau connected with Matt Evanston. Nathan turned and went after Tau, but Prince Tau hoisted him up and hit the F5. Jackson Pearce now crawled over and draped his arm over Matt Evanston. The referee made the count, and Tau & Pearce retained their titles.


FFP Adrenaline Title vs ANY Case | Winner Take All
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Odell Porter

The Cincinnati crowd was clearly behind Odell Porter in this match, although they cheered at Lux at ringside, wearing a tight red, white and blue dress that showed off some of her…assets. Odell came out on fire, hitting the champion with all kinds of fast and high impact moves. A German suplex followed by a flying elbow drop looked to really take it out of the Adrenaline Champion. Maybe his quest to 500 would be spoiled tonight by Odell Porter.

But as Odell hooked Christopher for the Regal Plex, Christopher turned so the referee was out of position and lifted his leg, hitting Odell with a low blow. Morgan then turned and planted Odell with a DDT. The champion was back in control. Christopher did a little pose for his girl. She loved it. The crowd booed. He then pulled Odell up and set him up for the Tiger Driver. Morgan almost got the challenger up, but Odell blocked it. He broke out of Christopher’s grip and hit an awesome kick to the side of the head. Morgan stumbled forward. Odell then grabbed him and hit the Regal Plex! Morgan was out! Odell hooked his leg. 1…2… and Lux grabbed Morgan’s leg and placed it on the bottom rope. The referee didn’t see her do it and stopped the count. For a moment the crowd went crazy. They thought that they saw this historic title reign change hands.

Odell couldn’t believe it. He told the referee, pointing to Lux and explaining what happened. As he did so, Christopher began to move. Odell saw and quickly grabbed him, setting him up for another Regal Plex. Christopher was able to break out of the hold however. He hit a knee to the gut, and set Odell up for the Tiger Driver again. Morgan went for the move, but just like last time, Odell broke out of the hold. He went for the kick to the skull again but Morgan dodged and threw Odell to the mat with a German suplex. Morgan now pulled Odell up. He bent him over and successfully hit the Tiger Driver. Ballgame. Morgan hooked the leg and the referee made the count. 1…2… WHAT?! Odell kicked out! Morgan couldn’t believe it.

Morgan turned to Lux and signaled to her. He then grabbed Odell and set him up for another move. Meanwhile Lux grabbed a hold of the Adrenaline Title. She placed it on the apron, walked to the other side of the ring and climbed up onto the apron. the referee obviously attempted to stop her from entering the ring. Christopher threw Odell down and went for his Adrenaline Title. He waited as Odell slowly got to his feet. Christopher charged, ready to decapitate Odell with the championship. But Porter moved out of the way, and Morgan connected with Lux! Lux crashed to the arena floor. Morgan dropped the title, looking down at his girlfriend. What had he done?! Morgan turned around and fell victim to a hard superkick from Odell that echoed through the arena. Odell then grabbed the Adrenaline Champion and hit the Regal Plex, bridging the move for a pin. The referee slid into position. 1…2…3! The crowd exploded. Odell Porter was the new FFP Adrenaline Champion! He had ended Christopher Morgan’s historic title reign!

Odell was presented the title. He dropped to his knees and hugged the title. The crowd stood, cheering the new champion. Both men had put up one hell of a fight, but Odell ended Morgan’s title reign. There was a new Adrenaline Champion!

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Katsumi Akiyama & Quinn Delaney vs Kemina & Firefly

All four girls were very gifted athletes in the squared circle. And although Katsumi and Quinn were the FFP and HONOR Women’s Champions, Las Bellezas Peligrosas were former FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions. They definitely had the advantage when it came to tag team wrestling.

Kemina really showed her dominance in the ring. That is until she was taken down with a couple of awesome kicks from FFP Women’s Champion Katsumi Akiyama. Firefly entered the ring which brought in Quinn. A huge brawl broke out. Katsumi and Quinn got the best of Kemina and Firefly, sending them out to the arena floor. Katsumi and Quinn both then hit separate suicide dives onto their opponents.

The match eventually found it’s way back into the ring where Quinn hit the Quinn Cutter on Firefly. It looked as if Quinn would get the three count and win the match for her team, but Kemina ran in and broke up the count. Katsumi came in again, and another brawl broke out. This time even more wild. Eventually all four competitors wound up outside of the ring, brawling around ringside. The referee made his 20 count, and both teams were counted out. The match ended in a double count out. But the brawl continued.

Kemina and Firefly seemed to be getting whooped, but eventually got the best of both opponents. Kemina rammed Quinn into the steel ring post and took Katsumi into the center of the ring. There was some back and forth, but with Firefly’s help Kemina got the best of Katsumi. They stood over the downed opponent as the crowd booed.

In the Ring
Veronica Clyne now came back own to the ring. The FFP President as well as FFP Hall of Famer announced the last member of the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2016. She said that she was happy to see this man being inducted and said that he deserved it just as much as anyone else. It was former FFP Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki!

OWF Title
(c) Alexander T Morrison w/ Self Made vs Hayden Flowers
Earlier today the Ohio Wrestling Federation presented OWF 77. There Hayden Flowers came close to winning the OWF Championship from Alexander T Morrison, but due to outside interference from Self Made (Beatrice Keenan, Dexter Murdoch, the new OWF Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings and the OWF Tag Team Champions Guided by Voices), ATM walked away the champion. But it was revealed that Matt Kraven was the new interim man in charge of the OWF and he announced that they would have a rematch at tonight’s show.

The match began slow. Both men were still a little tired from their match earlier in the afternoon. And neither man wanted to make a mistake. Early on in the match all members of Self Made made themselves noticed, by either tripping Hayden up, taunting him or climbing up onto the ring apron. Hayden eventually hit Dexter with a dropkick that caused him to fall to the arena floor and land on the OWF Tag Team Champions. Hayden then took the fight to Alexander, hitting him with everything that he could. Suplexes, a tornado DDT and a missile dropkick were just a few of the moves that Hayden hit on ATM. Then, he went up top for the Frog Splash. He went for the move, but ATM raised his knees. Hayden crashed down on his ribs. ATM then got up and went for the Code Breaker. However, somehow Hayden caught ATM in mid-air and planted him with a Death Valley Driver, just liked earlier in the day. Hayden went toward the corner again, but Dexter Murdoch climbed up onto the apron.

In quite a surprise OWF newcomer Kenny Bench made his way down the isle. The big man got to the ring and grabbed Dexter’s legs, ripping him off the ring apron. Guided by Voices rushed to Dexter’s aide, but were clobbered by a big double clothesline. ATM had gotten back to his feet and rushed to the corner, grabbing Hayden and trying to push him off the turnbuckle. Hayden however hit a couple of elbows to the head, sending Alexander crashing to the mat below. Hayden then jumped off the top rope, connecting with the Frog Splash.

Beatrice and Dani now climbed up onto the apron and actually right inside the ring. The referee tried to stop them, as Hayden had the pin. As Beatrice and Dani argued with the referee, Hayden got up and approached. But before he could do anything Amy Kraven and Aubrey Moresi rushed down to the ring. They slid in and took Beatrice and Dani down with a couple of spears, sending them to the outside of the ring. Aubrey and Beatrice went at it while Amy and the new OWF Women’s Champion did so as well.

Somehow in all of this chaos, ATM had gotten back to his feet. He went after Hayden, but Flowers dodged and ATM crashed into the corner. Off the rebound, Hayden grabbed the OWF Champion and hit a Tiger Suplex. Hayden then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Hayden Flowers was the new OWF Champion!

Hayden was presented the title. Just like Odell Porter, Hayden cried as he held the championship. Hayden’s girlfriend Aubrey slid into the ring and jumped on him, hugging and kissing him. Kenny Bench and Amy Kraven also climbed into the ring as the now former OWF Champion rolled out of the ring and joined his defeated group. Self Made retreated as Hayden and his friends celebrated in the center of the ring.


The FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews came down to the ring. He didn’t have the championship with him. But he was ready for a fight. Daniel got into the ring and grabbed the microphone, calling Genocide out.

For weeks now Daniel kept getting attacked and seeing cryptic messages. After many weeks passed it was obvious that the messages and beatings were coming from former FFP superstar (and former FFP United States Champion) Genocide.

On the microphone Daniel said that Genocide was a coward. He said that they never got along in the early days of FFP, and Genocide was always jealous of him. Daniel then called him out again. Daniel said that he wasn’t leaving here until Genocide would come down to the ring and take care of this.

But as Daniel awaited Genocide, the lights in the arena went out. And when they came back on SUCCUMB’s Caligula and Attila were standing behind him. Daniel turned around and was floored by them both. They pummeled the World Champion down. That is until Daniel fought back, hitting Attila with a couple of right hands and then flooring Caligula with the Roaring Elbow. Attila once again double legged Daniel and took him down. The two traded blows, rolling around the mat. That is until the lights in the arena went black again.

The light came back on and Hades was standing behind Daniel. When Daniel turned around he was floored with a running clothesline. Then, Attila and Caligula joined Hades on the beat down. As they beat Matthews down, the lights in the arena went out again.

When they went back on this time, Hades, Attila and Caligula had a hold of Daniel, holding his arms out to his sides, and someone was inside the ring. Obviously it was Genocide, in a big hooded cloak. He pulled the hood down to reveal himself. But it wasn’t Genocide!


Daniel was shocked. Synn stepped back and delivered a gruesome kick to Daniel’s groin. Hades, Attila and Caligula let go of Matthews who collapsed to the mat. The foursome stood over Daniel’s motionless body. Synn pulled a goblet out of her robe which seemed to be filled with blood. She poured it over Daniel’s face and some of his body. She then took Daniel’s microphone and said that soon Daniel Matthews would SUCCUMB to Genocide. She laughed an evil laugh and the lights in the arena went out.

When they came back on Genocide was standing inside the ring, with a noose. He hooked the noose around Daniel’s neck, pulled him up and flung him over the top rope, pulling on the noose and hanging Daniel over the ropes. Matthews kicked and flailed, trying to breath. FFP security quickly rushed to the ring to stop what could possibly be a murder on live television. Security was able to get Genocide to let go of the noose as EMTs carted Daniel off. Genocide stood in the center of the ring with his arm around Synn. Hades, Attila and Caligula dropped to their knees as if they were worshiping the couple. This is how the show came to an end.

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