07/09/2016 FFP SSN


July 9, 2016 | Dayton, Ohio

The show opened up with Veronica Clyne in the middle of the ring. Veronica said that she was here to announce who Katsumi Akiyama would defend her FFP Women’s Title against at FFP Mid-Summer Classic III. Katsumi came out with her championship on her shoulder.

Veronica said that Katsumi had had stiff competition against both the HONOR Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney and Kemina. Of course this brought out both potential challengers.

Veronica then made the announcement that at this month’s Mid-Summer Classic Katsumi would defend the Women’s Title against both Quinn and Kemina in an elimination triple threat match!

Assault & Battery vs Angel Caido & Damien
Newcomers to FFP and former ALS Lucha Tag Team Champions Angel Caido and Damien made their FFP debut taking on the former FFP Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery. Angel and Damien brought a style that Assault & Battery hadn’t really seen too often in FFP, a speedy lucha type style. Obviously the newcomers wanted to make the former champions wrestle a different style than they’re used to, and they did for a short time. However, Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan kept their cool and turn the tides, taking care of Angel and Damien when Gregory Hart hit Damien with the Slingshot Suplex for the three count.

The scene cut to former FFP Cruiserweight Champion EJ “Money” Carter. Carter had been silent for a while in FFP, but made it known that he was interested in being called champion again. EJ said that whether it be the Cruiserweight, Television or Adrenaline Title, that soon he would be coming for the gold.

Lewis Weaver vs Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt
Both wrestlers showed off their technical wrestling abilities. The FFP rookie from London, Lewis Weaver pulled out the victory after hitting Jason with Gutwrench Powerbomb.


In the Ring
The new FFP Adrenaline Champion Odell Porter came down to the ring. The Dayton crowd gladly welcomed to the man who ended Christopher Morgan’s 470-day Adrenaline Title reign Monday at the FFP 4th of July Event. Odell thanked the crowd. The man who also holds the FFP Men’s ANY Case said that Christopher’s title reign was one of the most impressive things in the history of Full Force Pro. He said that he will be a fighting champion, and will look to do his absolute best with this title reign.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with HONOR Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney. He asked Quinn about Veronica’s announcement. Quinn said that this match is putting the best three women wrestlers in the world against each other with the biggest Women’s Title in the world on the line. Quinn said that she was excited about the match and felt confident that she could win the whole thing, and be a dual champion.

Kemina and Firefly came up from behind her. Kemina said that she won against Quinn and Katsumi once, and she’s gladly do it again. Of course Quinn told Kemina that this time around that she would be winning. They traded words until punches were thrown. Firefly assisted her friend and tag team partner in pummeling Quinn down. Katsumi Akiyama arrived to assist Quinn, but Kemina and Firefly quickly walked off beforehand.

In the Ring
Although the Shibuya Mafia had been rather quiet in Full Force Pro for quite sometime, the group was still alive and well. Joey DeMarco led his guys down the isle and into the ring. Joey, Chad Lyons, Brian Kamen and Eddie Siebenthaler stood proudly in the ring. DeMarco asked if Logan Christopher would come down. Logan came to the ring with Brandi Moore by his side. DeMarco noted how Logan and him had an understanding and continued to have each other’s backs, although Logan had never officially became a member of the Shibuya Mafia.

DeMarco then made the announcement that tonight the Shibuya Mafia would prove to FFP and the world that they were still here, and in fact, still capable of dominance in FFP. Then, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen as well as Eddie Siebenthaler attacked Logan and Brandi from behind. They pummeled them down to the mat. Then, Joey DeMarco planted both, Logan Christopher and Brandi Moore with his finishing move, the Jumping Piledriver. His group stood around him, cheering their leader on. They stood over the downed former World Champion and FFP Hall of Famer, looking proud of their work.

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FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs American Bulldogs

A rematch from the FFP 4th of July Event saw the American Bulldogs attempt to win the Tag Team Titles again. The Bulldogs hold the record of most title wins, winning the straps three different times. However the last time they had held the belts was over one year ago.

The Bulldogs used their technical wrestling abilities to wear down the champions. But in Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce fashion they hit the challengers hard with a lot of impact and intensity. Tau hit the Spear on Evanston and pinned him to win the match.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was trying to get a word with Hiroki Ito. Ito spoke about Ochoa but only for a moment as Ochoa showed up. The two went face to face before security quickly intervened. Apparently this feud was far from over.

In the Ring
The scene cut inside the ring where FFP President Veronica Clyne had returned. Veronica announced that over the weekend Full Force Pro had signed Japanese wrestling superstar Shikamaru! She announced that Shikamaru would make his FFP debut next week on SSN!


July 23, 2016 we induct the second class of the FFP Hall of Fame. Join us while we welcome Matt Kraven, Lizzy Kraven, Nina Fox and Kashimanaki into the prestigious halls of our Hall of Fame. One night before the FFP Mid-Summer Class III.

FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy vs Aiden Conrad

Aiden is a former Television Champion. In fact he had held the title on three separate occasions. He looked to make it a fourth in Dayton against Anarchy. Anarchy definitely had the strength advantage, as well as the technical wrestling advantage. Conrad relied heavily on striking, connecting with some hard punches to the skull.

Aiden set Anarchy up and went for the Beauty Maker, but Anarchy ducked it and nearly turned Aiden in half with a lariat. He then locked Conrad in the Rear Naked Choke and forced him to submit.

In the Ring
The FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews came down to the ring to a loud cheer from the Dayton crowd. The Champion called out Genocide, saying that their confrontation on the 4th of July was cowardly and he thought that Genocide actually had a set.

The lights in the building went out. When they came back on Synn, Hades, Attila and Caligula were all on the stage. Synn, with a microphone in hand. Synn said that for Daniel to find out here and call Genocide a coward means that Matthews didn’t learn his lesson. She said that Daniel should respect Genocide because Genocide had the power to end him.

Matthews said if Genocide wanted to end him, that he should be a man and come do it face to face. Synn interrupted, saying that this is the rebirth of SUCCUMB, and that Daniel’s wish is SUCCUMB’s command. The lights went out again. When they came back on, Genocide was standing behind Daniel. The rest of SUCCUMB was gone. Daniel turned around only to be planted by Genocide’s finishing move the Geno Effect. He stood over Daniel with his arms out, his eyes rolling back into his head. The lights went out again.

When they came back on a steel cage had surrounded the ring. Daniel was covered in blood and all of the members of SUCCUMB stood around the downed Champion. Synn was holding her goblet, empty. Obviously the blood that was poured on Daniel came from the goblet.

Hades had a hold of the noose, handing it to Genocide. He hooked it around Daniel’s neck. Synn, standing close to the new leader of SUCCUMB, announced that if Daniel Matthews wasn’t afraid, he could face Genocide in a Steel Cage Match at the Mid-Summer Classic, with the FFP World Championship on the line. Or, she said, he could back down and show that he in fact is the coward. She told him that the decision was his to make. She dropped the microphone. The lights in the arena went dark again. When they came back on, SUCCUMB was nowhere to be seen. But Daniel still lie motionless, with a noose around his neck.

On July 24, 2016 Full Force Pro presents FFP Mid-Summer Classic III live from Detroit, Michigan! Already announced for this awesome event is FFP Women’s Champion Katsumi Akiyama putting her title on the line against HONOR Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney and Kemina. And, we will quite possibly see Daniel Matthews take on Genocide if Daniel accepts Genocide’s challenge.


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