2016 FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
July 23, 2016 | Detroit, Michigan

The second annual Full Force Pro Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony began with footage from earlier in the night, when FFP superstars, staff and fans, as well as OWF superstars, trainees and staff entered the prestigious event. Even wrestlers from other promotions, like Adam Hyatt and FFP Hall of Famer April Hunter were shown. As well as wrestlers who may never have wrestled in FFP but were an influence in a wrestler’s life, like one of Matt Kraven’s inspirations Blackout.

The President of FFP and fellow Hall of Famer Veronica Clyne took the stage. Veronica said that she knew first hand how much of an honor it was to be inducted into this prestigious group. She said that in the 2015 class every person inducted earned their way into the Hall of Fame 100%. She said that the same could be said for the class of 2016.

Veronica then introduced the first inductor for the event, former FFP World and Cruiserweight Champion, Logan Christopher.

Logan Christopher came out and talked about the first member of the Class of 2016, Kashimanaki. Talking about how Kashimanaki is a multi-time FFP Cruiserweight Champion as well as a former Tag Team Champion, teaming with Logan himself to defeat the Dark Side for the straps.

Logan said that Kashimanaki most definitely deserved the honor of being in the Hall of Fame, and also promised the crowd that without a doubt Kashimanaki would one day be the World Champion.

Logan then introduced Kashimanaki.

Kashimanaki came out, shaking hands with Logan as well as embracing him. Kashimanaki said that he was proud of his resume here in Full Force Pro. He said that holding the record for the most Cruiserweight Title reigns was an honor, and that like Logan said, he would like to one day hold the FFP World Title.

The next inductor was announced. It was a man who would be going into the Hall of Fame later tonight, Matt Kraven.

Matt Kraven said that he was out here to induct his cousin Lizzy Kraven into the FFP Hall of Fame. Matt said that Lizzy was one of few women in FFP to not only open the doors for other women, but blast then off of their hinges. Matt said that seeing Lizzy cash in in Japan a couple of years ago to defeat Patrick McCoy and win the FFP World Title is one of his favorite FFP memories.

Matt said that Lizzy had accomplished so much in the past here, but was optimistic that her best days were still ahead.

Matt said that it was an absolute honor to induct Lizzy into the Hall of Fame.

Lizzy came out wearing a dress, something that many people never believed would have happened. Matt embraced his cousin and kissed her on the forehead.

Lizzy said that when she came to Full Force Pro that she was afraid that any success she found would make people just claim that it was only because her cousin owned the company. She said that she finally put those thoughts away and did things her way. Being one of only three women to win the FFP World Championship, being one of only two women to hold the FFP Television Championship, being one of only two women to hold the FFP Cruiserweight Championship, and being one of only two women to hold the FFP Team Titles.

Lizzy said that she only regretted one thing in her career, and that was turning on her cousin and joining The Kingdom.

Lizzy lastly promised that her and fellow Class of 2016 Hall of Famer Nina Fox would tear the house down tomorrow at the Mid-Summer Classic.

FFP Hall of Fame Match
Gregory Hart vs Matt Evanston

This match was a very technical, back and forth match. Matt Evanston had the experience advantage, and it showed early on in the match.

However, Gregory fought back hitting a couple of snap suplexes, a hard clothesline, a springboard back elbow and a flying leg drop. Hart locked Evanston in the Ankle Lock. Matt was in pain. But he fought and fought and got himself to the ropes.

Hart broke the hold and allowed Evanston to get up. Gregory charged but Evanston back body dropped him. Evanston then hit the ropes and performed a suicide dive on Hart. Evanston went back into the ring. It took Hart a moment to get back up and roll into the ring. Evanston went for the Superkick, but Hart caught his foot and locked in the Ankle Lock once again. Evanston again stretched and clawed for the ropes. As Matt got dangerously close to the ropes, Gregory released the hold. He pulled Evanston up and dumped him with a German suplex. Hart then grabbed Evanston’s leg, pulled him to the middle of the ring and slapped on an Ankle Lock again.

Evanston fought once again for the ropes, but he had to tap out. Gregory Hart was the winner of the first ever FFP Hall of Fame Match!

The next inductor was the FFP President, Veronica Clyne. Veronica came out and talked about the next inductee, Nina Fox. Veronica said that her and Nina were involved in one of the best feuds in FFP history. She said that Nina had earned her respect inside and outside of the ring.

Clyne said that there are only three women in the history of Full Force Pro that have held the World Championship. Veronica herself, Lizzy Kraven and Nina Fox. Veronica said that she was extremely happy that tonight, all three of them are now and forever in the Hall of Fame.

Veronica then introduced Nina.

Nina Fox came out and hugged Veronica. She thanked Veronica for her kind words and told the crowd that Veronica will always be her toughest opponent.

Nina said that she joined Matt and Veronica’s training camp years ago and wasn’t exactly sure where it would lead her. She said she could have failed miserably, she could have had a few matches, or she could have lived her dream…and that’s exactly what she did.

Nina said that she has never regretted stepping foot into that training camp, never regretted falling in love with this sport and never regretted signing with the greatest company in the world, Full Force Pro.

Nina said that tomorrow’s match between her and Lizzy Kraven will not only be hard hitting, but it will be two new Hall of Famers going out there and proving that not only do they deserve to be here, but they deserve to live on forever in the FFP Hall of Fame.

Nina then thanked Matt Kraven, Veronica Clyne, Samantha West, Lizzy Kraven, Daniel Matthews and all of the FFP staff for everything that they had done for her career.

Tomorrow night, Full Force Pro presents FFP Mid-Summer Classic III live from Detroit, Michigan! At this event we will see Daniel Matthews defending the FFP World Title against Genocide in a Steel Cage Match, Katsumi Akiyama defending the FFP Women’s Title against Kemina and Quinn Delaney, Odell Porter defending the Adrenaline Title against Joseph Curtis, and much more!

Finally, the last inductor came out on stage. The FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews. Who was also the best friend of the last inductee, Matt Kraven.

Daniel said that he and Matt Kraven, along with a few others had spent a ridiculous amount of time together. Daniel said that in the beginning of Full Force Pro that he, Matt, Veronica Clyne, Seduction Inc and Patrick McCoy would all take turns renting cars to drive around to all the FFP shows. Daniel said that they all spent time discussing professional wrestling and doing everything they could to make FFP become a big name in the sport.

Daniel then said that if you fast forward, that that is exactly what happened. He said that him and Matt had somehow become the best of friends, but that honestly there were so many others that could be up on stage to induct Matt Kraven as well.

Daniel then called Veronica, Brandi, Taylor and Patrick McCoy out onto the stage. They joined him. Then, Daniel introduced the final inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2016, Matt Kraven.

Matt Kraven came out, with tears in his eyes. He hugged each person on the stage. Daniel presented him his Hall of Fame ring. Matt embraced Daniel and they smiled as they both put their fists together, showing their rings off.

Kraven thanked the crowd. He thanked everyone who had ever worked for FFP and did everything they could to make it the best product that they could. Matt spoke about the early days of FFP and spending endless amounts of time with everyone that Daniel mentioned. He spoke about feuding with his brother, having his cousin turn on him and losing the company.

He said that there were a lot of hard times, but that this honor right here trumped them all. Matt said that his health was getting better and that he would try his hardest to return to the squared circle, and climb back up the ladder of FFP.

Matt thanked Daniel, Veronica, Brandi, Taylor and Patrick for putting up with him constantly. He thanked Lizzy for coming to FFP to help her cousin out. He thanked Chris for the years of awesome feuds. He thanked his little sister Amy for finally coming to wrestle for the OWF and begin to prove to the world that she was not only a great wrestler, but absolutely the best wrestler in the Kraven family.

He thanked Christopher Morgan and Caleb Newstead for being the hated bad guys in FFP’s early days, he thanked Elizabeth Summers for being the bitchy authority figure in FFP’s early days, and he thanked everyone that had ever worked with him, whether it be in the ring, in a storyline or in the back. Matt said that without everyone that FFP wouldn’t be where it is today.

Then Matt thanked Farrah. He winked to his wife who was sitting in the front row. He told her that she was absolutely his biggest fan. Absolutely FFP’s biggest fan. And he told her that if it wasn’t for her that either FFP wouldn’t still be here, or Matt wouldn’t be here. He told her that he loved her and blew her a kiss.

Matt then turned his attention back to the crowd. He said that tomorrow’s Mid-Summer Classic would be the best event in FFP history and that he was looking forward to the show not as the owner of FFP, but as a fan of this sport.

Matt said that he loved everyone who inducted him, he loved his family, he loved his workers and he loved all the fans.

Confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling as the crowd gave a standing ovation. The rest of the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2016 stepped back on stage and took a final bow. The inductees shared hugs, and talked with huge smiles on their faces as the show came to an end.


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