Will Odell Porter Cash In Tomorrow?

Tomorrow at the FFP Mid-Summer Classic III, the FFP World Championship will be out on the line it what will surely be one of the most violent Steel Cage Matches in FFP history.

Daniel Matthews will battle Genocide in a match that is several weeks in the making as Genocide has continually attacked Daniel week in and out, physically as well as mentally. Genocide, the new leader of SUCCUMB will look to not only defeat Daniel tomorrow in the main event, but destroy him.

So the question is, will Odell Porter take advantage of surely the tired and beat up victor of the main event and cash in his ANY Case tomorrow night?

Odell Porter won the ANY Case at FFP Uprising last month in London. He had continued holding onto the case, waiting for the most opportune time to put it to use, at the same time successfully ending Christopher Morgan’s 470-day Adrenaline Title reign.

Odell definitely has a great opportunity in that ANY Case. And like most would, you would assume he will wait until the time is right to cash in and hope to walk away as the new FFP World Champion. But will he cash in tomorrow night? Tune in and see!

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