07/24/2016 FFP Mid-Summer Classic III (PPV)


FFP Mid-Summer Classic III
July 24, 2016 | Detroit, Michigan

The third annual Mid-Summer Classic began with camera shots all over the arena. The Detroit crowd was pumped for FFP’s biggest event of the year. Coming off of the heels of the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last night, emotions were definitely high.

The owner of Full Force Pro and one of four of the newest FFP Hall of Fame members Matt Kraven joined the commentary team to provide guest commentary for the night.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Joseph Curtis
Odell and JoCu shook hands before the bell rang. After ending Christopher Morgan’s historic title reign, Odell felt he had a lot to prove as a worthy champion, while JoCu was looking to finally make a huge impact in his FFP career.

JoCu had a height and reach advantage over Odell and used it to his advantage. JoCu was able to keep Odell at bay during the early goings of the match, dropping Odell with a series of clotheslines and a big boot.

Odell use his speed and striking to keep one step ahead of JoCu, however once JoCu floored Odell with a hard clothesline and a stalling suplex, things didn’t look good for the Adrenaline Champion. Joseph locked Odell into a Boston crab and transitioned into an STF in the center of the ring. Odell struggled, but eventually broke JoCu’s grip, turning him to his back and locked in an Anaconda vice.

JoCu once again powered out. He eventually got the champion up and placed him in the top turnbuckle. JoCu climbed to the top with Odell and hit him with an impressive superplex. JoCu next went for a pin, but for a two count.

The crowd cheered both men’s efforts. A great match between two great competitors. JoCu pulled Porter up and lifted him up for the Jackhammer, but Odell wiggled out of position and floated over. The Adrenaline Champion then hit JoCu with the Regal Plex for the three count, retaining his title.

After the match the two men shook hands. Both had earned the others respect.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Nevin Solomon vs EJ “Money” Carter
A fast paced match for sure. And back and forth as well. The Detroit crowd loved it. Nevin Solomon hit a suicide dive on two different sides of the ring. EJ Carter gained the upperhand when Nevin climbed back into the ring and got hit with a running knee to the chest and a swinging neckbreaker. Carter hit a t-bone suplex, a dropkick off the middle rope and a flying elbow drop for a two count.

Carter went for his finisher the Bankruptcy but Solomon broke free and hit a jumping kick to the side of his head. Nevin rolled EJ up and got a two count. When Both superstars got back to their feet, Nevin grabbed the challenger and spiked him on the mat with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Nevin hooked EJ’s leg and got the three count. He retained his title.

After the match Nevin hoisted the title up in the air. As he celebrated, EJ Carter got back to his feet and attacked Nevin from behind. He stomped him and kicked him, then grabbed the Cruiserweight Title. He waited for Nevin to get back to his feet, planning on leveling him with the title, but the former Cruiserweight Champion Kashimanaki rushed to the ring. Carter dropped the belt and slid out of the ring.

Kashimanaki then helped Nevin up as EJ walked back up the entrance ramp.


At Ringside
The scene cuts to ringside where the FFP Hall of Fame Class of 2016 is introduced. Matt Kraven, Nina Fox, Kashimanaki and Lizzy Kraven climb into the ring to a standing ovation from the Detroit crowd. They put their hands up in the air to thank the crowd for their appreciation.

Death Match
Hiroki Ito vs Ochoa
A wild brawl right from the very start. Weapons had been sprawled out around ringside, and Hiroki and Ochoa enjoyed using many of them against one another. Hiroki rammed Ochoa into the steel guardrail after smacking him over and over again with a Singapore cane.

Hiroki then grabbed a chair and attempted to hit Ochoa with it, but the masked superstar ducked the attack and kicked the weapon into Ito’s face. Ochoa began to stomp Hiroki and kick him while he was down. He proceeded to hit Hiroki with a suplex on the outside. Then he grabbed the ring bell. He swung the bell wildly at Hiroki who dodged the attack and hit Ochoa with a devastating kick to the groin. Then he grabbed his opponent and Russian leg swept him into the guardrail

Hiroki went back into the ring and attempted a wild suicide dive on Ochoa. However, Ochoa still had a hold of the ring bell. As Hiroki dove into mid air, Ochoa cracked him in the head with the bell. The sound was sickening. The crowd gasped. But Ochoa pulled Hiroki back up and hit him with the very dangerous Vertabreaker on the outside of the ring.

The referee made the count as Ochoa took a knee beside Hiroki’s motionless body. After a ten count, Ochoa was proclaimed the winner. EMTs came down and checked on Hiroki, placing him on a stretcher for precautionary reasons and took him to a local hospital.

Pre-Show Recap
Clips were shown of the pre-show which featured two matches including wrestlers from the Ohio Wrestling Federation. The first match saw the Tamatoas defeat OWF newcomers Alyx Woods & Cody Ricker. The other match saw Malakai defeat Trey Hawkins in a very athletic match.

Lizzy Kraven vs Nina Fox
Both women had just earned their rightful places in the FFP Hall of Fame last night and wanted to follow up with a win. And considering the controversial ending to their match on Thursday Night Madness, both intended on making sure their victory was a clear-cut one. Nina exploded on Lizzy from the very beginning with a multitude of hard forearms. Lizzy was able to push Nina back, connecting with a few shots of her own, including some closed fists that the referee promptly warned her about.

Neither allowed their opponent to stay on complete offense for too long. Nina backed Lizzy into the corner and went to chop away at her, but Lizzy grabbed Nina and threw her into the corner in her place. After a few knees, Lizzy backed up, looking for a corner clothesline, but Nina connected with a big boot from out of the corner. Nina climbed up the turnbuckle, waiting for Lizzy to rise, but instead of getting right to her feet, Lizzy jumped for the ropes, causing Nina to lose her balance and fall back down onto the turnbuckle. Lizzy quickly climbed up and hit a Superplex, shaking the ring. Lizzy then went for the cover, but only got a 2 count. As soon as Lizzy got to her feet, Nina reached up and rolled Lizzy up for a 2 count of her own. A double clothesline following the exchange had them both down for a moment.

They both got to their feet at the same time and had a stare down. It seemed as though they were showing a mutual respect, but Lizzy instead kicked Nina in the gut. With a grin, Lizzy charged at Nina, looking for the Kraven Lariat, but Nina reacted too quickly and connected with the Superkick! The force from the kick was so great that it sent Lizzy back against the ropes. When Lizzy rebounded, despite her grogginess, she turned Nina inside out with the Kraven Lariat! The crowd applauded the exchange as both women fell to the mat, feeling the effects of the other’s finisher. After a moment of rolling in pain, Lizzy managed to drape her arm over Nina. However, Nina’s legs were so close to the ropes that she was able to prop her foot up and break the count right before three.

It took a while before both women could get to their feet, but when they did, they went right back to their hard strikes. Nina hit Lizzy with a forearm, Lizzy hit Nina with a chop, back and forth and back and forth with the crowd throwing in “ooh’s” after each shot. Eventually their pace picked back up and they simultaneously beat on each other. Lizzy ended up getting the upper hand after lifting Nina up and connecting with 3 consecutive backbreakers. It was obvious that the match was wearing them down, but they were both so determined to win.

As Nina held her back in pain, Lizzy just laid in wait for Nina to get back to her feet. Once Nina did, Lizzy went for another Kraven Lariat, but Nina ducked. When Lizzy turned around, Nina connected with a hard jumping knee to Lizzy’s chin. Then Nina roughly grabbed Lizzy and dropped her with a Package Piledriver! Lizzy was out cold, and Nina pinned her for the three count.

Nina got up and began to celebrate her victory. Lizzy Kraven exited the ring and walked up the entrance ramp. As Lizzy disappeared through the curtain, Nina continued celebrating her hard fought victory. However her celebration was cut short when FFP Hall of Famer April Hunter came out onto the stage with a microphone in hand. April told Nina that she fought a good fight, but that soon she would have her downfall. Nina, assuming That April wanted a fight with her, dared her to come to the ring.

Just as Nina put her hands out, welcoming April to come down to the ring, she was completely blindsided by a dark haired tattooed woman who had emerged from the crowd. The woman pummeled Nina down before pulling her up and hoisted her on her shoulders. The woman then proceeded to hit Nina with a fireman’s carry gut buster.

The woman got up and stood over Nina while April Hunter walked down to the ring. She joined the woman in the ring, introducing her to the crowd as the next big thing in women’s professional wrestling, Cindy Labre!

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore vs Joey DeMarco
As soon as Joey DeMarco climbed into the ring Logan went on attack mode. Fists flew as the two wrestlers tore into each other. Logan sent Joey into the ropes and hit him with a spin wheel kick. Christopher kept going, hitting the ropes again and diving onto the Mafia who was at ringside.

He went back into the ring to go after DeMarco again, but the leader of the Mafia hit him with a knee to the gut and a DDT. DeMarco successfully slowed down the pace, working down the FFP original. After a backbreaker and a leg drop Joey taunted Brandi. Joey continued keying in on Logan’s lower back, even applying a traditional Boston crab.

DeMarco kept in the former World and Cruiserweight Champion, hitting him with stomps and kicks. He sent him to the outside right in front of the Mafia. And with the match being falls count anywhere, outside interference was legal.

Eddie Siebenthaler pulled Logan up and violently rammed him into the steel guardrail. Brandi Moore came over, but she wouldn’t be able to help. Not against the likes of Siebenthaler, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen. Although she tried. But Lyons and Kamen grabbed her and held her back as DeMarco and Siebenthaler pummeled her boyfriend in the arena floor.

Joey eventually grabbed a steel chair from underneath the ring. Eddie held Logan’s arms back and Joey swung the chair at Logan’s head. But, Christopher broke free and Joey accidentally cracked his stablemate right in the skull. Next Logan superkicked the chair into Joey, sending him back first to the floor.

Brandi broke free and dropped to her knees, proceeding to hit Lyons and Kamen with simultaneous low blows. They dropped to the floor as well. Logan then pulled DeMarco up and whipped him into the ring. He ascended to the top rope and went for his Shooting Star Press. But Joey rolled out of the way. Logan crashed to the mat. Joey now pulled Logan up and drove him into the mat with the Jumping Piledriver. He hooked his leg and got the three count. Joey DeMarco had won the Falls Count Anywhere Match, right in the middle of the ring.

The Mafia began walking up the entrance ramp as Brandi climbed into the ring to check on her boyfriend. But DeMarco stopped his group. Seeing on the big screen that Brandi was in the ring checking on Logan. DeMarco and the rest of the Mafia headed back toward the ring.

They climbed in as Brandi stood and began to retreat. It looked as if they were going to beat down the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion, but an unexpected guest wrecked the party. It was Adam Black! He rushed to the ring armed with a steel chair. He slid in and cracked Eddie in the back with the weapon. Joey, Chad and Brian then began to pummel Adam to the ground. The number game was just too strong.

That is until Assault & Battery stormed out! Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan hurried down to the ring, sliding in and dishing punishment out to the remaining members of the Mafia. Finally, the former Tag Team Champions sent the rest of the Mafia packing.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire informed us that Hiroki Ito was taken to a local hospital after not only being struck on the head with the ring bell, but driven head first into the arena floor. Raquel said that she had just gotten word that Hiroki was only shaken up, but will be okay.


In the Ring
The FFP President Veronica Clyne came to the ring and announced that soon yet another FFP television show would be changed. She said that since the successful return of FFP SSN on Saturday, that she felt like there was no other choice but to replace FFP Thursday Night Madness with another FFP original show, FFP Warfare, which will take place on Wednesday nights!

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with professional wrestling legend Missy Hyatt. Missy Hyatt said that earlier today she spoke with FFP Owner Matt Kraven and President Veronica Clyne about returning to FFP. Then she announced that she already had her eyes on a couple different wrestlers, and that she was looking to put together a group that would be the absolute best in Full Force Pro.

OWF Title | Ladder Match
(c) Hayden Flowers vs ATM w/ Self Made
This had been an ongoing feud for some time. The ladder got introduced into the match rather quickly. Both wrestlers tried to use it to down the other, but the big spot with the ladder was when Hayden put his head into the middle rung and began spinning around the center of the ring. He not only knocked ATM down on three separate occasions with this gameplan, but also cracked Dexter Murdoch in the skull as well, busting the big man open.

Hayden’s next big spot was when he attempted a suicide dive on ATM and Dexter, however ATM’s bodyguard caught the champion in the air and slammed him up against the steel guardrail. This left the window open for ATM to go after the title. About the time he got the tips of his fingers on the leather of the title, Hayden springboarded off the top rope and hit ATM with a dropkick, sending him crashing from the ladder.

Hayden now began to ascend the ladder. He got to the top but ATM climbed up and delivered a couple of punches. The two men traded punches near the top of the ladder. That is until Hayden connected with a kick to ATM’s head. ATM crashed to the ring mat below. Hayden reached up, getting a grip on the OWF Title, but Dexter Murdoch once again interfered, tipping the ladder over and sending Flowers slamming to the mat, hard. Dexter backed up and delivered a big leg drop.

ATM now straightened the ladder. He was tired, beat up and groggy. As he reached the top of the ladder, Hayden pulled himself up using the rig ropes. Then, he springboarded himself off the ring ropes, up the ladder. He cracked ATM with a couple of punches before hitting him with a loud back elbow. ATM was about to fall from the ladder. So, Hayden grabbed him by the head and drove it hard into the top of the ladder. ATM fell from the top of the ladder, bouncing off the ring mat and eventually rolling off the ring apron and to the arena floor.

The OWF Champion raised his hands and took possession of his championships Hayden Flowers had retained.

After the match Beatrice Keenan and Dexter helped ATM up. But he refused help. Instead, ATM climbed into the ring. When it looked like the two would go at it again, ATM put his hand out. Hayden had gained his respect. The two men shook hands. Beatrice looked none too pleased. ATM raised Hayden’s arm in the air and left the ring, allowing the champion to have the ring to himself.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP Tag Team Champions were standing with Tyrece Beckman. Beckman asked them about their title reign and which team they’d like to defend their titles against next. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce said that no matter what team steps up, that they’ll beat them like they’ve beat everyone else, and continue their Tag Team Title reign.

FFP Women’s Title | Elimination Triple Threat Match
(c) Katsumi Akiyama vs Kemina vs Quinn Delaney
This match was highly exciting. Katsumi and Kemina both hit some cool high flying moves. All three of them also knew how to technical wrestle with the best of them, and showed off their skills in that aspect as well.

Kemina planted Katsumi with a Brainbuster for a two count. She pulled the reigning FFP Women’s Champion up and set her up for the Cradle Shock Driver, but Quinn put the breaks on by hitting Kemina with a hard spear, sending Katsumi crashing down to the mat as well. Quinn got ready to deliver the Quinn Cutter to whoever would get up first. It was Katsumi. Quinn went for the finisher, but Katsumi shoved Quinn off, sending her right into a Kemina superkick.

Now Katsumi charged at Kemina, but the former ALS Lucha Women’s Champion scooped Katsumi up and this time successfully delivered the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina pinned Katsumi and got the three count. The Women’s Champion had been eliminated! No matter what, tonight we would crowd a new Women’s Champion.

Kemina dared Quinn to get back up. As Delaney pushed herself to her feet Kemina quickly grabbed her and planted her with a full Nelson facebuster. She rolled the redhead over and hooked her leg, but she kicked out at two. Kemina couldn’t believe it.

Quinn fought her way back up, trading punches with Kemina as she went. Kemina went for a kick to the skull of Quinn, but Delaney ducked it and hit Kemina with an awesome German suplex. As Kemina pulled herself up on the ring ropes, Quinn readied herself. Kemina turned around only to be dropped by the Quinn Cutter! Quinn hooked the leg. 1…2…and Kemina kicked out. Quinn couldn’t believe it! She stood back up, motioning for Kemina to do the same. As Kemina got up Quinn went for another Quinn Cutter, but Kemina escaped. She hoisted Quinn up and hit another Cradle Shock Driver!

Next Kemina ascended to the top rope. She was going to put the final nail in the coffin, attempting a beautiful moonsault. But Quinn raised her knees. Kemina crashed and burned. Kemina, with the air completely knocked out of her, still tried to fight to get to her feet, but she was immediately taken back down with another Quinn Cutter! Delaney now hooked the leg again. The referee slid into position and made the three count. Quinn Delaney was the new FFP Women’s Champion! She had fulfilled her dream.

The referee awarded Quinn the championship. She hoisted it in the air proudly. As Kemina rolled out of the ring and exited the ringside area, Quinn celebrated with the Detroit crowd.

That is, until she was leveled in the lower back with a running knee. Who hit her?! It was FARRAH KRAVEN!

Quinn had fallen to her chest, but was slowly trying to push her way up. Farrah stood over her for a moment. Then, she forced her up onto her knees and hooked her into Matt Kraven’s Dragon Clutch finisher that he named the Kraven on Elm Street.

Farrah locked the hold in, wrapping her legs around Quinn in the center of the ring. Quinn was out quick. Farrah stretched Quinn hard, obviously trying to make a point.

Farrah finally broke the hold. She grabbed a hold of the FFP Women’s Championship and stared into the title before standing over the downed champion. Farrah held the championship in the air as the Detroit crowd booed. Some even tossed trash into the ring.

Finally, Farrah dropped the title on Quinn’s motionless body and left the ring. Obviously her message had been sent.

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FFP World Title | Steel Cage Match
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Genocide w/ SUCCUMB
Daniel Matthews insisted on coming to the ring first. In FFP normally the champion always comes out last. But it was strategy by the FFP World Champion. As soon as Genocide entered the cage Daniel went on the attack, hitting him with rights and lefts before pinning him up against the chain link and hammering him with repeated elbows. Matthews backed off only to bounce off the ropes and crack Genocide with a running forearm. He did it again. And again.

But on the third attempt Genocide dropped down. Not sure if he did so on purpose or because of having his skull repeatedly beaten. Matthews crashed into the cage. Backed up and fell to the mat. When he got back to his feet Genocide had climbed into the cage, and rocked Matthews with a hard clothesline. He pulled the champion up and planted him with a spinebuster. He then stepped up to the middle rope and dropped an elbow across Daniel’s midsection. He looked out at Synn with a smile on his face.

Genocide continued beating down the champion, ramming his face into the steel cage and eventually slicing him open by grinding his face back and forth across the cage. Geno then threw Daniel down and ascended to the top rope, hitting a flying headbutt. He pinned the World Champion, but Daniel kicked out at two. Genocide didn’t seem to mind. He turned Daniel over onto his chest and delivered a knee drop. Then we went to the corner.

Genocide waited for Daniel to get up and charged going for a clothesline. But Daniel ducked it and connected with a hard back elbow. Genocide stumbled back, then was taken down by a double leg. Matthews began pummeling the challenger. He forced Genocide up and scooped him onto his shoulders. Matthews was going for the Death Valley Driver. But Synn climbed up into the cage, trying to distract Matthews and let Genocide gain some of his senses. It worked. Genocide slipped off of Daniel’s shoulders and kicked him hard in the back of the knee. Genocide then hit the ropes and delivered the shining wizard that he named the Disasterpiece. Genocide turned to Synn who instructed him to finish it.

Geno pulled the Champion up, and set him up for the Genocide Effect. But Matthews broke out of Genocide’s grip and delivered the Roaring Elbow. Matthews dropped down and hooked Genocide’s leg. 1…2… and the lights in the arena went black. Flashes from cameras and cell phones briefly lit up the ringside area. When the lights came back on, a top to the cage had been lowered down. And strapped to the top of the cage were all kinds of weapons, like fluorescent light bulbs, a black sack (most likely filled with thumb tacks), a barbed wire bat and more.

Synn had somehow gotten herself into the ring, along with Hades. Attila and Caligula were standing guard outside of the ring in case anyone tried to come down and save the World Champion. Daniel tried his best, but the fight against Genocide, Synn and Hades was near impossible. They pummeled the champion. Genocide climbed up and grabbed a fluorescent light bulb, and cracked it over Daniel’s back. Then, Synn climbed up and grabbed the black sack. She opened it up and dumped thumbtacks out. Synn began to direct traffic, telling Genocide and Hades to powerbomb Daniel in the tacks. They set him up for the move, but Daniel broke away and floored Genocide with a clothesline. Hades tried to strike Matthews, but Daniel scooped him up and hit the Death Valley Driver.

Synn grabbed ahold of Daniel, trying to keep control for SUCCUMB, but Daniel shoved her back. He looked at her, and then the crowd. He was going to hit her. But Genocide blindsided the champion. He then hoisted Matthews up and hit him with a suplex into the thumbtacks. Hundreds of tacks stuck into Daniel’s back as blood began to ooze out of every piercing. Genocide and Synn smiled at their destruction. He then pulled Matthews up and delivered the Genocide Effect.

It seemed like all hope was lost. That is until the sound of a chainsaw got everyone’s attention. As the member of SUCCUMB looked around to figure out where the sound was coming from, a chainsaw cut from the bottom of the ring. It eventually cut a hole, where someone emerged, almost like from the Depths of Hell. Wait a minute! It was Synn! There were two! The crowd was shocked.

Both girls went face to face. It was obvious that the one that chainsawed her way into the ring was the real Synn. The imposter went to hit the original, but Synn ducked it and proceeded to hit a brutal German suplex, tossing Genocide’s lady friend right into the center of the thumbtacks.

Genocide quickly grabbed the real Synn by her hair. But she turned and spit red mist into his face. It blinded him for a moment. He stumbled back, and turned around. He was nearly decapitated by a Daniel Matthews Roaring Elbow. Matthews then hooked Genocide’s leg and the referee made the count. 1…2…3!

Daniel Matthews had successfully retained his FFP World Championship in the wildest match in FFP history.

The other members of SUCCUMB attempted to get into the cage, but the match was over. And Daniel and Synn were ready for them, Synn armed with a chainsaw.

The cage slowly rose toward the ceiling. Attila and Caligula gathered the remaining members of SUCCUMB and the group retreated up the entrance ramp. Daniel turned to the real Synn and embraced her. Thankfully for Daniel, Synn had returned to not only assist him in his war against SUCCUMB, but to prove that there is only one Synn.

Matthews stood in the middle of the ring holding his championship in the air as the Detroit crowd cheered him on. This is how the show came to an end.


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