07/28/2016 FFP Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | July 28, 2016
Cleveland, Ohio

The show began with the ring filled with balloons and a table with a birthday cake placed on it. It read, “Happy Birthday Matt Kraven”. Kraven came down to the ring with a smile on his face. He took the microphone and asked who planned this out for him. He said that he was thankful but that whoever did this, didn’t have to.

Then, suddenly the lights in the arena went black. When they came back in, SUCCUMB had surrounded Kraven. Genocide stood in front of Matt, with his woman friend to his side. At the Mid-Summer Classic it was revealed that the woman was not Synn, but Genocide’s original manager in FFP, Vanity. The rest of SUCCUMB surrounded the owner of Full Force Pro.

Kraven knew his fate. He knew that this group had set this up to lure Matt down to the ring. And they attacked. Quickly Kraven was pummeled to the mat. Hades then handed Genocide the noose that he had used on different occasions here.

They wrapped the noose around Kraven’s neck. It looked as if they were ready to pull Kraven to his feet and toss him over the top rope, hanging him over the ropes. But the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews stormed out, heading toward the ring.

When Daniel got halfway to the ring, the lights went out. When they came back on, SUCCUMB was gone. Matthews still slid into the ring. He removed the noose from his best friend and stood guard over him.


The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined with Daniel Matthews. An irate Matthews said that tonight was FFP’s last Thursday Night Madness and that the show would go out with a bang because tonight he would get his hands on Genocide for what him and SUCCUMB just pulled on Matt Kraven.

Adam Black vs Eddie Siebenthaler w/ The Mafia
A good old fashioned brawl was how you would describe this match. A lot of fists thrown. Eddie hit Adam with a big boot that set him up for Eddie’s finished, the Crucifix Powerbomb. But, Adam fought out of Eddie’s grip and continued the fight. That is until he went for a big clothesline that Eddie shut down with another big boot. Eddie then hoisted Adam up and hit the Crucifix Powerbomb for the win.

After the match Joey DeMarco got on the microphone and told Logan Christopher that if he was going to get friends to help him against The Mafia, that they’d have to be a lot better than Adam Black.

Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Samantha West
Cindy Labre made her FFP debut at the Mid-Summer Classic, attacking Nina Fox after the new Hall of Famer defeated Lizzy Kraven in a very hard fought match. Tonight, Cindy had her first official match against Nina’s tag partner Samantha West.

Cindy looked in top condition. The tattooed brunette hit Samantha with a lot of power moves including a gorilla press slam. However, she also showed her agility, hitting a standing moonsault as well as a missile dropkick.

Labre put the finishing touches on West with a fisherman brainbuster followed by an impressive split-legged moonsault for the pin.

After the match Cindy locked Samantha in the Liontamer. Samantha screamed in pain, slapping the mat. Of course Cindy did this to make a statement to Nina. And it worked. Because the former FFP World and Women’s Champion rushed to the aide of her partner, sliding in the ring and going toe to toe with Cindy. But April Hunter clotheslined Nina from behind. Cindy then spiked Nina with a DDT before locking her in the Liontamer as well.

After Cindy broke the hold, April Hunter held her arm in the air, showing the Cleveland crowd that Cindy absolutely was the winner. The crowd booed as they stood over Nina and Samantha.

FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy vs Deshaun Reed

A very technical wrestling match. Deshaun Reed was so close to breaking through as one of the next FFP superstars. He hit a springboard forearm that floored the TV Champion. He went up top again and hit a frog splash for a two count.

However Deshaun’s downfall was when he attempted to suplex the big man. Anarchy reversed, slipping behind Reed and locking him in the Rear Naked Choke, forcing him to tap out.

After the match Anarchy shook hands with Deshaun. Very respectful.

The scene cut backstage where the new FFP Women’s Champion was standing by with Raquel St Claire. Raquel asked Quinn about her victory Sunday at the Mid-Summer Classic, as well as Farrah Kraven’s return and attack on Quinn.

Quinn said that the greatest night of her life quickly turned heart breaking as Farrah came out and attacked her from behind. Quinn said that if Farrah wanted a title shot that Quinn would have absolutely given her one. She said all she would have had to do was asked.

Quinn said that she hadn’t seen Farrah today, and that that was too bad. She said that this Saturday at SSN that she would hope to have a face-to-face meeting with Farrah, to get her explanation for her attack.

4-on-4 Elimination Tag Team Match
Katsumi Akiyama, Lizzy Kraven, Fiona Burke & Katrina Cabrera vs Lacey Abernathy, Monika Andrews, Jenna Kaufman & Giovanni Gotch

A very action-packed wrestling match featuring eight of FFP’s top women. Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch got to go head-to-head, a feud that FFP fans hadn’t forgot. Also the Queendom got to show that they were still a dominant tag team in FFP, eliminating Katrina Cabrera.

Lizzy Kraven evened the match back up, hitting Monika Andrews with a Kraven Lariat and pinning her. Jenna Kaufman was the next to go after a FAB Drop courtesy of Fiona Burke. Burke was next eliminated, with a roll up pin by Giovanni Gotch, with a hand full of tights.

It was Katsumi Akiyama and Lizzy Kraven vs Lacey Abernathy and Giovanni Gotch. Back and forth all the way. Katsumi had Giovanni locked in an ankle lock they had the blonde in a tremendous amount of pain, but Lacey Abernathy hit Katsumi with a running knee to the upper back from behind. Lizzy Kraven rushed into the ring to assist her partner, but was cut off by the referee. Lacey and Giovanni then worked together to pummel Katsumi and hit her with a spike powerbomb for the three count.

Lizzy had the odds stacked against her. But after destroying Lacey Abernathy with a Kraven Lariat, she pinned her for the three count. This opened her up to being attacked by Giovanni afterward. Giovanni worked on Lizzy’s neck, softening her up for a big neckbreaker. Gotch then hoisted Lizzy up and hit her finished, the Hellacious Powerbomb for the three count.

On August 28, 2016 live from Baton Rouge Full Force Pro presents it’s August pay-per-view Blaze of Glory. Join us for a night of non-stop wrestling action with the likes of FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews, FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney, Genocide, Nina Fox, Assault & Battery and more!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Nathan Caine

In a night of back and forth, this match fit right in. Nathan Caine was a successful singles wrestler before he became a part of the awesome tag team of the American Bulldogs. Caine was out to prove that he was still successful as a singles star.

Caine hit some awesome moves, showing his power and technical wrestling skills. However, Odell Porter worked Nathan down, using a perfect gameplan and hitting the Regal Plex for the three count.

In the Ring
Daniel Matthews came out to the ring and called out Genocide, vowing to get revenge for Matt Kraven. Genocide and Vanity came out on stage, telling Daniel that he was going to get what he asked for. Matthews was ready for a fight. However, as Genocide and Vanity seemed to be making their way to the ring, Hades, Attila and Caligula emerged from under the ring and attacked Matthews from behind.

Genocide and Vanity didn’t even come any closer to the ring. Instead they watched and enjoyed as SUCCUMB did their dirty work, beating down the World Champion.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Assault & Battery

Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce had been dominant since winning the FFP Tag Team Titles back on March 28th. They showed their dominance off in this match.

Assault & Battery, the first and only tag team to have held the FFP and OWF Tag Team Titles came to Cleveland to pull out the victory and once again hoist up the Tag Team Titles. And they looked as if they would do so. Gregory Hart had seemed to take out Prince Tau with a Superkick to the outside followed by a suicide dive. Kevin Lewan then locked Jackson Pearce into an ankle lock. But, Prince Tau had gotten the best of Gregory Hart on the outside. Tau slid back into the ring, and demolished Lewan with a huge Spear.

Pearce then made the cover in Kevin and Tau and Pearce retained their titles. The crowd booed the retaining champions, but knew they had seen one hell of a match.


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