07/30/2016 FFP SSN


July 30, 2016 | Chicago, Illinois

Saturday night at FFP SSN we finally saw Daniel Matthews get the best of Genocide and the rest of SUCCUMB, playing his own type of mind games by making them think that he was not in the building when in fact he was. Synn also went face to face with her imposter Vanity. The two got into a wild brawl which was broken up by security.

Giovanni Gotch defeated Lizzy Kraven in a competitive match, dropping Lizzy neck first across the top rope and then rolling her up and pulling her tights.

Logan Christopher defeated Eddie Siebenthaler by pinfall.

Farrah Kraven came out and publicly apologized to Quinn Delaney, citing that her adrenaline and excitement got the best of her. Farrah then said that she spoke with Veronica Clyne about her and Quinn facing Seduction Inc tonight in the main event for the FFP Women’s Titles.

Assault & Battery defeated Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen.

Cindy Labre came out with April Hunter, and called out Nina Fox. Nina came out and began teeing odd on Cindy. That is until she was leveled by a clothesline feom behind courtesy of April. The two women pummeled Nina down and Cindy stood over top of her, showing her muscles to the Chicago crowd.

Anarchy defeated Mikhail Vakhrov successfully defending the FFP Television Title.

And in the main event, Farrah Kraven and Quinn Delaney took on Seduction Inc for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. The match was very exciting. That is until Farrah Kraven blindsided Quinn as it looked like the challengers were close to pulling out the victory. Farrah planted Quinn with a piledriver to end the show.


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