08/06/2016 FFP SSN


August 6, 2016 | St Louis, Missouri

The show began with the FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney. She addressed the return of Farrah Kraven and Farrah’s attacks on Quinn. Quinn said that she was out to prove that she was a fighting champion. She said that if Farrah wanted a shot at the FFP Women’s Title at Blaze of Glory, that Quinn would gladly put the title on the line.

Farrah came out onto the stage laughing at Quinn. She said that Delaney must not want her title reign to last that long, and that if she wanted to lose her title at Blaze of Glory, that Farrah accepted.

Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Katrina Cabrera
A good opening match between newcomer Cindy Labre and the first OWF Women’s Champion Katrina Cabrera. Cindy used her power to get the best of Katrina and hit her with a stalling Fisherman Brainbuster for the pin.

After the match she stood over her opponent. April Hunter took her arm and raised it in the air. The crowd booed. Cindy and April smiled.

The scene cut backstage where Mikhail Vakhrov had bumped into his former stablemate Jason Copeland backstage. Mikhail destroyed Copeland, beating him down on the concrete floor. FFP Television Champion Anarchy quickly arrived to save Jason, his former foe as well. Anarchy hit Mikhail with a couple of right hands, sending the Russian retreating. The he checked on Copeland.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Nevin Solomon vs Kashimanaki

Nevin Solomon was up against new FFP Hall of Famer and arguably the greatest Cruiserweight in FFP history, Kashimanaki. Definitely a tall task for the rookie champion. But Nevin held his own, using speed and technical skills to stay in front of Kashimanaki.

The former Cruiserweight Champion hit a couple stuff kicks that echoed through the arena. Nevin looked to be in trouble when Kashimanaki hooked him in Cattle Mutilation, but Solomon was just a little too close to the ropes. He reached his foot out and touched the bottom rope forcing the break.

Kashimanaki went for the Kashimanaki Driver, but Nevin slipped out of Kashimanaki’s grip and not a running knee to the head, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Solomon went up top and hit a devastating flying knee drop to Kashimanaki’s skull for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Lizzy Kraven was speaking with Raquel St Claire. Giovanni Gotch interrupted their interview where she told Lizzy that not only was she a better wrestler, and that she was better looking, but that after this weekend she would be the owner of the IWS Women’s Championship.

Lizzy told Giovanni that that is the minor leagues and that Gotch wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for her last name. Of course a brawl broke out between the two.

On August 28, 2016 live from Baton Rouge Full Force Pro presents it’s August pay-per-view Blaze of Glory. Join us for a night of non-stop wrestling action with the likes of FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews, FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney, Genocide, Nina Fox, Assault & Battery and more!

The scene cuts backstage where an all out brawl had broken out between Logan Christopher and Joey DeMarco. The Mafia began to join in, assisting Joey, but Adam Black and Assault & Battery quickly jumped into the mix to even the odds. Logan and his buddies walked away having taken down their rivals.

Nina Fox vs Taylor Clawson
A very good back and forth match that saw a lot of offense from both women. Both FFP Hall of Famers impressed the St Louis crowd. In fact, the only audible boo’s came when Cindy Labre and April Hunter came down to ringside.

Nina tried to not let Cindy and April distract her, but they did. Especially when Nina hit a big clothesline to Taylor sending her over the top and causing the referee to check on her. While he was checking on Taylor April jumped on the apron to distract Nina and Cindy leveled her from behind with a big clothesline.

Cindy and April left ringside as Taylor made her way back into the ring. Taylor didn’t know what had happened. And as a groggy Nina got back up, Taylor hit her with the Flatliner for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with the challenger for tonight’s World Title match, Patrick McCoy. McCoy spoke about how long it had been since he had held the World Title, and that tonight in a match that would surely be five stars, that he’d regain the World Title.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Patrick McCoy

A clash between trainer and trainee, good friends and former stablemates. The two had met before, and surely will meet again.

McCoy came out on fire, hitting moves like the diamond cutter, a flying leg drop, a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a diving dropkick from the middle rope. McCoy set Daniel up for the Kryptonite Krunch but Daniel escaped and hit a spinning clothesline. Matthews went for the Death Valley Driver but McCoy slipped out of Matthews’ grasp and hit him with a Russian leg sweep. McCoy once again set up Daniel for the Kryptonite Krunch. Again, the Champion slipped out of McCoy’s grip and this time blasted him with the Roaring Elbow. Matthews hooked Patrick’s leg and got the three count.

Daniel was presented the title and hoisted it in the air. The lights then went black. They came back on to see Genocide and SUCCUMB in the ring. Daniel was down, and the evil faction was pummeling him. Genocide pulled Daniel up and planted him with the Genocide Effect. He took hold of the FFP World Title and held it in the air, standing over Daniel. Once again, Genocide and his group had gotten the best of the FFP World Champion.

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