Masina: “I’m done playing around”

masinaMost Full Force Pro fans would surely remember Masina. She came into Full Force Pro as the bodyguard (and some may say the “manager”) of FFP Women’s Champion Lacey Abernathy. Assisting Lacey in many of her successful title defenses, Masina showed off her power and intensity.

However, after Lacey’s title loss, and departure from FFP, Masina has become shall we say, lost in the crowd. But maybe just maybe, that is about to change…

Earlier this afternoon the staff got a chance to meet with Masina, and talk to her about her career. And she made it very clear that her stint as a personal bodyguard is over, and she is here in FFP to beat people up and win gold.

“I’m done playing around,” she said to our website staff. “I came in as Lacey’s bodyguard and have yet to do anything for myself. But that’s going to change.”

The intensity in her eyes was intimidating. Her size and power are enough to intimidate a man, but her presence is indescribable.

masina_laceyMasina could easily step into the ring with many FFP male superstars and give them a run for the money. Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven and Nina Fox have done so, just to name a few. But Masina didn’t express any interest in competing with the men. Instead, it seemed like she had her eye on the women of FFP, and eventually the FFP Women’s Championship.

“Full Force Pro has always been where it’s at when it comes to women wrestling,” Masina noted. “The whole wrestling world seems to be going through this ‘women’s revolution’, but they were behind the ball when it came to that. FFP was revolutionizing women wrestling years ago. That’s one of the biggest reasons that I’m here. I want to compete. Not with frilly girls who skip around and don’t know how to wrestle. I don’t want to compete with girls who would rather model off their plastic bodies. I’m here to compete with the likes of Brandi Moore, Nina Fox, Farrah Kraven, Giovanni Gotch and Lizzy Kraven. I’m here to climb the ladder, and eventually become the FFP Women’s Champion. That’s where it’s at.”

Masina seemed to get excited at the thought of competing for the Women’s Championship. She also noted that she would be paying close attention to the Women’s Title match at Blaze of Glory later this month. “Quinn is a great wrestler. So is Farrah. These two could have the match of the night. But eventually I’d like to try my luck against either one…whoever wins. I’d love a shot at that title.”

Masina came into FFP as a quiet yet powerful bodyguard. But it seems like that’s about to change. It seems like she’s about ready to make some noise here in Full Force Pro. And like she said, she’s done playing around.

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