08/28/2016 FFP Blaze of Glory (PPV)

FFP Blaze of Glory
August 28, 2016 | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The show began with former FFP backstage interviewer turned current aspiring FFP manager Michael Graham walking out to the ring. Graham took a microphone and welcomed everyone to Blaze of Glory. Then, he noted that he had been trying to sign FFP Adrenaline Champion Odell Porter to allow Michael to be his manager, and invited him out to the ring.

Porter came out, and adamantly denied Michael’s continuous requests to let Michael manage him. Michael laughed, and told Odell that he wasn’t out here to ask him once again if he could manage him. Michael then cleared everything up, saying he was out here to make a point…

Odell was confused. Then, he was blasted with a clothesline from behind. The culprit, Deshaun Reed. Reed put the boots to the Adrenaline Champion, hitting him with kicks, stomps and punches. Reed pulled Odell up and hoisted him onto his shoulders. Next Deshaun threw him over and delivered a gutbuster.

Reed stood up, and took a step over Odell. Michael took the microphone and bent down toward Odell’s head. He told Odell that the reason he was out here was to show the world that the next FFP Adrenaline Champion would be none other than Deshaun Reed!

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Seduction Inc vs Mona Skye & Marcy Tillman

Mona and Brandi started the match. Seduction Inc were the favorites to win, but Mona and Marcy had plenty of experience teaming with each other, dating back to their time in HONOR Wrestling. Brandi worked Mona in the early goings, dropping her with a series of clotheslines and dropkicks. There was a near-early finish when Brandi hit Mona with a stalling Fisherman Suplex, but Marcy rushed in and broke up the pin by yanking Brandi off of Mona and throwing her out of the ring. After gloating, Marcy returned to the apron and begged Mona for a tag. Mona promptly tagged in Marcy, who went directly after Brandi on the outside. Marcy dropped Brandi face first on the edge of the apron, then flattened Taylor with a big boot when she came running to save her partner.

Brandi managed to crawl back inside the ring while Marcy was preoccupied with Taylor, taking time to catch her breath. When Marcy entered the ring, Brandi charged and hit her a running DDT. Marcy held her head and rolled over to Seduction Inc’s corner, using the ropes to help herself up. Brandi ran at Marcy again, looking to hit her with double knees in for corner, but Marcy moved out of the way and Brandi’s knees connected with the turnbuckle. Taylor got onto the apron at this point and tagged herself in. Marcy and Taylor brawled hard, hitting each other back and forth with fists and elbows. Just as Taylor seemed to be getting the advantage, Marcy used her strength advantage to slam her down with an STO. Marcy went for the pin, but only got a two count.

On the apron, Mona was shouting for a tag. Marcy acknowledged her, but picked Taylor up one last time, lifting her up above her head before slamming her with a Gorilla Press Slam. Marcy then tagged Mona in, but instead of getting onto the apron, she rushed at Brandi and knocked her to the floor. As Taylor began to groggily get to her feet, Mona charged at her, but Taylor caught her and dropped her with the Flatliner! Taylor then pinned Mona to retain the titles for Seduction Inc. Marcy was stunned and stormed off in anger. Brandi entered the ring, embracing Taylor in a hug. The Hall of Fame duo continued to celebrate their win with the audience.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Nevin Solomon vs El Desconocido

A very competitive Cruiserweight Title match. An amazing spot in the match was about halfway through when both men went for a cross body block, colliding in the center of the ring. Desconocido wound up hitting a Cutter but only got a two count. Nevin fought back with a running knee to the back of his opponent’s upper back and followed it up with the Fisherman Brainbuster for the three count.

Lizzy Kraven vs Giovanni Gotch

The ending of this match was so intense and so hard hitting, but we’ll get back to that later. The match began in a technical fashion, with Giovanni Gotch working on Lizzy Kraven’s leg, hitting a couple of chop blocks and slapping on a figure four leg lock. Kraven reversed it and forced the break. Lizzy is known to be able to do her fair share of technical wrestling as well. But she is also a very good brawler, and she opened up on Gotch, eventually busting her lip open.

Gotch’s gameplan changed to working on Lizzy’s neck. Back in November of 2014 Lizzy suffered a bruised spinal cord with a neck injury. Obviously Giovanni was trying to exploit that.

Giovanni hit a spear but only got a two count out of it. She went for her Hellacious Powerbomb, but Lizzy fought out. She went for the Kraven Lariat, but Giovanni ducked it and rolled Lizzy up, pulling the tights. The ref didn’t see. 1…2… And Lizzy kicked out. Both girls popped back to their feet. Lizzy immediately went for another Kraven Lariat. But again, Gotch ducked it. She once again rolled Lizzy up, pulling the tights. 1…2… Another kickout! Lizzy and Giovanni popped to their feet once again. This time Lizzy hit a couple of kicks to Gotch’s ribs. Then, she leveled Giovanni with the Kraven Lariat. But it wasn’t enough. Lizzy pulled Giovanni up again, and destroyed her with ANOTHER Kraven Lariat. Was she done? No. She pulled Gotch up one more time, and hit the Tornado Powerbomb. She held the move for a pin. The referee counted. 1…2…3! Lizzy Kraven was your winner in what was one hell of a battle.

Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore vs Joey DeMarco w/ The Mafia
This match was an all out brawl. Both wrestlers are definitely capable of having a more scientific match, but there were a lot of punches thrown here. DeMarco gained the upperhand and began taunting Brandi Moore, telling her that he was going to be coming for her.

Off of one of his taunts, Logan got back to his feet and cracked Joey with a running knee to the chin, following it up by dumping him on the back of his head with a back Suplex.

Eddie Siebenthaler, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen jumped up into the apron to cause a distraction. This brought out Adam Black and Joseph Curtis coming to the aid of Logan. But it was still three on two.

As the match raged on, and The Mafia seemed to take care of Adam Black and Joseph Curtis, Kashimanaki came down the isle. And with his lethal kicks, took a chunk out of The Mafia. Soon The Mafia was down, and Adam, Joseph and Kashimanaki stood tall, watching Logan continue his match with DeMarco.

Joey slowed Logan down with a thumb to the eye, and a DDT. But Logan fought back, hitting a couple of his own kicks on DeMarco before taking him down with a Death Valley Driver. Logan went up top for his Shooting Star Press, but Joey tripped him up, causing him to fall to the mat below. Joey pulled Logan up and spiked him with the Jumping Piledriver. DeMarco made the pin and got the three count.

After the match Joey climbed out of the ring and Brandi climbed in to check on Logan. Joey noticed her in the ring and immediately reentered. By the time she noticed him, it was too late, he grabbed her by her hair. He set her up for the same move he just defeated Logan with, the Jumping Piledriver. But before he could deliver the move, Kashimanaki kicked Joey in the back of the head so hard it echoed throughout the arena. He had saved Logan’s girlfriend.

Adam Black and Joseph Curtis joined them in the ring and stood near their fallen partner, guarding him from The Mafia. DeMarco looked into the camera as him and his stable retreated, and he simply said, “this isn’t over!”

Nina Fox vs Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter

Another feud, another hard hitting brawl. Cindy, new to Full Force Pro had came in and made quite a name for herself. Attacking Nina Fox on many occasions and aligning herself with FFP Hall of Famer April Hunter. And most recently, stealing Nina Fox’s FFP Hall of Fame ring, which she brought down to the ring and handed to April Hunter for safe keeping.

Nina got the best of Cindy. Having the experience edge on Cindy by quite a bit, you would assume she would get the best of her rival. However April Hunter was not shy about interfering, not only tripping Nina up inside the ring, but nearly turning her inside out with a hard clothesline on the outside.

Cindy got Nina back into the ring after April’s clothesline and set her up for her finisher, the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster. But Nina out the breaks on by driving her knee into Cindy’s skull. Nina then bounced off the ropes and hit a clothesline of her own. As Cindy got back up Nina cracked her with the Superkick. She went for the pin, but April Hunter quickly grabbed Cindy’s foot and put it on the bottom rope.

Nina noticed this and informed the referee, but he didn’t see it. Meanwhile Cindy had gotten back up to her feet. She charged at Nina, but Fox ducked the attempted attack and hit another Superkick. Then she hooked Cindy in the Dragon Clutch.

April couldn’t save Cindy now. And after grueling seconds in the move, Cindy tapped out. Nina had finally got her revenge, and fed Cindy Labre her first loss.

April Hunter got into the ring but Nina quickly took her down with a spear. Then, she grabbed her Hall of Fame ring and left the ring.

FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy w/ Jason Copeland vs Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt

Anarchy and Mikhail were former FFP Tag Team Champions, but those days were long gone. The two big men tore into each other with the first real wrestling move being a big German Suplex from Anarchy.

The Baton Rouge kept their eyes on Jason Copeland as well as Bianca Hunt, wondering if there would be any outside interference. However the first time Jason Copeland was involved, he was forced. Mikhail rolled to the outside after a clothesline took Anarchy down, and hit Copeland with a couple of hard right hands. Then, he whipped him into the steel ring steps. Mikhail went back into the ring by fell victim to an overhead belly to belly from Anarchy. Anarchy looked down and checked on Copeland before going back after Vakhrov.

Mikhail used a thumb to the eye to slow Anarchy down, before hitting him with a headbutt that sent him to the mat. He then instructed Bianca to grab the Television Title. Jason Copeland quickly rushed over to stop Bianca from giving Mikhail the foreign object. Mikhail screamed at Jason to stop fighting with Bianca. But Anarchy had gotten back to his feet. He grabbed Mikhail and locked him in the Rear Naked Choke. The referee saw Bianca and Jason Copeland fighting over the title and began to try to break them up. Meanwhile, Mikhail was locked in Anarchy’s submission, tapping out.

Anarchy released the hold, thinking he had won the match. He got up to see the referee on the outside separating Jason and Bianca. Mikhail slowly got to his feet, and when Anarchy turned around Vakhrov hit him with his finisher, From Russia With Love. Mikhail then turned to instruct Bianca to forget about the belt. But as she and Jason tussled over the belt, she fell to the arena floor. The referee checked on the blonde haired beauty, and Jason Copeland slid into the ring, armed with the Television Title.

Mikhail dared him to try to hit him. When Jason finally did, Mikhail moved out of the way and Copeland accidentally struck Anarchy, who was just getting back to his feet, with the title. The assault left Anarchy bleeding from the forehead. Copeland couldn’t believe he messed up. He turned to try to hit Mikhail, but was also hit with From Russia With Love. Mikhail then shoved Jason out of the ring and pinned Anarchy. The referee was finally getting back in the ring and made the count. Mikhail Vakhrov had defeated Anarchy for the FFP Television Championship.

Bianca climbed into the ring and hugged Mikhail as he was presented the TV Title.

No Holds Barred Match
Synn vs Vanity

A wild brawl that began in the ring but quickly went to the outside, and all over the arena. Synn and Vanity battled through the crowd before they headed backstage. Vanity gained the upperhand after hitting Synn with a shot to the throat and suplexing her through a table. The girls traded punches down a hallway where Synn wound up spearing Vanity through a glass window. Both women were cut from the glass, and lie still on the concrete floor from the move. The referee called for paramedics to come and assist both blood covered women. The referee was forced to call the match a draw.

Miss FFP 2016
The President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne came out to make the announcement of Miss FFP 2016. She said with 32% of the votes the winner of this award was the reigning FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney!

Quinn came out and thanked everyone for voting for her, but she was interrupted by the woman who would challenge her for her Women’s Title later tonight, Farrah Kraven. Farrah acted as if she had something to say, but instead leveled Quinn with a couple of right hands and a hard knee which floored the champion. As Veronica tried to put a stop to the attack, Farrah backed away. Veronica turned to check on Quinn, but Farrah wasn’t done. As Quinn attempted to push herself up, Farrah charged and hit her with the Curb Stomp.

Veronica again yelled at Farrah, telling her to leave the ring. But the damage had been done. Farrah climbed out of the ring, keeping an eye on her downed foe, satisfied with laying her out.

FFP Tag Team Titles | Fatal 4-Way
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Assault & Battery vs American Bulldogs vs Guided by Voices

A lot of pin break ups in this match as the first pin or submission would be the end of the match. The American Bulldogs and Assault & Battery put on a great show for the Baton Rouge crowd. Guided by Voices got the tag in and tried to take advantage of a worn down Matt Evanston. But Evanston kicked out and eventually tagged in Prince Tau.

Tau and Pearce took turns beating on the OWF rookies. That is until Assault & Battery were tagged back in. Gregory Hart keyed in on Prince Tau’s arm, which he seemed to be favoring, and tried working on his shoulder. However the end of the match came when Gregory had downed Tau and went up top. As Prince Tau got back to his feet, Hart went for a diving knee off the top, but Tau turned it into a brutal Spear in mid-air for the three count.

Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce had retained once again. Who can stop these two?!

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Quinn Delaney vs Farrah Kraven

Farrah came out first with a cocky grin on her face. Quinn came out next, still seeming shaken up after Farrah’s attack.

Farrah got the early advantage, taking advantage of a groggy Quinn. Farrah worked on Quinn’s head and neck, obviously setting her up for that Curb Stomp she used earlier in the night. A double underhook backbreaker followed by a diving knee drop from the middle rope was Farrah’s next moves. She seemed to arrogant, and so sure she would win. She backed away as Quinn began to get back up.

Kraven charged, attempting the Curb Stomp, but Quinn moved out of the way and hit the Quinn Cutter! Quinn lay on the mat for a moment before rolling over and pinning Farrah. But the challenger kicked out at two. Farrah looked relieved. Quinn looked shocked, and disappointed. If it weren’t for Farrah’s earlier attack Quinn may have been able to capitalize immediately after her finisher and possibly would’ve won the match.

The two women got to their feet around the same time. They traded blows before Quinn blocked a right hand and hit Farrah with a jumping knee to the chin. Farrah stumbled back and Quinn hit the ropes, proceeding to hit Farrah with a dropkick to the midsection that sent her falling inbetween the ropes and to the arena floor. Quinn hit the ropes again and hit a suicide dive, knocking Farrah to the arena floor again.

Quinn got back up. She pulled Farrah up to send her back in the ring, but Farrah gained control of Quinn by her hair and whipped her into the ring post. The champion was stunned. Farrah rolled her back into the ring and slid in herself. As Quinn began getting up, Farrah went up onto the middle rope. She jumped off, going for the Curb Stomp from the middle rope. If she hit the move, she’s surely crush Quinn’s face!

Quinn quickly popped up before impact and caught Farrah in another Quinn Cutter! Quinn then booked Farrah’s leg. 1…2…3! Quinn Delaney retained the title! But neither looked like winners. Both women lie motionless on the mat.

As the referee grabbed the title and set it down beside Quinn, checking on the champion, Nina Fox’s music but the sound system!

Nina Fox walked out onto the entrance stage with her ANY Case in hand. Was she going to cash in?!

Nina held the case up in the air. The Baton Rouge crowd cheered with excitement. But cheers turned to jeers when Nina was flattened from behind with a clothesline courtesy of Cindy Labre. Cindy and April double teamed Nina, pummeling her on the stage. Cindy picked up Nina’s case as April pulled Fox to her feet. Cindy charged and leveled Nina in the head with the case she was moments away from cashing in. Cindy noticed that Nina had her FFP Hall of Fame ring back on her finger, so Cindy stepped on Nina’s hand and again took the ring back.

After sliding the ring back on her finger, Cindy instructed April to pick Nina up. They drug her motionless body over to the concrete arena floor. As the crowd booed the duo’s beat down of one of their favorite women wrestlers, Cindy hoisted Nina up for a piledriver. April grabbed a hold of Nina’s ankles and they drove her down onto the concrete. A spike piledriver on the concrete floor!

Cindy and April stood over Nina’s body. Satisfied with their work. FFP officials and paramedics quickly rushed to Nina’s aid. Meanwhile, Cindy and April walked back up the entrance ramp. Cindy bent over and grabbed Nina’s ANY Case. She held it up in the air as the crowd booed. Cindy and April then turned around and left the ringside area.

Meanwhile, the commentators were silent as officials, paramedics and Veronica Clyne checked on Nina Fox. Obviously this was a very serious situation. Nina was carefully placed in a backboard and stretchered to an ambulance. The whole time she was tended to, she didn’t move at all.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Genocide

These two had been engaged in such a personal and brutal feud. This match wasn’t any different. Both men wanted to pull out all the stops. Daniel would do whatever it takes to retain his FFP World Championship. And Genocide would do whatever it takes to take it from him.

The match started off as a brawl, with fists flying as well as kicks. Genocide gained an earlier advantage after dropkicking Daniel in the knee. Genocide keyed in on that knee and tried working on it as often as he could throughout the match.

Daniel eventually took the upperhand, planting Genocide with a double arm DDT. But instead of going for a pin, or any other move, Matthews pulled Genocide back up and planted him with another double arm DDT. Then another. Then, another.

Genocide was bleeding. And Daniel flipped him over and proceeded to lay in some fists to the busted open forehead. Matthews pulled Genocide up, scooped him up onto his shoulders, and was possibly going for the match winning Death Valley Driver. But SUCCUMB showed up. Hades and Caligula led the group down the isle, but found themselves taken down by a suicide dive. Matthews had let go of his opponent to take out the two.

Attila came next, but was floored by Daniel’s Roaring Elbow. Matthews, locked and loaded for another Roaring Elbow, headed back into the ring. But as the referee instructed SUCCUMB to leave the ringside area, Genocide hit pulled a pouch out of his pants. It was Fuji salt. He ripped the patch open and threw the salt into Daniel’s face. Daniel fell to his hands and knees, blinded by the illegal substance.

Genocide pulled Daniel up, and planted him with the Genocide Effect. Genocide was going to finally take the title away from Daniel. Genocide made the pin. 1…2… but Daniel kicked out!

Genocide was not happy. He pulled Daniel up and smacked him across the face. He hooked him up and hit the Genocide Effect again. He looked over at the referee and then made the pin.

1…2… another kickout! The Baton Rouge crowd couldn’t believe it.

Genocide stood up, asking the referee about the count. He turned to Daniel, who was getting up onto his knees. Genocide drew back and hit Daniel with another smack across the face. The sound echoed. But Daniel didn’t show pain on his face. He showed anger. Genocide drew back again, and delivered another smack. Then another. Daniel popped to his feet and let out a scream. Genocide went for one more slap. But Matthews ducked it and blasted the challenger with the Roaring Elbow. He nearly turned Genocide inside out.

But Daniel didn’t go for the pin. Instead, he pulled Genocide up again, and hit another Roaring Elbow. Did he go for a pin this time? No. He pulled Genocide up and looked him in the eyes. Then, he scooped him onto his shoulders and drove him into the mat with the Death Valley Driver. Matthews hooked the leg, and got the three count. Daniel retained his FFP World Title yet again.

After the match Daniel was handed his World
Championship. He held it up in the air as the crowd cheered him. Genocide rolled out of the ring and headed backstage as Matthews celebrated his victory.

In Memory of Mr Fuji

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