Veronica Clyne Announces #wcw Returns for One Night

Today the President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne spoke with staff. Veronica teased a huge announcement regarding naming a new number one contender for the Full Force Pro World Championship currently held by FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews.

But, other than teasing us about a huge announcement, Veronica did have something else on her agenda. The FFP President announced that on Wednesday September 21 Full Force Pro’s all-woman even Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) would be returning for one night. This event will be the last even before FFP’s September pay-per-view, Lethal Injection.

We look forward to seeing the return of FFP’s historic weekly event that featured all of the best women wrestlers from FFP. Even though it’s only for one night, we know the action will be non-stop.


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