Matt and Chris Kraven Win Gold in Mexico?!

Wednesday night at a Mexico Pro wrestling show that Matt and Chris Kraven were in attendance for, the unthinkable happened. But let’s take you back to Tuesday.

Tuesday the Mexico Pro Tag Team Champions called out Matt and Chris Kraven, claiming that they were washed up. Matt Kraven even commented about how if he didn’t have an injury, him and Chris would think about stepping into the ring.

Tonight, it happened. A challenge was laid out again and Chris answered, saying he wouldn’t even tag his brother into the match. But Chris wound up in trouble, and Matt reached out his hand. A tag was made.

But Matt Kraven being tagged into the match wasn’t as shocking as what happened next. Former FFP personality (and Matt Kraven’s ex from years passed) Elizabeth Summers made her way to ringside! The so called “Boss Lady” of the IWS came to the ring and caused a distraction. And off of the distraction, Matt Kraven hit a Codebreaker and made the three count. Matt and Chris Kraven won the match, and the Mexico Pro Tag Team Titles.

But the shocking moments continued as Elizabeth climbed into the ring and raises the hands of Matt and Chris Kraven. Was this all a plan? Or did it just happen?

We will hopefully have more news on this shocking title change soon. This news broke just moments after news broke of Matt signing five wrestlers from Mexico Pro to exclusive OWF contracts.

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