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September 17, 2016 | San Antonio, Texas

The show began with the President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne making her entrance. Veronica grabbed a microphone and noted that on Twitter she had only announce three of the four ladies who would do battle tonight to become the number one contender for Quinn Delaney’s Women’s Championship. Veronica said the reason she announced only three was because she wanted to announce the fourth competitor in person.

Veronica then announced the fourth wrestler who will look to become the number one contender for the Women’s Championship later tonight…

Amy Kraven!

Amy came out and embraced Veronica. She thanked Veronica for the opportunity and promised that she would do her best to come out victorious tonight.

Shikamaru vs El Desconocido
A very athletic matchup which saw Shikamaru win with the Tiger Suplex.

Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Samantha West
Cindy Labre attacked Samantha as she got into the ring. West, the former tag team partner of Nina Fox seemed to want to get a little revenge for the injured Hall of Famer, but Labre was too much for Samantha, hitting a hard spear followed by the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster for the three count.

Cindy then got on the microphone and talked about how at Lethal Injection she would destroy Taylor Clawson, and make that two Hall of Famers under her belt.

Veronica Clyne reminded everyone of the 32-spot tournament to determine a new number one contender for the FFP World Championship. She said that the next four matches would be tournament matches.


Click the tournament to get a better look at the brackets

#1 Contender Tournament
Patrick McCoy vs Rudi Delgado

A very physical match between a former World Champion and a promising up-and-comer. Delgado hit a couple of really hard hitting moves, such as a European uppercut and a knee to the jaw from the middle rope. But McCoy turned the tide and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. McCoy stayed on Rudi and dropped him with the Kryptonite Krunch for the three count. McCoy was advancing in the number one contender tournament.

#1 Contender Tournament
Adam Black vs Caleb Newstead

In an exciting moment Caleb Newstead made his FFP return. The Simply the Best member who held the FFP Tag Team, Cruiserweight and Television Titles came out with all heart. Many doubted he’d fair so well having been retired as long as he had been. But Adam Black quickly learned that ring rust was not an issue for Newstead. Black’s brawling got the best of Newstead for a short amount of time, but the technical wrestling of Caleb is what did Adam Black in. Caleb did hit his Fisherman Brainbuster, but hooked Black in a Texas Cloverleaf to get the submission victory.


#1 Contender Tournament
Lizzy Kraven vs Aiden Conrad

A rare thing to see at an FFP show anymore today is women vs men matches, but Lizzy Kraven can handle herself in the squared circle no matter who she is up against. And she seemed to fair quite well against Aiden Conrad. He hit some good moves against Lizzy, also using his speed to get the best of her, but a Death Valley Driver, a clothesline over the top rope and a suicide dive knocked Aiden off of his game.

The match took a turn for the worst for Lizzy when her rival Giovanni Gotch came down to the ring. Taunting Lizzy, Gotch got the best of Lizzy. Giovanni wound up in a good amount of pain falling victim to a Kraven Lariat on the entrance ramp. But the distraction was enough to allow Aiden to slip back into the ring and barely win the match by count out. Aiden would advance in the number one contender tournament.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with Joey DeMarco. DeMarco spoke about how he thought that Logan Christopher was a loser and would choke in his match against Kashimanaki. Joey also said that Logan is probably so worried about DeMarco going after him again that he won’t be able to concentrate on his match. Joey then said he would still make good on his promise to piledrive Brandi Moore.

#1 Contender Tournament
Logan Christopher vs Kashimanaki

This was the match viewed as the main event of the entire number one contender tournament’s first round. Logan and Kashimanaki were former tag team partners, former Tag Team Champions and former Cruiserweight Champions. Logan was a former World Champion however Kashimanaki had never had the honor of holding the prestigious title, although he had wrestled for the title a few times.

Many felt as if the city of San Antonio would be treated to a high flying affair, but Logan and Kashimanaki kept the match most on the mat, using their technical wrestling abilities to try to gain the victory. Both men obviously knew each other very well with neither making very many mistakes. Kashimanaki gained the early advantage with a hard kick to the skull, followed by a devastating German suplex.

Kashimanaki continued working down the former World Champion, but Logan’s speed allowed him to get out of s couple sticky situations. Logan hit a couple hard kicks of his own, and a Brainbuster which seemed to slow Kashimanaki down. Logan went up too for the Shooting Star Press, but Kashimanaki kipped up and grabbed Logan, tossing him off the top turnbuckle and sending him crashing to the mat below. Kashimanaki charged going for a hard kick but Logan ducked it and rolled Kashimanaki up, but only got a two count.

Logan next hit a hard shining wizard and went for another pin, but Kashimanaki kicked out. The San Antonio crowd was loving it, and the crowd seemed split down the middle on who they wanted to see come out victorious.

Logan stayed on top of Kashimanaki, going up top and going for the Shooting Star Press again, but this time Kashimanaki for his knees up. Kashimanaki then pulled Logan up and hit two suplexes, and a kick to the skull that echoed throughout the arena.

Kashimanaki went for the Kashimanaki Driver, but Logan fought out and hit a knee to his opponent’s jaw. Logan the scooped Kashimanaki up for what looked like a fireman’s carry. But Kashimanaki slipped off of Logan’s shoulders and took him down by his arms, hooking on Cattle Mutilation. The move was locked in the center of be find. Logan was in pain, reaching with his legs for the ropes. Trying to somehow move his body to break the hold. Kashimanaki, the Japanese superstar kept the move locked in, tight. Eventually Logan had had enough, and had to submit to the referee. Kashimanaki had won the match.

After the match the two superstars shook hands as the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Both wrestlers put up a hell of a fight.

September 25, 2016 live from San Francisco, Californa Full Force Pro will present Lethal Injection. Lethal Injection was actually FFP’s very first pay-per-view back in 2008 and we look forward to putting on another great show this year! Don’t miss the likes of FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews, FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney, Brandi Moore, Logan Christopher and many more!

FFP Television Title Open Challenge
Mikhail Vakhrov came out with Bianca Hunt and issued an open challenge for the FFP Television Title. Hiroki Ito was the man who answered. The match was stiff to say the least. Hiroki hit some awesome kicks, punches and elbows. Mikhail did so as well, also using the size advantage to plant Hiroki into the mat.

Eventually Hiroki’s speed got the best of Mikhail. But as Ito set Mikhail up for his finished the Go to Sleep, Mikhail slid off of Hiroki’s shoulders and hit him with an illegal kick to the groin. The referee called for the bell, obviously disqualifying the Television Champion.

Hiroki Ito had won the match, but by disqualification. Mikhail would still hold onto his championship.

Mikhail pulled Hiroki up and yelled at him before planting him with his finisher, From Russia with Love.

#1 Contender | 4-Way Match
Brandi Moore vs Katsumi Akiyama vs Fiona Burke vs Amy Kraven

All four women came out looked confident and ready for a war. The FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney came out to provide guest commentary.

All four ladies but some impressive moves giving the San Antonio crowd things to “ohh” and “aww” about. Amy Kraven hit a German suplex on Katsumi Akiyama that was quite impressive. However, Katsumi returned the favor with a couple of knees and a slingshot suplex. Fiona Burke then grabbed Katsumi and hit an awesome full nelson facebuster for a two count.

Brandi Moore then went one-on-one with Fiona Burke. These two were no strangers, having feuded in the past when Seduction Inc feuded with Team FAB. Brandi got the best of the exchange, knocking Fiona out of the ring with a dropkick. Amy then caught Brandi by surprise, rolling her up with a school girl pin. But Brandi kicked out at two.

Brandi seemed shocked to see Amy go after her, but then welcomed the challenge, gaining the upperhand quickly and taking her down with a Russian leg sweep. It looked as if she was setting Amy up for the Fisherman Brainbuster but Katsumi went after Brandi again. Akiyama got a couple of solid shots in on the reigning FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion but it was Brandi who hit the Fisherman Brainbuster for the three count. Katsumi had been eliminated.

Fiona got back into the ring and went for a quick small package on Brandi, but Moore kicked out. She went face to face with Fiona again. That is until Brandi shoved her away and turned around only to become the victim of an Amy Kraven belly to belly suplex. Amy then waited as Moore fought to get back to her feet. Amy keyed in on her and hit her with the Kraven Klash. Amy hooked Brandi’s leg and got the three count. Her first official pinfall was against FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore.

As Brandi rolled out of the ring, Amy for up and went face-to-face with the only woman left in the match, Fiona Burke. The two went eye-to-eye. A little bit of smack talk going on as the crowd cheered.

The two hit each other with some awesome moves. A Northern lights suplex by Amy Kraven, a hard kick to the head by Fiona Burke. A diving dropkick from the middle rope from Amy. A swinging neckbreaker from Fiona. Burke set Amy up for the FAB Drop, but Amy escaped out and but a spinning back drop. She set Fiona up for the Superkick, but Fiona ducked and hit a lung blower. Fiona pulled Amy up and this time successfully hit the FAB Drop. Burke went for the pin. 1…2… and Amy got her leg on the bottom rope. So close!

Fiona couldn’t believe it. If the pin was six inches over, Burke would’ve won the match. She pulled Amy up and set her up for another FAB Drop, but this time Amy reversed into a back body drop. When Fiona got back up, she was blasted with a running forearm. Amy pulled Fiona up and planted her with the Kraven Klash. She hooked her leg, but Fiona barely kicked out in time. Some of the crowd stood thinking Amy had won the match.

Fiona was slow to get up to her feet. Amy went over and attempt to lock on the Dragon Clutch. Fiona tried fighting out of the submission. The two women tussled, back and forth. Until finally, Fiona turned and hooked around Amy’s head, picking her up and slamming her to the mat with another FAB Drop. Fiona then turned Amy over and hooked her leg. 1…2…3! Fiona Burke had won a very hard fought matchup, and earned herself the right to battle Quinn Delaney at Lethal Injection for the Women’s Championship.

Quinn Delaney left the commentary table and stepped into the ring. She shook hands with Fiona, congratulating her but reminding her that she was the champion, and her plan at Lethal Injection was to leave the building still the champion. The show came to an end as the two stood eye-to-eye.


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